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Great shaded hike with multiple water crossings. Can be packed.

17 hours ago

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Long, beautiful hike! Bring friends you'll want to share this with them. The view is amazing! You can see Catalina, baldy, Witney....

this trailhead is beautiful! cuts into the backside of glendora mtn road. kinda gives you a different view of the mountains. Takes a while like 6 hrs. on a fireroad, never too crowded. Don't go alone on this one though. It's moderate and slightly remote.

Love the Pudd! Go here religiously. So beautiful and peaceful. One time I saw a dude taking pics of some hot slut on a sports car. It was my favorite random thing that ever happened there! Lol

Distance was actually over 10 miles. Lots of unmarked forks so bring a map! Most of the trail (probably 99%) is in direct sunlight. Views at the top were great, but the journey there wasn't. Don't do this hike in the summer if you decide to go.

Good hike but easy to get lost as part of the trail has eroded and overgrown. You need a parking adventure day pass that needs to be purchased before you come up the mountain. There's no reception once you start the drive up to mountain. Have to cross the river a couple of times so it's good to bring some hiking sandals or water shoes and extra socks. Pack a lunch to eat at the top. Bungee jumping is at the top of the bridge. Very popular trail. Beginning half of the trail has shade, the end toward the bridge is sunny and hot. Bring lots of water. Start early cause it gets hot toward the top. Saw bighorn sheep on the trail too.

what an amazing experience. will be my go to when I want a quick nature fix

l would recommend to go all the way to reyes peak for the amazing view.Take enough water and go very early in the morning it may take you almost a whole day round trip. It gets hard at times because of the uphill, but it is very walkable don't get discouraged. battery on my phone died very quickly up there.But it was worth it.

Beautiful especially when you get into the big trees with interspersed boulders. Hike is about 10 miles round trip when you go all the way to Pine Mountain Ridge road.

Did this at 9am on Monday, April 23rd. Didn’t see anyone on trail for at least an hour. It’s decently marked. A few spots where you can lose the trail but fairly easy to figure it out. Last mile to waterfall is a good steep incline. Trail narrows but if you keep going, it widens a bit again. We almost turned back before reaching waterfall. But ran into some hikers finally who said we were close. Continued on and got great views from distance. Final descent to waterfall is almost like repelling down using a rope to hold on to. We skipped that part but still got awesome views. Falls were full. Plenty of pretty wildflowers along the way.

2 days ago

The hike is actual two hikes in one. The hike to the trail up the fire road is wide and easy. There are shady groves along the way in case you need rest on hot day. When you get to the mouth of Eaton Canyon that's where the fun starts. You will cross the the creek a number of time as you wind up the canyon. You have to do some rock climbing because you will have to go over outcroppings of boulders. Once you reach the falls, it will be worth it. If you have shaky balance I would strongly recommend hiking poles. Also exercise patients as you will encounter folks coming in and out of the canyon. Over all the hike is great for the first time hiker, casual hiker, or hikers with some trails and miles under their belt.

Beautiful day yesterday. Creek was nice and flowy and we crossed back and forth over it many many times. It was so refreshing! Creek provides a nice source for tree growth in an otherwise arid landscape. Saw several people panning for gold along the way and campers too. Took us 6hrs to do about 13mi. One big drawback would be the $63 parking ticket to everyone not parked in the tiny parking lot provided ☹️

on Laskey Mesa Trail

trail running
2 days ago

Gorgeous green rolling hills in the spring time. Very little shade so plan accordingly when it's hot.

3 days ago

Awesome views! A favorite trail among mountain bike riders. Bring lots of water. Few parking spots. Please pick up after your 4-legged friends.

Amazing views from the canyon! Wild flowers along the trail in mid April.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Nice beginner X-country type mountain bike trail. Nice climb up to about 1100ft or so, then you get to shred down Backbone. Fast and flowy.

I've hiked this route as well when I don't have time for anything else. If you're a beginner or only hike in the Santa Monicas, this would probably be considered "moderate". But if you frequent the San Gabes or San Bernardinos, this trail will be quite easy. Good place to get your feet wet with trail running as well!

Crowded, but scenic. Watch out for bikers and hope they have a bell coming down Backbone. Bikers, please get a bell. Seriously, it just helps everyone, even slower bikers and may prevent a nasty collision.

3 days ago

Very nice hike with lots of panoramic views.

Fun little loop. I've driven past this are my whole life and always wondered what was back there. Now I know. The trail was in good shape, about half road and half trail. Right now is probably the best time to hike this trail, summer temps can get out of hand.
Spring is in full effect throughout the canyon with green hills and wild flowers blooming almost everywhere.
The back side of the trail is a little sketchy in parts but its totally manageable.

Great hike & workout. Uphill the entire way; there’s an “easy” trail and a “hard” one. Great time to see wild flowers and beautiful views of the valley, Santa Monica Mountains, and far off in the distance downtown LA.

Beautiful, easy hike and fun to see the movie sets. However, a lot of horse poop along the trail.

Great trail, love hiking it with my dog!

This is a great hike, with a good mix of terrain. It was a little hot, so we skipped the Sunset Trail portion of the loop and just did an out and back to Dawn Mine, but it was shady and pleasant down in the canyon.

nature trips
3 days ago

This isn’t considered hiking but it is a great place to observe some desert plants. It is well maintained and flat. I take my niece and nephew a lot for exercise and to spot birds and jack rabbits. It’s a great alternative to a regular park.

Really amazing trail. Many for the in-depth information posted here and the ribbons/yellow paint markers along the way!

Perfect for the occasional hiker.

3 days ago

This trail is rigorous! We hadn’t hiked in a very long time, and this trail was a fun and challenging return to one of our favorite pastimes. Make sure you’re okay with getting your feet wet because crossing over some parts of the water was tricky! My dog loved it too!

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