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on Eagle Rock via the PCT

6 days ago

Did this trail today, a beautiful clear Sunday. What an awesome hike! Arrived around 11am and there were about 20-30 cars already parked along the sides of the road. It definitely wasn't crowded though. We've been wanting to hike on the PCT "someday" and this is a great hike to accomplish that on. Well marked & maintained trail. Beautiful scenery that changes from a tree-canopied creekside path for the first mile and half or so, to rolling grass fields until you arrive at Eagle Rock. On the hike back we saw a couple groups of people on horseback. It seemed to go much quicker on the way back. Roughly 3hrs round trip including about 20min taking pix at Eagle Rock. We stopped at Lake Henshaw (like 10min away on the road back) to eat and it hit the spot! Great service and generous portions. Definitely recommended!

on Tenaja Truck Trail

6 days ago

Awesome hike! Beautiful trail and scenery from the parking lot (signs said parking pass required, but luckily we didn't get cited) down the Tenaja Trail. Trail was easy to follow & well maintained. We decided to do the loop, but after you cross the creek and start heading up the other side, you eventually get to a paved road for several miles back to the parking lot. It's pretty steep and not very interesting. If we did it again we'd definitely just go out & back on the same trail. Highly recommended!

19 days ago

Good trail but finished on the blacktop. Brought my Labrador for the hike and she came home with 5 ticks. Make sure you check yourself and puppers!

Great hike today out to Eagle Rock. It was cool and drizzly, especially in the open areas. Directions on this app were spot on. Took about 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace. Beautiful changes in scenery and topography. Pretty easy hike.

love this place

great hike relatively flat great scenery

Great starter trail for those looking to start hiking or just to get out of the house. Very family friendly and a good place to take your dogs on a walk. A little over 5 miles which has awesome features including a river. If you’re bored at home I highly recommend this trail.

28 days ago

Great hike on the easy side of moderate. Great scenery along the whole route and the rock is a perfect backdrop for memorable pictures. Great for kids.
Only word of caution above the usual for SOCAL (heat, plenty of water, snakes) is watch climbing on the granite. It's a very effective skin remover

Very pretty and relaxing trail. The views are lovely and there are many places along the river to both explore and kick back a little. We spotted some poison oak on the riverbanks, but it's easily avoidable if you keep an eye out.

This trail has some real beautiful views. There is a couple of parts that were rocky or felt like we were walking on a ledge but it’s so fun especially if you have kids. People go horseback riding here so it’s nice to see that.

If you’re looking for a good hike to see water in So Cal this is the one for you.

Easy trail with a small section that is narrow with a drop off.

This was a great hike and was pretty easy overall. I think the key is to go when it is cool out. Had it been summer this would have been a very painful hike. Lots of landscapes and ending at eagle rock is awesome!

Definitely go right towards the fire station to get to the trail. Just FYI...

It’s a really flat and forgiving route with a lot of nice scenery. My buddies and I had a good time. Y’all should check it out!

One of the better hikes I have been on. What I love about this trail, is the wide variety of scenery you experience. It feels like 4 hikes in one...So many trails to explore.

Loved it!! But I would say it’s an easy hike rather than moderate.

Great place.

My dog and i very much enjoy this trail. I have gone from 2 - 8 ish miles round trip on multiple occasions. We enjoy the river and other scenery. I am not a professional hiker... and find this trail to be on the more moderate end of the easy scale. Meaning there are some areas that require a bit of skill and athleticism,but I’m def not scaling boulders with specialized gear. Do not be intimidated but be prepared. Enjoy and be safe.

We did this hike on 2/3/18. Great views and trails through the wooded forest and meadows. Boucher trail coming down from the tower has lots of trees and logs across requiring climbing over or under. The Weir/Diane Valley loop was great with some beautiful old trees. We decided to cut off the last Chimney Loop and headed back from Diane Pond on the Scott Cabin trail. 8.4 miles on our Apple Fitness app. Very pleasant and beautiful hike. Will do it again for sure. Weather is great right now!!!

Had an awesome time on this trail today- took us about 3 hours there and back... we stopped a few times for pictures and had a snack at Eagle Rock. Most beautiful in the morning hours!

Nice long stroll with some short steep hills and good views with plenty of shaded spots. Took us about two hours from start to the end of the trail marked by the All Trails map. Would definitely recommend for a weekend morning activity.

1 month ago

Ratings are wrong this trail is not moderate It's fairly easy with superb views of the landscape.

This trail is a pretty easy stroll alongside a river with a decent amount of shade. We started at 8:30am and got done at 10:30 after having stopped a bit for some drone usage. It was pretty busy as we were leaving. There are a few tricky spots on rocky areas that I would say are challenging for people with bad shoes. There is a river crossing to continue on this trail. I had to take my shoes off and walk across because the rocks were too far apart and we had quite the adventure boulder scaling on the return a little further up the river at the crossing. A lot of people we saw either turned back at that point (probably 1.75 miles in) instead of attempting to cross so keep that in mind. Overall, decent trail but not worth the drive from downtown San Diego when there are better ones out east.

This is a really nice, fairly easy trail. We loved walking to the sound of the water and much of the trail is shaded. There are only a couple of areas that you need to maneuver up and down some rocks (not a stroller friendly trail but still great for kids), but the majority of the hike it very easy. It was a little crowded, but we did go on a day when school was out.

2 months ago

Easy, flat, shaded hike along the creek. Very popular hike for your furry 4 legged friends.

Nice Sunday afternoon hike. Kid and pet friendly.

Nice hike with large trees providing shade for most of the hike. Easy to follow trail marked with PCT signs. We parked across the street from the fire station and crossed the road to walk through the cattle gate. The hike was about 6.3 miles round trip and ~900 ft in elevation gain. The Eagle Rock formation was really cool. I would definitely recommend the trip! You can even get some Julian Pie on the way home:)

Cool PCT hike. Rock formation is awesome

This was a nice trail for an easier hike. It was very peaceful with the water sounds and having shade a large portion of the trail. We saw a coyote on the trail and a beautiful blue jay . We did a few offshoots so made it 6 miles. The loose dirt made it very dirty for the shoes and feet - never seen my feet to dirty after a hike.

Went dogless as I was unsure of wildlife and temps; saw birds, squirrels, and cows. All dogs we saw were leashed. I will definitely be back with my dogs!

Drove up to Warner Springs to do this hike. We've always wanted to see this place in person and it did not disappoint. Moderate hike and easy to follow.

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