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Be sure to look into the lakes open dates! December through April the only open the gates for the first and the last Saturday’s of month. And

Great trail... it has some woods and some beautiful views! Quite a bit of damage from a recent tornado!!

Very challenging trail for me, as it was my first back country camping trip, luckily I had my brother in law with me who has been here a couple of times and he was a big help. We did the trail clockwise and had no reals issue other than being out of shape with a heavy pack on. The trail is clearly marked and I agree with some of the other reviews that the mile markers are not entirely accurate. Please be cautious, as the the leaves and rocks are extremely slippery due to the recent rains. It took us a 3.5 hours to get to our campsite (3) and the next morning it took us 2 hours finish. I consider this moderate to strenuous. I will definitely hike this trail again.

Very easy trail

"Moderate"? Ha! No, I'd say more like moderately strenuous. It's well marked, beautiful scenery, a few small creek crossings, and a spectacular waterfall about 5.5 miles in (I hiked clockwise from the trailhead parking lot). Lots of ups and downs. Mostly ups! Took me close to 5 hours, and I'm usually a fairly fast hiker. I've hiked plenty of 8-12 mile trails, and this one sure seems longer than 8 miles :)
But it's beautiful, and I'd do it again. I'm willing to bet there are many wildflowers to see in the spring. Fall would be spectacular, too.

Beautiful day to hike, cool temps and a little wind. Trail was wet and this slippery. Well marked with orange blazers.

Just hiked the Gahuti trail today and it was gorgeous. it was quite foggy and moist but this made the hike extra mystic and romantic. there are just so many different type of vegetations. not many people either so the dog had a blast too. instead of doing the Gahuti only we cut through the Goldmine Creek Trail along the lake and through the Big Rock Trail. worth seeing.

Rough! Lots of tree roots, rocks and wet spots. Came in at 8.67 miles total and took just over 3 hours. Lots of water crossings. Too foggy to see the views but the park is gorgeous!! Would rate this mod- strenuous.

Great hike for the day. Filled with hills and panoramic views.

Beautiful, easy walk that leads to good sized waterfalls. Our parents, who are older and not in great physical shape, really enjoyed the trail too.

Fun hike and easy.

Great trail, well blazed, with a lot of waterfalls. It was foggy the day that we went, so unfortunately couldn’t see any of the views, but it was still a great hike. Completed it as marked in 3 hours.

1 month ago

beautiful place. long hike usually see no one. fall has gorgeous views.

Did this trail back in March, wonderful views and long enough for a great workout.

Did this as a day trip in December. Just want to point out it is quite doable as a day trip given it is done in the winter and you’re used to doing 25-30 mile hikes. Started with Dodson trail, which is actually fairly mild and undulating. Up juniper canyon in he heat of the day tough but doable. Smooth sailing down the blue creek canyon into the sunset. Awesome hike, right among my top hiking experiences.

I love this area! This trail is perfect for those who haven't hiked in a while. Waterfalls, views, swinging bridges. Apparently there was a tornado in early November and the trail suffered a lot of damage. It's clear now but one should use caution. There are broken branches and whole trees leaning and hanging overhead. We heard a loud crack and watched a large limb come crashing down right in front of us. They've also had rain which has left some parts of the trail submerged. Not too deep but plan on getting wet feet. The rain has also increased the flow at the falls, it's pretty spectacular. Right below the falls is a good place to take a break, we stopped for lunch and enjoyed the view. Rattlesnake Point is breathtaking. Talk about a vista! I expect in the spring and summer it comes by it's name honestly. I'm looking forward to exploring other parts of Savage Gulf State Natural Area.

1 month ago

I'm a relatively inexperienced backpacker, having done maybe a dozen 2-3 night camping trips and this was definitely one of the more challenging ones I've done, mostly bc of the elements (heat and lack of water).

Route: Clockwise from Chisos Basin Visitor Center + Southwest Rim (~35 miles)
Day 1: Visitor Center up the Pinnacles, down Juniper Canyon to the Dodson Trail. I wish I had made it to Fresno Creek so I could have binged on water, but I ran out of daylight.
Day 2: Stopped at Fresno Creek for coffee, then to Home Ranch for lunch and up Blue Creek to the South Rim. I camped at SW4, which was close to this great overlook on the Rim, made for some great pics.
Day 3: Out of food and low on water, I couldn't sleep and hiked out at 4AM. I bypassed the full South Rim trail and went straight to Boot Canyon so I could refill at Boot Spring. Then on the Colima Trail to Laguna Meadows Trail.

Would not recommend the early departure for two reasons. One, the South Rim has epic views, and sunrise there looks incredible. Boot Canyon is also worth seeing, and though it was nice to observe it by moonlight, I knew I was missing out. Second reason, I saw a mountain lion on the trail and those things terrify me. Should have just waited until sunrise.

