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Did the yellow and orange trail loop, 4.8 miles together. A nice loop; although very muddy after the recent rain as it caused the Sweetwater Creek to spill over and made for a muddy mess during the yellow trail. Orange trail was dry although at a higher elevation created a lot of ups and downs throughout. Still an awesome place to venture around.

I love walking this trail so close to my house and in the city. But I walked this trail on 1/1/19 and the last really bad rain washed the wooden boardwalk so bad that it was not walkable. Peachtree creek floods really bad with all the runoff in Atlanta. It’s sad that there is such a horrible watershed issue in this area of Atlanta. But this trail brings the emergency Atlanta faces with runoff literally home.

Wet today. Walk along the river for first mile or so, then through the lightly wooded area to the dam. Not great, but in town and less crowded than alternatives

We have completed this trail on several occasions and is our top pick for places to bring out of state visitors if we want to do an outdoor activity.

This trail offers views of the ruins from a 19th century mill and awesome sights of the river with its many rapids. There are almost always people swimming in shallow pools along the river and hammocking along the banks in warm months.

There is little to no change in elevation but the difficulty rating comes into play about halfway through the trail as it gets narrow and VERY rocky. It can be difficult to navigate for small children or folks not in ok physical condition. Slippery when wet! Be patient and watch your step. We have had no problems.

Can’t lose with this one. Beauty, history, kid and pet friendly.

Used to stop at this trail after work for a speed hike workout and unwind. Probably the most lightly trafficked of the trails at Sweetwater.

Has a long flat approach trail that follows along the river and across a walking bridge over the river. The loop has a good incline to get your heartbeat up and then a steady decline through forested area.

nice hike!

great trail.

Easy trail. Great for a dog walk.

this is a great trail. it can be a little tough but nothing you can't do with your dogs

really muddy and beach is littered with trash. I always give my dog a bath afterwards when I let him play in the smelly river of city runoff.

I wouldn’t call this hike easy. It’s not bad as far as incline goes... it has a couple of relatively steep inclines but nothing crazy... but the trail itself is really narrow at parts and has a lot of rocks, slippery spots, and tree trunks. We hike weekly and I found this a little rough in terms of navigating the terrain. We also had two dogs with us which made the narrow trails difficult to pass. Very pretty and enjoyable tho

We loved this trail, but found it to be poorly marked where you go up the hill. We weren’t sure exactly the right way to go and doubled back the way we came.

3 for the hiking. nothing exciting. walking the trails is easy and maybe gets you 2 miles. nothing strenuous. the best part is the dog beach in the middle. has some natural barriers to keep the pups there.

I love this trail. I have sprained my ankle on it 3 times so it's definitely rocky and a tad difficult without appropriate shoes.

3 months ago

Loved the hike and even got a bit of a workout.

Very easy and scenic! Almost no inclination unless you veer off into the woods by the creek instead of keeping alongside the river. (Even then it’s still pretty easy.) There’s a few great spots for setting up a hammock as well.

Also most people let their dogs off their leash but I’ve never had a problem aside from someone losing their dog in the woods.

Pretty challenging! A great leg work out as it gets decently steep but steady. Great view of the river.

Georgia state parks never cease to amaze me. This trail was absolutely beautiful and a wonderful hike right on the creeks edge

on Heritage Park Trail

3 months ago

very relaxing but good cardio.

3 months ago

Very snakey. Needs to be cut back.

While this was great in the past it was so overgrown we couldn't make it to the water part this time. huge disappointment.

Beautiful trail to hike but like others have said I would consider this more moderate. I did the red trail and took the white trail connection back to the welcome center so was about 5 miles total. It’s pretty rocky and tons of tree roots so make sure you have good shoes. I did see a copperhead snake and a sign saying rattlesnakes are prevalent in the area so keep your eyes peeled and be cautious if you leave the trail. Parking fee was $5.

3 months ago

Good hike. Had maybe 3 hills that were difficult. Few paths that looked well traveled but led no where.

Gets tough in the lower half with narrow walks by the lake. Difficult for trail running in parts with all the roots. But nice view of some swans on the lake.

4 months ago

Some challenging sections, river access

Great trail. Gets crowded but worth it.

Great short trail with some steep inclines and declines through wooded areas and flats near the creek. Saw 2 young deer as well as tons of turtles and fish along creek. Great hike.

4 months ago

Well maintained trails with plenty of grade changes to keep it interesting. Hugs lake where wildlife and watersports activities are happening all the time in season.

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