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2 days ago

Rocky trail. At first I was looking at the data and wondering why this trail was rated as hard, but it all made sense because of the extremely rocky trail starting at 1 mile from the trailhead. However, the view at the top made it all worthy. We camped near the lookout (it was soooo crowded), and watched the Perseid Meteor Shower!

There was a little stream at 4347 ft, and also a lake on the north side with some distance which was not easily accessible. Otherwise there was no water after you get started on the rocks, so bring enough water on hot days.

This hike is awesomely hard and rocky. Even though the views today were obliterated by smoke from the wildfires (we accidentally missed the media's warning to avoid strenuous outdoor activity), the gorgeous and dynamic rock formations made the effort worth it. We did not see as many people or bugs as previously reported, probably a positive side effect of the smoke. For dog owners: I would recommend this hike to dogs that are used to hiking on rockfaces and unstable surfaces. Our jack russell terrier made it up the mountain like a champ, except we did not take him on the final rock scramble because the rocks were too big and slippery for him to gain the appropriate traction. On a clear day, I can imagine the view from the top is breathtaking.

I was super excited to see all the views with water, but sadly the water was all dried out. It’s got really pretty tree views, cool little bridges, and it’s a decent work out. We ended up getting lost and took an extra 2 miles some where off the trail lol but it was alright just more excersize and pretty views for us! Also, when you get to the “top” there’s no real view to look forward to. Not a bad hike at all, I’ll retry in the fall when I can see the water but if your looking for a view at the top, you won’t find it here.

4 days ago

This hike was exhilarating! I highly recommend everyone try it at least once. We went on August 12, which was a little overcast. Check the weather before you go so that you hike on a day to meet your expectations. An overcast day keeps you cooler, but you will miss some of the views. Overcast worked for me, as I skipped some of the trails the closer we got to the top. For an extra challenge try some boulder jumping. This was an amazing experience!

Oh sweet Jesus this was challenging! Mostly because it was so hot! Went on Wed Aug 8 and it HOT! But what a beautiful hike and views at the top we’re worth it... I went alone but in hindsight might have been good to have company... I appreciated the meditative time with nature.. Enjoy!

The intensity level reflects what is stated on the site, HARD. I’m new to hiking and this hike was very rigorous and exhausting. I’m not in the best shape and I have asthma so I took many breaks on my way up. My legs started giving up once I was almost at the lookout but a group of hikers let me borrow their trekking pole. You definitely meet nice people when hiking :)

- Bring bug spray, you don’t really feel the mosquitos and flies unless you stop.
- Drive VERY carefully on the last 6 miles before arriving at the parking lot as the dirt/gravel road is filled with a lot of potholes.
- Wear hiking shoes as you are walking over LOTS of rocks.
- You need a parking permit (Northwest Forest Pass), which you can purchase at Verlot Public Service Center for $5.
- Bring plenty of water and a snack.
- Take breaks as needed.

Decent view, nice hike

Aug 6,2018. Another wonderful day with nature. But the road going there was awful, it was like crater in the moon! So drive safely. And don’t forget to bring bugspray, you’ll thank me later. Lol.

As always, view at the top is breathtaking. But definitely not for beginners.

I love this hike for the amazing work out and AMAZING view at the top but there are a couple things to know:

1)The potholes on the road were awful! Enormous potholes everywhere so you have to drive pretty slowly and carefully which takes quite a while.

2) The mosquitos were REALLY BAD! Bring bug spray for sure! They are swarming everywhere, even at the top! Flies were pretty dense too but avoid mosquito bites and bring some spray!

NOT A BEGINNERS HIKE!!! Beautiful exciting views all the way up. Definitely a leg burner

11 days ago

Beautiful!! I’m a fairly experienced hiker but this is one of the tougher ones I’ve done. We went at dusk and ended up having to hike back at dark with a little one on our backs which made it feel a lot more intimidating. The scramble at the top is no joke but is completely doable. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

A great hour and a half to 2 hour loop! Enough work to keep it interesting, but never too much a challenge to not be fun.

