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Super fun! Great first hike or easy get out of the house! Take a trash bag and collect some trash on your way back!

A bit difficult to find, but overall a decent hike. The beginning (clockwise) follows the hill by dirt trail, then leads to asphalt for about a mile once you reach the station. You then go past a small ranch and then along the creek trail. You cross a bridge and then ascend the mountain of steps and switchbacks. You finally finish back where you started. Took about 2:15.00.

Fairly inexperienced as a hiker, but this hike was a great way to spend a morning! The main trail was fairly challenging and there were lots of side options to try. Enjoyed it a lot!

Ummm. I thought it was strenous due the distance. It's a climb. Not super steep but it's a constant incline all the way up. It was challenging but doable on the way up and not too bad on knees and toes on the way down. Great prep. for those higher elevation peaks. The trail is really easy to follow. Great views. It was beautiful and chilly today.

12 days ago

Great place to hike. what some people may not know, if you hike another half mile or so, you will run into another, HUGE HEART ROCK. I will post a pic of it. you will see my daughter in a red shirt.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the hike becomes a little more difficult, with rocks, log crossings, branches, water streams etc.

Great Hike! Lots of different terrains as you gain elevation. Went early morning and we didn't see another person until we got back to the trailhead. There was ice and a bit of snow towards the top, and some of the drier terrain wasn't very compacted so wear shoes with good traction. Bring lots of water, I'd recommend at least 2 liters because there is so much incline. But, didn't find it too hard at all, great for those getting into longer distance day hikes. Saw lots of mountain lion tracks which was neat. Also lots of amazing views. The trail was well maintained and we made great time. Definitely paid off!

Went on it with a few friends a few days ago, beautiful hike does get a bit chilly but bring a jacket this time of year, be prepared bring water. I 100% recommend this hike to anyone and be careful with the ground at this time towards the top it’s iced over in the mornings

Love it

Fairly easy good scenic views

This is a beautiful trail. The incline is not very challenging so the distance was doable in about 5 hours round trip. If you go during the winter, bring gloves, and scarf and hat. The wind makes it very chilly and there’s snow in the shaded areas.

16 days ago

Great little
Hike! You have to go up and to the right to find the heart but its beautiful !

This was my first active activity in years. I'm a larger feller lol. I was huffing and puffing the entire way. I had to take about 10-15 short breaks to catch my breath. My legs weren't too bad. just my stamina. It wasn't very scenic on the way to the end. Unless you turned around and took in the view of Rancho behind you. When you're almost to the end, you'll start to hear water. You'll come to a tree and see a long inclined section. Don't give up, that's the last leg. Then you're there. It's very pretty at the end. A small River and lots of trees. We went to the left of the river and rocks and hiked another 2 minutes to come to a tiny water fall. It was so relaxing. we stayed there about 10 minutes. Just enjoying the sounds. no one came up there the whole time. Once done, we decided to hike up steam through the rocks. After going up a bit and not seeing anything much different we decided to head back down. Because of being waaay out of shape (I'm 295lbs) with all of the breaks, this took about 1.5 hours to get to the end. The hike down was like 15-30 minutes. The pictures and memories my girlfriend and I got it of this was well worth the agony (1st world agony) lol.
Warning: No shade at all until the end. if doing this in summer, wear protection or you will get burned.

Nice hike on clean, well-maintained trails. Have to walk from parking and through the campsite to get to the trail. Alltrails has Dripping Springs as a Moderate hike but Natl Park Svc rates it strenuous. Probably more moderate as anyone in avg shape should have no problem.

The main trail all the way up is full of small loose rocks. The scene and waterfall at the top was worth the walk up.

21 days ago

Pretty trail.

22 days ago

Loved it! Best hike I’ve been on this far but we got lost on the way back taking a short cut.. highly recommend staying on the trail lol

23 days ago

Super easy with a rewarding view at the top. A beautiful little tower and huge cross on top. A nice area for sitting and enjoying the California sunshine.

25 days ago

cool rock formations, but there are always a lot of people there. really cool view of the riverside area. there’s no shade going up.

26 days ago

Great little
Hike! You have to go up and to the right to find the heart but it beautiful !

27 days ago

Don't really care for the lower part near Oak Mesa, but I don't mountain bike either. Upper portion near Marshall Canyon parking area is a big spider we of trails, but after enough visits, it's easy enough to figure out how to get back to where you parked. Definitely more crowded once you cross over to the Claremont side and into the Claremont Wilderness park. Most of the bikers here seem to be real good with their trail courtesy.

Amazing, easy, beautiful trail!! So much litter though. Just imagine if everyone took a little responsibility for keeping our public spaces clean. My wife and I picked up as much trash as we could, but there's more out there.

I hike this all the time. Esp hike up the steep incline of Progressive which runs along side and through it, then walk down the road. It's not very pretty but the views are pretty good and it's great for cardiovascular health. I park on Elker when I hike all the way to the dopler orb.

1 month ago

nice brisk walk to Heart rock..

Great hike, lots of incline and decline. We didn’t follow the map to the main road but we cut through the mountains making it only 3 miles but a workout the whole time

nice views, easy access.

Nice! No shade but still nice.

1 month ago

I have hiked moderate trails before and thought this was a good trail to train on for more difficult hiked. The trail is a service road that is wide and well maintained. So, you walk on flat surface the whole way. There is no place to sit and rest along the way except a hillside to lean against. It is all up hill to Beek's and is consistent so you don't have to worry about drastic inclines. The views of the cities are spectacular and you can see the mountain tips from a whole new elevation. I will be using this trail to help me train for Mt. Baldy and Mt. San Jacinto.

1 month ago

This trail is a good workout! Make sure to pack water in the summer.

1 month ago

As the early morning sun appeared over the hazy Inland Empire, it revealed a sun-trenched day... and a golden opportunity for a rigorous hike to a peaceful waterfall!

on Heart Rock Trail

1 month ago

Amazing place ❤️

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