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Two short sections under power lines — but worth it to get into the woods. We went after a rain and it was a bit of a bog. There are elevated walkways on portions and bridges across larger water features. A great hike that is surprising is in town.

15 days ago

Heritage Park is Absolutely Gorgeous, Peaceful, And Fantastic For Either Hiking, Walking, Run , DogWalking Or Relaxing. Must Go Again.

Great place for walking around, kids have fun

Spent Saturday afternoon in early March on the trail with my Golden Retriever. Nice view of the river through out. Less traffic gets little challenging in the 2nd half. Overall a fantastic way to spend your afternoon

Very, very crowded, which I guess is to be expected since it was a gorgeous day with mild temperatures in the middle of winter, and the park is close to a big population center. Still we were surprised that there were just hundreds and hundreds of cars all trying to find a place to park. But there are enough trails that once you get off of the paved ones and heavily traveled ones down to the old mill, it starts to clear out and after that, it was really nice. Some moderate ups and downs, but nothing too steep. I'm not sure why this trail is rated "hard". It was definitely not hard (and we are in our 50's). We followed the track of this trail exactly, and our GPS said 7.8 miles, so almost exactly right on. a 5-star for sure and we'll be back.

My two year old and I did a little of the Yellow Trail and Red Trail (just to the ruins) last week and it was great! Plenty easy for her, and wasn’t difficult for me to do with her on a carrier either! It’s a wonderful park!

Great afternoon hike with dogs or kids. The trail does have a incline and decline but is still an easy trail with view of the river

Good place to clear your mind.

good distance ...beautiful trail ...an actual nature trail & not concrete walking path.
will do this one again.

Can’t wait to come back and do this Trail in the spring. Lovely views of the river, nice woods, moderately challenging terrain. Lovely

moderate hike with good views and friendly people

Great "get away" in the middle of a busy urban area. Easy trail, pretty lake and nice trail through the trees.

Winter hiking here is great because there are not a lot of people. The dogs really like all of the water The dogs enjoy that they can run around a bit on this trail since it’s away from the popular side of the park. The downside is bare trees and a lot of leaves on the trail so you don’t know where your feet are going to step.

Nice hike. Did some of the white trail and the red trail.

Scenery is beautiful. I wish it was marked better. It’s a little confusing. Great easy hike though.

2 months ago

This is a great “clear your mind” after-work stroll. Nothing too strenuous, and in the winter months you can clearly see the backyard of big houses across the creek. We hiked this during the big snow in early Dec., and the boardwalk area was downright gorgeous. Glad to have experienced it under those conditions.

Not psyched about spending half the hike under high tension powerlines and listening to them hum. Open grate steps that my dog doesn’t love, boardwalks in rough shape, and super muddy after the rain with random pavers to hop on, but not enough. The suspension bridge is really cool, though. And the dog beach seems interesting, although I’m not a fan of off-leash dogs in general.

3 months ago

Did an orienteering course here. Snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. Much of orienteering is off-trail. While you can hike, walk, etc., this was an "orienteering" event, an activity you cannot select. Trying out AllTrails, SkiTrax seems better.

interesting walk, with varied terrain. my dog loves the occasional opportunity to slip into the creek. once you get to the old mill the trail vecomes a little challenging. but still a great outing for the family.

Fantastic views and moderate slopes. Great for a weekend afternoon.

Go!!! Beautiful park. Hikes are not too challenging and the scenery is wonderful.

Gorgeous in fall!! Moderate hills so you will sweat a little.

some great hidden trails that aren't mapped

Overgrown with invasive species. Nice area for dog owners, but I much prefer other trails around Atlanta for hiking or trail running.

Perfect hike for me and my 2 year old son.

Nice trail with great scenery just outside Atlanta.

4 months ago

This was a nice hike and a little bit more of a work out, which was good. About half the loop was on the water, I just wish I had gone the full loop. I went 3 miles this morning.

A nice, peaceful hike that I think is best enjoyed in the cooler months of the year. ( It was perfect this mid October morning) Very quiet with great views of the lake. A little narrow in some parts and there was a small section where you had to scramble over rocks.

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