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Great trail, although the mud made it a bit challenging (my own fault for going the day after a big storm). Waterfalls were gorgeous as were the views. I went up on Davis and down on Dipsea - when I come back to do it again I’ll go in the opposite direction.

Gorgeous hike! Extremely muddy! All trails did not keep us on the trail so be careful!

Conditions were great on the trail despite all the rain in the past few days.. just a little muddy at parts. On the way there was a part of the road that was flooded but it wasn't so high. The rain made the Steep Ravine part amazing, because it was gushing with water. My favorite part was the open view of the ocean and San Francisco city, as soon as you get out of the red woods on the Matt Davis trail going down. We took our time, made a few stops and were walking at an easy pace and it took us 3.5 hrs.

This is so awesome. Creeks, water falls, ferns hillside pastures, views. Just awesome

2 days ago

Easy trail and good view. Sparse Pokémon stops and gym. Good way to relax yourself in the late afternoon.

Beautiful views of the Bay. Pretty easy hike. Watch out for mud and some slipping. I would recommend this as a after family hike.

Really enjoyed hiking up the stairs under these huge trees and around the streams. Quite scenic. Was a great day!

We loved this trail! We were able to watch hawks and sea birds as well as seals.

Under tree cover the entire hike. Possible to park for free at any turnout instead of the paid lots. Bootjack is muddy. Ben Johnson is drier but has a lot of debris on the trail from the storms, and a few recent dead-fall including a large root bundle blocking the trail at one point, had to scramble over. Undergrowth is starting to encroach. The trail is steep so expect a workout. Description is wrong, elevation change is well over 800 ft. More like 1300 ft. based on the topo. Still moderate difficulty but a challenging moderate. Lovely waterfalls following the stream down Bootjack. Wonderful moss and ferns and just lush green on Ben Johnson. Option to cut across TCC instead of Alpine.

Crowded. Once you get past the falls, you see fewer people. Larger trails are decently well-marked, but it is possible to take a small trail by accident. High Marsh was easily the best part of the hike!

4 days ago

This trail is savage for all runners out there: hardest 2.2 mi up a trail anywhere in California. (please let me know if you have another contender). I would park where Summit terminates. You have to run up Fern Canyon Rd. for <400m and you will notice a hard cut back trail from the road. This will take you directly to the trailhead (signage also clearly visible off of Fern Canyon 1/6 mile from its intersection with Summit)

Quick note: the trail cuts directly through a dirt service road about a half mie in. Go stright through it into what looks like a washed out ravine. This is also the exact moment when the word, 'fuck!' will enter your thoughts.

One of my favorite East Bay trails to date! Not too difficult, but enough of a climb to feel like you’re moving. Beautiful views in both directions. Wasn’t too crowded on a nice Saturday morning. A little muddy following some rain, but easily doable. Will come back!

Great trail, went up Davies and back down on the ravine. A little muddy but not bad or dangerous. This is one trail I take all visitors on.

5 days ago

def recommend even in winter. regardless if it has been storming the day before the trail is climbeable. the falls were amazing due to recent rain activity. lush, pretty and plenty of friendly hikers.

5 days ago

It was a pretty walk but the farther you went, the trail just followed the road so it wasn’t that interesting and saw everything we did driving in. No too difficult of a trail to walk

5 days ago

Very simple and two very big red woods to see. Easy hike and a nice walk


One of my favorite trail at Mt Tamalpais State Park.

10 days ago

Enjoyable. Not super challenging. Went w Cece. Company was amazing, trail was lovely, but nothing particularly special. Occasions views were green and blue in the winter rains good. Frankly really difficult to identify where the trail was sometimes, so being a phone that will have service to track. AllTrails was helpful.

10 days ago

I’m 50/50 between describing this trail as a hike vs a walk. Regardless, the trail was gorgeous and we had a great time. We ended up doing the full loop, hiking about 5.3 miles in around 3 hours. This was my first experience hiking through Redwoods and this trail didn’t disappoint. The stretch driving from Saratoga to the park headquarters was also a bit of fun. Would definitely go back.

Awesome trail with amazing views.

nature trips
11 days ago

Beautiful hike for the whole family to enjoy.

It’s not a traditional hike, but it’s still a must-do. Be careful about not missing the parking lot. Take a look at the map and use common sense rather than blindly following the driving directions through the app. I enjoyed this trial because of the elevation gain. You start huffing a puffing! I’d love to try camping down there.

Part of this trial is a more popular because it intersects with Battery, the photo location everyone takes the quintessential Golden Gate Bridge photo at. Walking to this lookout spot after Kirby Cove is a must! Don’t worry, you won’t miss it.

This remains one of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area. I usually start at Pantoll Ranger Station, but on my most recent trip, I started at Stinson Beach and completed this in the opposite direction suggested: up Matt Davis and down Steep Ravine and Dipsea. The trail is a "best of" of hikes in the Bay Area in that you get a bit of everything: grassy fields with expansive views; redwoods; small streams amid forests of canyon oaks and eucalyptus; and, of course, Stinson Beach itself.

18 days ago

Great hike to complete in the morning! I imagine foot traffic picks up after 10-11am, as I noticed larger groups and families starting their hike while I was ending mine. I started at the Dipsea Trailhead, continued onto Steep Ravine and climbed down via Matt Davis. Good mix of shaded/open areas. I especially enjoyed the ocean and city views on the Matt Davis Trail. You could complete this trail multiple ways depending on where you park. I originally wanted to park at Stinson Beach, but the parking lot was closed, I'm assuming due to the government shut down. Instead, I took the risk and parked in a drop off zone next to the trailhead. I learned there is another parking lot at Pantoll Road, at the campground, so that's another option if Stinson's lot is closed. If you park at Pantoll, you could climb down via Matt Davis and hike back up via Dipsea & Ravine. Alternatively, you could hike down via Ravine/Dipsea and hike back up on Matt Davis. Overall, it's a nice Marin hike.

It is challenging, but stunning. You get beautiful woodland as well as gorgeous hill top views. Wear good footwear, bring lunch and plenty of water and stop to enjoy the amazing beauty.

Great moderate workout!

19 days ago

Easy trail to push a jogging stroller on. Beautiful redwoods.

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