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Did this hike today and it was spectacular. Had spikes and poles from about half way around the Loch and up to Sky. Beautiful day on a beautiful trail. Snow melt is in full force.

It was difficult to find the trail with all the snow and not much traffic but once I found it it was well worth it. I did it in just hiking boots without spikes and was fine and saw a girl with tennis shoes do it without any issues. I would definitely recommend this trail.

Attempted to hike Sky Pond yesterday and ended up only making it to The Loch due to some treacherous snow accumulation and stormy precipitation. Hiking poles and spikes would be essential to your cause. Though we couldn’t make it past The Loch, it was still a mesmerizing hike with countless whoa moments. Shout out to anyone who made it up there recently, you’re intense!

Road blocked off by snow drifts that are impassable as of May, 19 2018. In a 4 inch lifted jeep it was not possible for us. Come back when its warmer.

Tried Sky Pond trail on the way to Utah. Slippery but doable with trekking poles and micro spike to Loch. Snowshoes or X Ski is a must beyond the Loch. Scrambling to the top of Glass lake but unable to go further to Sky Pond because 10 feet of deep snow by the lakes.

off road driving
8 days ago

Fun trail, but as of this date (5/12/18) it becomes unpassible at about 3 - 3 1/2 miles in because of deep heavy snow. Had to turn around.

Great trail! I hiked to the sky pond on the 05/10 and there was still a lot of snow. Therefore the trail is not very clear and more challenging. The yaktrax were very useful for the snow part (2/3 of the trail) snowshoe would have been better. We sank down in the snow knees dip several times and had our feet wet for most of the hike but the weather was so nice and warm that it didn’t bother us. Amazing view of the Loch, the lake of Glass and the Sky pond. Be prepare for the snow and for a pretty steep trail but definitely worth it!

9 days ago

Skinned up and skied down. Great snow conditions all the way up. Snowshoes are needed as the sun warms up the snow as the day goes on.

Amazing trail with great views. Gets a little steep after Lake Loch. Definitely bring micro spikes and trekking poles. After Lake of Glass snow shoes were necessary. We sank in hip deep and turned around.

lots of people but a great hike and epic glisad

Hiked this on Friday, April 27. Started at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead, and made it to Lake of Glass with only microspikes and poles. Didn't quite make it to Sky Pond, as the trail was difficult to follow past Lake of Glass. We also had difficulties following the official trail past Loch Lake (on the right of the lake heading), and realized an easier path would be a snow-packed trail to the left of Loch Lake. I was particularly concerned about climbing Timberline Falls this early in the season, but with microspikes and patience, one should have little difficulty.

We hiked on 4/28 and the weather was great. Since the Glacier Gorge parking lot was full when we arrived around 10:45am, we parked at Bear Lake parking lot. The trail was packed by snow from Bear Lake to Sky Pond, except a couple south facing no-tree sections before The Loch. There are two steep sections, one right before The Loch, and the other right before Lake of Glass (much harder). It took us a little more than 5 hours for the round trip of about 10 miles. The view was great! Really worth it!

Very long and strenuous but well worth it! Made the mistake of starting a little later in the day and got caught in a hail storm near the top, waited it out in a cave and continued! Very stunning views bring lots of water and give yourself lots of breaks!

I got so lucky and had the most spectacular day for this hike! This hike was awesome! There were two very steep parts, one right before the Loch and the other right before Lake of Glass/Sky Pond. The second one is incredibly steep and you need some sort of traction and/or poles to get up when there's snow as it's along a waterfall/stream so there's ice too. The rest of the trail has incline but I didn't find it terribly taxing overall! The trail was packed pretty well early this morning but with the warm weather turned slushy as more people hiked up so not sure how it will be the rest of the week. The views were incredible, I'd love to see the trail in summer as well! I wasn't able to find the trails around the lakes so I ended up just walking on them which worked since I started early enough but the ice started to melt as the day went on and people (me included) post-holed down to the water. The parking lot holds maybe like 30-ish cars but there is a shuttle service in summer which I'd recommend so you don't have to worry about parking and apparently a larger lot at the Bear Lake trailhead which does connect to this trail system! The trails are well marked but make sure you check the map since Sky Pond isn't marked until you're about 2 miles in. Bathrooms at the trailhead is a plus!

Attempted this hike 2 times before in January and February but failed due to not having snowshoes and hiking through extremely dangerous winds, but finally finished the entire hike to Sky Pond on 4/15 with the proper equipment. The trail from Glacier Gorge should be 9.8 miles RT (rather than 8.1 miles according to this site) since it’s 2.2 miles to the split point between Loch Vale and Mills Lake, and then another 2.7 miles to Sky Pond from the split point.

By far my favorite hike I’ve done so far! Views throughout the entire hike were very scenic, rather than just one nice view at the end of the trail. The canyon and basin views were amazing throughout the hike and the frozen lakes (Loch Vale, Lake of Glass, and Sky Pond) were all extremely breathtaking. The first 2.2 miles of the trail were moderate with some slippery snow so I used my yaktrax. Once you pass Loch Vale you will definitely need snowshoes as the snow can get knee deep. The hike up to Lake of Glass from the basin area above the tree line was extremely steep and slippery, definitely the most difficult part of the trail, so take your time with this part (snowshoes not recommended for this part.) It took me 6.25 hours to finish the trip because of the snow and ice, it probably would have only taken me about 4 hours to complete if the trail was clear. Will definitely come back in the summer to hike it!

