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A group of 7 of us just did this hike on Tuesday September 11th 2018 and it’s now my favourite! Even my 9 1/2 year old dog, Jada did it with us. Incredible views the entire time. Highly recommended! We completed the hike clockwise as suggested. You want to do this hike on a clear day to admire the amazing views. With 7 of us and a dog, lots of picture breaks and snack breaks it took us 6 hours. But we were slow! We saw three grizzlies!! They were grazing on the mountain side so they were far away from the group! Amazing to watch them through the binoculars.

Sick hike with a bit of everything. Lots of crisscrossing with other paths at start so be sure not to turn down Ribbon Creek or old mine roads, though signage is pretty good. First summit is Olympic Ridge which is just above Nakiska T-Bar, then ridgewalk goes for a quite a while and features a LOTR-esque rock garden. Mt. Allan Summit features stunning views of Mount Lougheed, 3 Sisters, Bow Valley to west and Kananaskis Valley to east. No tricky scrambles. Did this as an out-and-back from the Kananaskis side but would like to complete entire ridge walk from Dead Man's Flats next. Time: 7 3/4 hours.

2 days ago

This a great hike for families. My kids (ages 6 and 10) handled it beautifully. The bridges are fun to cross and they enjoyed jumping from rock to rock in places. You may see climbers so look up!

2 days ago

Though many hike Moose Mt from the top parking spot, it can be hiked from Bragg Creek parking following the gravel road. After about 6-7 km the gravel road that is an access to a pipeline valve facility ends and trails goes up toward Moose Mt. It joins the main trails after about 5 km. The total hike from Bragg Creek parking is about 30 km. We started at 5:30 a.m . and finished at 2:00 p.m. with 3 stops for snack/lunch.
Though I ranked this hike 3 that I wish I could rank 3.5, it is still good to hike. I give 5 stars to trails such as Skoki Loop, Paradise to Giant Steps, ...

Incredible! We were lucky enough to have an inversion today. Could not have asked for a better way to experience this hike. Wouldn’t want to attempt this in snow or wet, but if the weather is dry enough, this is a superb day out. We took 5 hours with lots of breaks just chilling along the Ridge soaking it in. Would recommend starting from the South and going clockwise. Add it to your must do list. Well worth the drive from Calgary.

7 days ago

An easy trail to follow. Well signed.

Wish this trail was closer to my home. It wasn’t easy to find and stay on the correct trail so we ended up blazing our own. Turned out to be more difficult than it could have been but we still loved it! When starting out, definitely go to the right and you’ll be on the correct trail. Seems like a common mistake.

We did this hike yesterday morning, it took us 4 round trip to the helipad including lunch at the top. Nice inclined up with a few sections of steep and a boulder field cross. Views from the top are amazing, on one side you have Canmore and on the other side alpine meadow where we saw a family of grouse.
Hiking poles and boots are highly recommended.
We started hiking at 8:40 and nobody was there, we saw a whole bunch of people on the way down.

on Tent Ridge Horseshoe

8 days ago

Awesome hike, would say it's moderately hard but not super difficult if you go at your own pace! Definitely start clockwise as everyone suggests. This hike took us 4 hours and 20 minutes with a snack break and LOTS of picture breaks to capture the non-stop amazing views. It gets quite windy up top because you're on top of a mountain and there is nothing to stop the wind, so wear layers - I'd even recommend gloves and maybe even a toque! I'm not a very accomplished hiker, and I didn't find this hike to be intimidating at all. Don't let some of the other reviews and mention of scrambling scare you! Would definitely recommend this to anyone look for a challenging but rewarding hike!

9 days ago

Great place to hike for any age. Make sure you have proper footwear as it is quite rocky - a lady making her way up had fallen and hurt her ankle (hope you are doing ok!) If you go in the late morning/early afternoon it's quite busy all the way up to the waterfall, take a left and follow that trail into a nice open spot with inuksuks and hoodoos, we stayed in that area for half an hour and didn't see many others.

It’s a nice hike but would be neat in summer when there is water flowing in the creek/river. Go right to the cave and climb up to it.

Loved this hike, would do it again trail running or biking. I would say this trail is closer to moderate or moderate-hard.
The first mile is not very spectacular, but the view from the summit was stunning.
We did the loop instead of out/back, while it added a few miles (garmin says 9 total or 3-1/4 hr) the different path and scenery made it definitely worth it and it wasn’t as busy.

Great trail for road biking - nice wide path. Didn’t take it for the views (you are along the highway), but nice option for some exercise & travel between Banff and Canmore.

11 days ago

The view!!!

