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This is a great trail for walking, running, biking and strollers. The main path is pathed and easy to pass others. It’s a nice stroll and we even ran into 2 young deer on the path.

road biking
8 days ago

Very short out to Puget on a bike. Not really good for a major cycling work out. Good trail for people who want an easy workout. Good running trail. Takes you out to Puget Sound. Has trails off of the pavement. You good take a mountain bike on the off shoot trails.

is very nice the falls and everything

beautiful Place to Walk en relax with a nice view

13 days ago

This park is easy peasy. A great place for families, strollers and older people. There are very few outside trails away from the paved paths. With a playground, baseball fields and picnic areas. The lake seems to produce a lot of fishermen fishing from the shores. It’s a great place if wanting to run or jog on smooth pavement with no inclines. I came on a sunny Saturday and there was very limited parking and the park was packed. A great place for dog walkers, which is why we came. Overall it is very nice.

13 days ago

We took our 15 month old in his carrier and he did really well. We went about halfway down (up?) the trail and on the stairs. I counted about 163 steps. Beautiful views of the lake!

Nice cool day for quick 30 minute walk

Great family Park and trail. It is stroller friendly with great play area. Trail is great for dog walking. The lake provides fishing opportunities as well.

We walk here almost daily. Easy, paved trails, kids love to bike while I walk/run.

Good walk, quiet and well maintained. It was cold and a little bit of ice on the two bridges but a good day out none the less.

good walk even in the winter

1 month ago

good walk. we did it with our dog on leash in january. (bit muddy on the islands but good)

Nice cool day for a brisk walk

I've been going to this park for years but today was the first time I did this loop. the trail was clean and maintained. it has a few areas that are rather steep but doable. a few other folks on the trail but not crowded at all.

Excellent trail for me and my pup. Completely flat with gravel.

2 months ago

Took my 4 and 7-year-old out for a short hike today. The city has really let this trail go down at the lake. Garbage is strewn all over the lakefront, graffiti on the trees, glass shards on the ground, and the dock and walkway bridge are both shut down because of holes in the wood. Too bad to see, otherwise, it would have been a nice hike.

It was an alright trail. No access to the lake from this trail. Mostly houses. The other side of the lake has better views but no trail. Good for jogging or dog walking.

2 months ago

The main purpose for me was to get to the torture stairs. Great for getting into hiking shape.

4 months ago

When wet: very lightly trafficked, slippery boardwalk, spider webs, devil tower of stairs-my husky wasn't a fan with her feet. great view of the lake if you go all the way down to the dock.

trail running
4 months ago

great trail. can get a little stinky w/ fish smell

Nicely paved flat trail in a valley which follows the Des Moines Creek to/from 200th and the Des Moines Park/Marina. While the trail is amidst neighborhoods... it feels very remote and is mostly serene. There is a short part of the trail which passes a waste water treatment facility... so there's a funky smell for less than 100 yards of the trail. We are generally out and about midday on weekdays, so we rarely see other people on trails. We had this one to ourselves most of the time, passed about 3 other people. There are adequate trash receptacles for doggy poo bags, so it's makes this a great option for people with furbabies!!!

Park at either the Des Moines Creek Park lot or at the lot just off 200th and 20th.

We prefer to park at the Park near the Marina... so we can walk the pier and let the dogs play on the beach at the end of the out and back trail.

trail running
4 months ago

This trail is a short out and back and close to downtown Kent. It was a great place to head to for a quick walk/jog after work. I had a love-hate relationship with the stairs! I liked the thigh burn though. Lol! I went up and wandered around the trails but I could not figure out where to get to the lake area people mentioned. I did not feel comfortable on this isolated path while jogging by myself so I can't say I did anything more than a quick glance around looking for it. The discomfort I felt with having the trail to myself was great motivation to keep my pace up so that's a plus. I picked this trail for its location and the description stating it was moderately trafficked.
To sum it up: enjoyable short trail but much too isolated for my comfort

Nice cool day for a great walk. A lot of friendly people on the trail today.

Great walk to the bridge and back. Picked up one 20oz Coke bottle and the detached cap along the trail and threw them in the trash.

In the last 9 days I have lost 7lbs taking the supplements every evening that I mentioned in my previous review. I've been too busy to get out and walk or hike since starting the supplements, thats really good progress without any exercise. Doing exercise a few times a week will help lose the weight a bit quicker and improve my overall strength and stamina.

Beautiful, peaceful gardens.

A windy day, great for walking. I was a few minutes faster then last time and not sore. Couple small pieces of garbage picked up and put in a trash can. Also picked up a few branches on the trail and threw them off into the bushes.

Super easy and fun!

Found up three AAA batteries along the trail and put them in the trash. Overall the trail and park are very clean with the trash cans available. Anytime I'm out walking or hiking I'm going to have a plastic grocery bag in my pocket in case I find more trash then I want to carry with my hands. I have a couple 13 gallon trash bags in my hiking pack and will add in a few plastic grocery bags too.

Wow I am outta shape! Last year I was walking the whole trail in about 40 minutes. Today I went to the water fountain and back to the parking lot and was a few seconds shy of 50 minutes. Going to the water fountain was a bit to far, I shoulda turned around at the bridge. I might pay for it tomorrow being a bit sore, if so will rest. Will be out later this week for a bit shorter walk to build my stamina.

Cool weather and a great day for a walk. Picked up four bottle rocket sticks on the path, one with a live rocket and fuse attached. Threw them in the trash.

Took my pup here for the first time and loved it. We walked but at a guick pace the whole way. We did the circle twice. I will definitely go back

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