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This short trek was an emotional one for me. My mother had just passed away. I went up there by myself, said a prayer by the cross, and left a flower for my mom. I took pictures and was able to see the Memorial Park where my mother rests. I'm doing it again this Sunday with my father, sister, and brother in-law.

Very easy hike. There’s a lot of shade so no matter what time of day you go it’s perfect. There were also a lot of butterflies everywhere you looked.
The heart rock was cute too :)

A great and beautiful hike with tons of wilderness and plant life! A must do hike!

Super fun with my 5 year old! The water is still flowing and it’s a fun reward for making it to the top. And exploring up there is our favorite part!

This was a beautiful trail! I did get lost getting there at first due to missing the sharp left turn to the road that gets you to the trail. We parked right in front of the camp sign but there’s two additional parking areas closer to the actual trail. My specialness went tru a closed gate and it was a nice and easy walk up with a paved trail (FYI). Unfortunately no water, but the rocks were cool to look at. We went back tru the actual trail which I LOVED due to the scenery but I had to take a few breaks since the air was thinner. I’d definitely recommend this trail!

6 days ago

nice little trail for a Sunday.

Live close do it often lots of people

Amazing, one of my favorite hikes, except the portion where you’re walking on the side of a golf course for a short bit. Plenty of wild life, deer everywhere several crossing the trail in front of me. Most of the time you’re walking along a creek bed, very serene and peaceful the half way point is in direct sun so bring plenty of water and sun screen. Definitely an easy hike, just long, didn’t feel like it though. Good, even, well maintained trail great for running but you’ll want to walk through this one its beautiful. FYI this trail is shared by hikers, bikes and horses so be mindful and courteous to all.

12 days ago

This trail was awesome, very easy trail. We got there in the even. Enough time to hike the trail see the heart ❤️ rock and explore the trail surrounding. Dried out stream but still worth the drive.

To get to actual trailhead google MARSHALL CANYON STAGING AREA

* 9/6/18 my car was broken into and my wallet and personal items stolen!!! Put everything in your trunk when you leave to hike or bike. Shattered glass all over my car :/

Hike was great until that point but there’s very little shade so it’s not ideal for dogs unless you have cooling vests and water for them but incline is great :)

Too short of a hike, but not short of graffiti
Our kids loved all the colors

12 days ago

Brought out full grocery sack of trash and a full backpack full of trash.
Please take your trash with you.
No water in falls, but overall good hike.

Beautiful!! Very rocky, but so worth it! No shade!

Paved. No fun. Barely a hike.

Good to hike early spring after some rain. Just down from Heart rock kids can slide on a rock into some cold water.

on Heart Rock Trail

19 days ago

Went earlier today and it didn’t disappoint me except for the fact there wasn’t any water, but the hike and scenery was amazing. The kids loved it too. Definitely going back but when there’s water.

very nice ran into three bears.

Nice trail. Came with lil ones so its an easy one.

it was pretty nice until the very end. The trail got very narrow and sketchy towards the end.

Nice incline great view if it’s not over cast - wish people would pick up after their dogs - lots of poop on the walking path 

22 days ago

Wasn’t a fan of the paved road and finding parking was super hard (park at the nearby park!) but once I ventured off toward the rocks I had a much better time! Kind of reminded me of Joshua Tree for a moment. There was a bit too much trash on the trail for my liking, which was really disappointing.

on Heart Rock Trail

22 days ago

Walked Heart rock trail on 7/21/18. Pretty shady. Pretty easy short trail to walk. You have to do a little climbing to see the heart rock. There was water running when we went in July. Unfortunately, there is some graffiti around the heart rock area. So sad.

on Skyline Drive

23 days ago

I like this trail for the distance. the recent fire not withstanding, good views. Wear a weighted vest if you want to add too it. water pack, walking sticks,

mountain biking
24 days ago

bomb hike

25 days ago

Trail open all the way to the Doppler radar, despite the fire damage all along and right up to the sides of the trail.
still one of my favorites.

Did this hike with my 3 kids ages 3-7 and had to take many stops on the way up. Even saw a rattlesnake pass by! But boy what a sweet reward when we got to that waterfall! So beautiful and a nice place to stop and have a picnic. We even went further up where there was a smaller waterfall to stick our heads under! So refreshing! My family loved it and we’ll definitely be back!

Not too bad at all. Arrived at 0645 on a Saturday and parking was easy picking. Water is still flowing.

mountain biking
26 days ago

best trail around really. little bit of everything. couple small rock gardens, easy gradient at first and steepens up further on. creak runs through the trail a couple times and there's some decent berms further up. park at the elementary school lot. mind the horse poop and some sketchy drops. could definitely use a community day of trail maintenance, but still great.

I like to go up the sides instead of the trail. makes more of a challenge. today made it up in about 12

Easy hike up
Beautiful waterfall for So-Cal worth the hike so don't quit

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