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Just another great day for hike at Auburn area. Crowded on parking cars and on the trail. Nice view's of spilling dam water at the end . like this trail as exercise and nice surrounding of forest atmosphere. Recomend to others.

It was great hike. Almost all hike is by the water!

Just a heads up "no dogs" sign at the trailhead, but you will usually see a few.

It was awesome and gorgeous

A little crowded for our tastes, both on the trail and parking. (But it was a holiday weekend.) It’s pretty dry and dusty this time of year, but most of the trail is in partial shade and the temps are moderating.

The name of this trail is a bit of a misnomer. The trail ends at Lake Clementine dam, which is beautiful and worth seeing. Clark’s pool is actually located just past the tall bridge you pass under, about a mile from the trail head. We hiked to the dam and then stopped at the pool to swim on the way back. Great spot for kids, water was the perfect temperature on Labor Day! Bathrooms are located at the trail head and at the dam.

road biking
25 days ago

Nice trail for biking or walking. Be aware the trail is closed due to landslides on the west side of the lake about 2 miles south of Negro Bar. You cannot make a full loop. You will have to use another trail as a detour.

Great fitness trail, before noon is best to enjoy the shade. 10 dollar parking fee. The dam in the end is beautiful, as well as the canyon rocks.

it's been over 2 yrs since 4 slides took part of the trail out and they have done nothing to fix it. they charge enough ti get in there it s really no excuse. another ex as Mike of government collecting money from us and not using it for what it's intended! why we continue to vote for bonds to improve things when it only increases the peoples expenses(taxes) and nothing ever gets done us beyond me.

it's a quick walk, flat.

Great hike. Beautiful river views, California’ tallest bridge, Clementine Dam with spectacular falls, occasional breeze of California Bay tree scent, innocent your deer, who could ask for anything more.

Been doing this trail in the early summer for years. When the water is still cool, it’s great to stop for a swim at Clark’s Pool (formerly an Auburn Municipal Pool in the early 1900’s.) Watch for snakes and poison oak.

nice walk with our baby in the umbrella stroller. nice views too!

The falls itself were very refreshing. As for the trail, we took a different route to the falls. Right off of freeway 80 in Auburn, we took Forest hill road which leads us to Lake Clamentine road. This is more hard than the normal trail as it loses elevation pretty quickly and coming back up is fairly hard, of course if you are on foot (and we were, and it was not fun coming back up!). There is parking right off of the falls but I think it is only for people who bring their boats, and it is small which fills up quickly on a weekend.

Short and sweet hike for those looking for a low key jaunt. Pretty atmosphere.

I do not recommend this trail for solo women.

I went biking on this trail midday on a weekday. I rode from ~ Del Paso Blvd to ~Capital City freeway and back.

Not only were there large groups of transient men congregating both adjacent to and in the middle of the trail, but I was followed on bike by a seemingly well-off guy who I believe was haunting the trail specifically for the purpose of following women. (He was a white male, medium athletic build, mid 30s-early 40s, blue cycling outfit, phone band on left arm, with brown mid length hair.)

I successfully got him to stop following me but the trail is so isolated and lined with dense vegetation that anything could have happened without a passerby noticing. I won't be going there again, not alone at least.

I love this lake. Sweet tree you can jump out of right off the trail. Definitely will return.

This is more of a 'walking'/biking trail, not really what I'd call a hiking trail (Vibram soled boots/shoes not necessary), tennis shoes can be worn. While I have to admit I haven't done the upper part of it, which I assume is the dirt part, mainly just the lower part down by the water which is paved. The so-called 'closed' parts are not really "closed", but concrete barricades have been placed in two places where earth-slides have occurred. However, everyone, bikers & walkers, go over & around these barricades to continue on in either direction without any trouble, other than the inconvenience especially to bikers (you'll have to walk your bike a very short distance at these 2 places). The paved trail along the water is actually very nice for walkers & bikers. You can actually do much more than a 4 mile round trip going from Negro Bar to Hazel Ave. on the paved trail. If you want to avoid $10 parking, start at the Hazel Ave end. Get there by going north on Hazel from Hywy 50, go over the bridge past Nimbus rec area; right on the other side of the bridge, on the right is an entrance to a day use parking area. Walk or bike back to Hazel from the parking area & go back towards the bridge, you'll come to the paved trail; stay left to go towards Negro Bar. Be aware there are rattlesnakes in the area.

Very nice fairly easy hike. Lots of great side trails down to the river. Enjoyed a quick dip to cool off. It was very enjoyable and I will be back.

nice easy trail. nice scenery . water is clear and cool to jump in for a dip after your hike. easy walk for whole family. best do do early morning to have a an easy hike . highly recommended.

It is an enjoyable trail, I was a little disappointed to see vehicle traffic upon reaching the lake, access to the lake is almost non existant by foot. I will definelty take the hike to the swimming holes next time. Parking is pretty bad as well. That's to be expected. It is a beautiful area.

Pretty view and steady elevation but kinda boring just walking so long with little to stop and explore the higher you go up the hill

Beautiful hike, uphill on the way in which I'm sure is why it's rated moderate. Beautiful views, wide trail- I will do it again in the cooler weather.

Disappointed trail turns into asphalt

If you’re not going Swimmin go elsewhere

2 months ago

Beautiful trail, but part of it is closed for repair and there's no warning signs until you get to it, there's a walking path that takes you up the hill and around it but not biking.

Nice and easy, good relaxing stroll

Easy hike and absolutely stunning views. Spectacular trail since it is all the way by the river. Waterfall and rainbow are breathtaking. Will be back on Fall or Spring. In Summer I would say do early morning.

Nice easy hike, mostly shaded. Saw deer and lots of birds.

Jeremy and I hiked this trail and the views were spectacular! The Forest Hills Bridge is breathtaking and the river runs all along the trail making for great scenery. Clarke’s Pool was a bonus on the way back. Refreshing after being in the heat. Definitely returning for that! Nowhere did i see mentioned about the parking fee. Not a big deal but was unprepared to pay. Thank goodness they accepted Visa. Also, this app says dogs are not allowed on Clementine which is the lake behind the dam. “No dogs allowed” was also on the gate of the trailhead with dog poop bags right next to it. There were quite a few dogs on the trail and at the Pool. Not super clear about the furry ones being allowed or not. Great hike and swim!

Use to walk down here to fish when I was just a lad.

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