Gorgeous hike on a gorgeous day. Spikes were essential up to the Loch, and poles were helpful after the trail splits to Hiyaha. Wind was brisk at the Loch but calm enough to break for a snack. We’d made good time and decided to try for Sky Pond. Definitely a good decision, but snowshoes would have been helpful. Wind was pretty calm at Sky Pond, and the views were fantastic. Definitely recommend doing the full hike in the winter if you haven’t!

Hiked 4/14. Trail was mostly snow pack all the way to the Loch, after that snowshoes are a must unless you like postholing every step all the way to timberline falls. We had only poles and crampons but made the extra work easier. Otherwise trail was clear for the most part and views were awesome, with all the lakes well frozen.

Awesome views and fishing

1 month ago

When up to the start of the ascent and decided not to do the peak. Wind was super strong. No one else was out on the mountain. Snowshoes were extremely helpful (yay Revo Ascent!). Crampons and spikes were not needed on the glacier, though the hike from the parking lot to the lake had some pretty slick spots, especially for non-hiking shoes. Boyfriend brought his skis and took a few runs down the glacier.

My first hike in the Rockies 45 years ago, and still one of my favorites in the world. I prefer the early fall, after the crowds but before the snow.

It is better to have snowshoes after Loch lake. The trail was clear most of the way but not close to the Timberline Falls.

Hiked 3/24 with spikes and poles. Beautiful hike, well worth the effort !

Family hiked to Sky Pond today in snowy conditions. It was challenging, but gorgeous. Well worth the effort. Looks easier after Loch on topo maps than it is. The scramble alongside Timberline Falls is challenging in the middle due to ice, and that is where the black strap is located and very helpful. Use winter path to Loch. Spikes were fine to Loch today, but snow shoes highly recommended from there today and after today's snow until path gets worn again.

(Hiked 3/24 in the AM) Not sure what everyone is talking about with the strap around the waterfall. Must have missed it. The trail was not broken after The Loch so I had to break it myself without snowshoes. Brought only micro spikes based on these trail reports. Forgot that it snowed in the park this past week so wish I had brought snowshoes. Broke trail (post holing the whole way) up to Sky Pond. Used my ice ax for some stability going up the frozen waterfall. Exhausting breaking the trail but absolutely beautiful at Lake of Glass and Sky Pond. Bring snowshoes if snow was in the forecast just to be safe, otherwise microspikes are fine.

3-24. Great trek, need poles and micro-spikes. Last obstacle, challenging, need upper body strength, a black strap has been affixed to the right side to help you over the top.

(3/22/18) I hiked this trail today. Probably my favorite hike to date in RMNP. It was an absolute blast. Lots of snow the entire trail but it was packed. My wife and I only used spikes. Never needed the snowshoes we brought. After the Loch it does become quite a bit more challenging but definitely doable. The last obstacle was difficult today. Very slick and not much to grab but was able to do it using poles. Several other people in front and behind us stopped right before the obstacle. Would highly recommend at least spikes and poles. We saw several other people not using them but would be much more difficult. AWESOME TRAIL.

Hiked on 3/14. One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done! The views are well worth the steepness battle after Loch Lake. Did it only using microspikes, and like someone before me I did not use the strap on the icy steep part, but instead crawled with my hands around the left side of the boulder that's there. Wind is pretty brutal at all of the lakes and the steepness after Loch is no joke, but well worth the efforts! Would highly recommend!

Hiked this yesterday with my daughter. It was awesome! Some tough climbs at the end with ice and snow pack but well worth it. Micro spikes are a must. A frozen Glass lake and ice fall made for some great pictures.

Wow! The description of this trail is on point, as well as everyone's reviews. We had hiked Emerald Lake the day before and wanted something more challenging... we got it! We wore microspikes and used trekking poles the whole way up. We were hit by a snow storm about halfway to Sky Pond and pushed through. The most difficult part is right before you hit the pond. The trail is barely hiked and therefore you sink pretty deep at such a steep incline. The part where the strap is is extremely icy and therefore I "Spidermaned" my way up the left side of the boulder instead of the right (not using the strap). The pond was gorgeous and frozen solid. *caution** heard a bear as we began our decent down the steep incline. You should bring : snow shoes, microspiked, snow pants, and trekking poles at the very least. *** Also, I dropped our little fox somewhere around Loch Lake, when the snow melts and if he is seen please feel free to contact me via Facebook, he's a precious part of our lives ;(***

Hiked 3/12. Only used microspikes for the entire hike. Someone has bolted a strap by the only sketchy part of the hike. Slid most of the way down on my coat. Definitely recommend if you are in shape for it. If you’re questioning it at the lock its best to not go up. It only gets steeper from there. If you take snowshoes make sure to also bring spikes for the sheet of ice you have to climb before glass lake

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