Rented bikes and completed this trail on our first day in Canmore. While the views are quite nice, almost the entire trail is adjacent to the freeway, which makes it a bit noisy. Also, you could easily get the same views from your car while passing through the area.

trail running
11 days ago

WHAT A GREAT HIKE ! It will challenge you because of its steep trails and the rocks but it worth it ! We did it pretty fast and didn’t take much breaks...it took us about 3h30 up and down! We went a little higher after the helipad but it was a bit beyond my limits and I didn’t want to fall ot hurt myself...we didn’t have poles and I think it could be helpful for the last part! You have to do that hike absolutely!!

Terrible terrible mountain to hike. I wouldn't have gone there if I had known that hiking would turned into climbing. I'm so glad that I am still alive.

Great hike that isn't the most difficult but you get superb views. When we hiked it was very smokey but still the views were amazing. You can do the hike in either direction and i think either way is just as challenging. Will do this great hike again when the air is crisp and there is no smoke.

Beautiful hike. Started up the prairie view trail, came down jewel pass. Harder going up, easier coming down. Amazing views from the top. Worth the hike for sure.

Did this one 2 days ago and the weather was great. Ankle deep snow in some areas but overall manageable. Trail is fairly visible, daunting view from the base to the summit but it's not as difficult as it may seem.

Amazing hike, we went up the mountain (prairie view trail) instead of the actual barrier lake trail. Very much worth it if you’re looking for a good workout. We went down jewel “something,” and it was a great time. The view at the end of the hike was something else.

Fantastic well marked hike. Gain to the ridge is the most demanding and steepest. 2hours from parking lot to reach beginning of centennial Ridge. From there to the rock garden it’s a beautiful hike with views to the rock garden, stopped just shy to the ascent to mount Allan.

Loved this hike. The scramble is fun & doesn’t take long. Once you’re on the ridge the views are amazing!

Amazing hike! Awesome views\ from the top, the scenery was just breathtaking, I wished I'd taken more photos. I am glad we packed 3-4L of fluid each plus some for the dogs as well as snacks (and some waiting for us in the car). It took us 4.5 hours out and back.
It is dog friendly, there are some scrambles so your pup has to be agile enough to do it on its own or you need to be able to pick him up or help them. It was really windy at the top, with marmots, prairies dogs and chipmunks teasing my pooches all the time.
I don't know much about bird watching, I was still fascinated with the variety of species that we saw.
I always pack gloves, a hat, sunglasses and a wind buff, when doing hard or higher altitudes hikes, thinking I won't need them, but I always do.
It is a hard hike and it can be tempting to turn around after 3k or 4k in, and be content with the view, as it is already a pretty nice vista. If you have the right gears, planned accordingly and started early enough, you will be rewarded with exceptional views from Mount Allan Summit.

Easy, beautiful hike.

Great aerobic hike to the helipad and scramble on for additional burn.

Hard but rewarding! We got lost at the beginning (went left into the woods rather than up the rocks), but luckily turned around before we got too far and ran into more hikers who were making the same mistake. Together we all backtracked and eventually did find the right way. It’s not well marked until you get higher up, but you’ll know it when you’re there. Super rocky climb with lots of scrambling, but I loved it! The way back down wasn’t so bad either, despite being steep. Sadly I didn’t make it to the peak because my asthma started acting up, but we made it 90% (there and back) in about 3.5 hours.

First time doing a hike like this and really enjoyed the challenge. Made it about 90 percent of the way due to asthma getting in the way at higher altitudes. Took about 2.5 hours to get up and just a bit over an hour to descend.

This is rated hard for a reason. It’s a continuous steep uphill hike with lots or rocks. There were lots of people hiking Lady Macdonald (we went on a Saturday long weekend).

We did the climb for 3hrs having to stop from time to time to rest and make sure our first time hiker is okay haha. The age of hikers we saw ranges from little kids to seniors so if they can do it, you most definitely can! We stopped at the helipad to eat our snacks while basking in the gorgeous views and watching others brave the ridge to reach the summit. The summit is out of my physical and mental ability.

The way down, which took us about 2hrs, was not the best. Heard lots of complaints and whines from my group saying things like “My toes hurt”, or “Ughh my knees!”, and “I hate this hike!” LOL. In the end everyone were proud of themselves. Hiking Lady Macdonald sure is a butt kicker. It’s a good work out and is definitely one of the most challenging trails we all have ever done!

Doable in 4-5 hours at a good pace, good hiking boots recommended if you want to make it to the summit. Great open view most of the way up. Have fun and enjoy!

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