Stupidly, I only brought capacity to carry 3L of water. This made for a light pack, which was nice going up the Pinnacles on Day 1 and up the Blue Creek Trail switchbacks on Day 3, but I was pretty dehydrated by the end of it. I should have brought another 2L empty bladder with me and filled it at Boot Spring.

It's definitely worth reading through Big Bend Chat forum on water sources and caching at Home Wilson Ranch. Just be familiar with what you're looking for. I got water at Boot Spring (which is marked with a sign) about five miles into Day 1, and Fresno Creek early on Day 2. Thankfully there were some extra gallons at Home Wilson, too, that I binged on and took 3L with me to camp up on South Rim, then refilled again at Boot Spring early on Day 3 and hiked out. In hindsight, this was stupid bc Boot Spring could have run dry (Dodson Spring had gone dry just a day before I got there) and it would have been a tough dry Day 3 hike.

General Thoughts:
- Top three hike of my life
- November is a terrific time to do it. Highs around 80, lows in the mid-40's, decent amount of water on the trail (though you obviously can't bank on this).
- Glad I camped on South Rim, the sunset views were absolutely stunning.
- All of the trails up around Chisos Basin, Emory Peak, South Rim, etc. are extremely well defined and well-marked. It's out in the zoned camping areas where you have to be careful (Juniper, Dodson, Blue Creek)
- The rangers were super helpful; the only thing they gave me a hard time on was that I didn't cache water. She "strongly encouraged" me to cache water at Home Wilson; I didn't, but she was right.
- Should have brought sun block, long sleeve shirt and a sun hat for Dodson Trail and Blue Creek. There is very very little shade out there.
- The caution about losing the trail is not entirely overreaction. There are cairns, but some get knocked out from flash floods, or are pretty far apart. I lost the trail on Dodson a couple times, but backtracked easily enough and found it. I could have saved twelve bucks on the Nat Geo map and just printed one out from Big Bend Chat.
- Do it in November! High of 80, low in the mid-40's and some water already out there (though it's tough to bank on this). This would have been much more challenging in the summer, and miserable to carry all that water. I probably would have cut out the South Rim and done it on a long day hike based from Chisos or something.
- You could start/finish from Homer Ranch and cut out the Chisos Basin, but I'm glad I didn't. The Chisos was pretty nice, and the long early morning walk down Laguna Meadow after camping on South Rim on night 2, so relaxing and great way to wind down the trip. Plus, you can then binge on ice cream at the camp store.

A great hike to do and the overlook spots had beautiful views.

1 month ago

Great hike with awesome views. Closer to 10 miles total.

1 month ago

Lots of people! Great views! Wonderful waterfalls! Just. Go. Early. Or go on a weekday. Great gift shop for last minute forgotten items. Friendly staff!

2 months ago

Pleasant trail. Many viewpoints along the canyon ridges. Expect heavy traffic on weekends...

My uncle and I circumvented the trail surrounding Fort Mountain State Park in a little over 5 hours. The trail is well-maintained and several of the views are spectacular, I hear. We were among the clouds during our hike and although the vistas were not available to us the scenery and foliage was and it is tremendous.

on Savage Day Loop

2 months ago

this is the fourth time I've been to this trail. usually it's great but today the trail was closed due to dangerous conditions and fallen trees from a recent storm. We hiked anyway but encountered many obstacles that forced us off the main trail. We never made it to the falls due to impassable piles of large fallen timber, brush and branches. Heed the warning signs until they finally get the trail cleaned up and cleared again.

on Poe Run Path

2 months ago

We were short on time for the day and it was on and off again rain. Nice trail to run. Quiet and peaceful. Pretty cool ammunition bunkers along the path. Would love to visit enterprise south nature park again to hit some more moderate trails.

2 months ago

Beautiful scenery. Absolutely beautiful during fall whenever the leaves are changing.

on West Rim Loop Trail

2 months ago

Fantastic trail, Lots of beautiful lookout points. Include the waterfalls trail and you have a great 7 miles of waterfalls, Streams and gorgeous canyon views.

2 months ago

Nice easy trail with pretty overlooks of mountains.

2 months ago

Wonderful hike especially if you have a photographers eye. Great workout as well.

2 months ago

The scenery is fantastic, especially in Autumn when the leaves are changing. There are plenty of ups and down, but it's mostly uphill until you reach the midway point. There are a bunch of roots and rocks, some narrow points and such. Overall, it's a nice, fairly easy hike, but I could definitely see it being a bit slick after a rain, and there are some rocks that certainly looked stable until I stepped on them.

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