11 days ago

Was here a few days ago. The road to the trailhead is very poor, lots of potholes that took a bit to maneuver in my little car (others with trucks and 4WDs flew by with no issue however). The trail was actually fairly easy to follow with orange signposts along the way, however if you’re not paying attention it would be pretty easy to take a wrong turn and wind up going the wrong way so be alert. I wore bug repellent and had no issues. It was a beautiful trail, only a few people up the top when I summited ~10am however passed many groups on their way up when I was descending so if you want a quiet trail best to go in the morning I would say.

The trail is clean and easy but people leave their trash there. There was a pile of trash by a tree. Diapers, cigaret butts and bags of dog poop everywhere. What is going on?

Cool Misty day, bugs were not a problem. The road going up was!! Dirt road for first 4.7 miles. In about the worst condition l have seen a popular Forest Service road. Then paved the last 1.8 miles with one 15 foot dirt path with about a 4 to 6 inch drop. Trail was as expected with about 4 short snow patches. Got to have good knees.

16 days ago

Top trail takeaways:
1. The road to the trailhead is an old forest road, and it’s pretty washed out in places. I’d not recommend without an SUV.
2. This trail is not maintained by the WTA, so it gets pretty faint/ confusing at times. GPS is recommended, otherwise you’ll end up at Mirror Lake.
3. Trekking poles were pretty helpful for the final .5ish gravel scramble to the top.
4. Despite it being a very warm day, it was very chilly in the wind at the top. Pack a light jacket.
Trip time: 5:30 with :45+ at the top
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hike up loose gravel, this is your chance! The final half mile of this hike is up shifting rock of various sizes, but the view from the top is well worth it. Leave your sedan at home and go for the SUV instead, the road to the trailhead is pretty rough. Bring a GPS application or device if you’re unfamiliar with this area for Snoqualmie, the trail isn’t maintained by the WTA and is pretty faint at times. Start from the trailhead at mirror lake and hang a right about a mile/ mile and a half in, this was marked by a Cairn when I was there, but otherwise has no distinguishing sign. Bring a jacket for the top, it was chilly despite an 80+ degree day when I hiked. There was still a tiny bit of snow at the top last weekend, but you don’t need micro-spikes. Poles were an immense help for balance up the final gravel scramble. Bring sunscreen as the final mile or so us uncovered. Enjoy!

Photos from the hike: https://www.instagram.com/kjcoop/

16 days ago

Last did this hike in 1977, Wonderful views. Going back this year.

16 days ago

An absolutely beautiful and well-maintained trail. It's generally an easy and forgiving hike on the way up to Glacier Basin campground until the last .5 miles or so (where it becomes significantly steeper). We hiked it twice: once in the morning, and once in the late afternoon. I definitely recommend hiking it sometime in the morning, as the lighting on Rainier was perfect and not overexposed as it was in the afternoon.

We spotted lots of wildlife on this trail as well - if you walk a little ways past Glacier Basin campground toward the scree fields, you're in prime marmot territory (we spotted two scurrying around on the rocks there).

took my kiddos on this trail last weekend and it was GORGEOUS... no open views or waterfalls but worth the hike... definitely don't recommend during wet weather as when u are coming down the trail it is very mussy and slippery... our group ages ranged from 2 1/2 to 9 for our kids and wasn't too tough of an incline going up the trail... definitely not "easy" trail and more moderate for unskilled hikers

A lot of bugs, we are being eaten alive by mosquitoes!

18 days ago

One of the best hikes i've had all summer. Do not underestimate this trail, you will need to pace yourself. As far as the view, second to none. It was well worth the couple hour hike. Down side is the bugs, stop and you get eaten.

The trail starts out moderately easy and then gets difficult... lots of rocky terrain with amazing views all along the way. Took about 2 hours to get up the trail and 1 hour to come back down. Keep in mind you will literally be climbing your way to the top of the mountain. We took our corgi and he made it up all the way :) it’s best if you get there around 7am to avoid the heat and the crowds. Bring lots of bug repellent!

18 days ago

Great hike, went early, nice breeze on the trail,

19 days ago

I definitely underestimated this hike, but the bugs are what ruined it for me. Every time I stopped to catch my breath I got swarmed, maybe next time I go I'll leave in the morning on a weekday so there's less people as well. Great views though..

19 days ago

Great for a rocky hike with awestruck views of the cascade from the lookout post at the summit. The trail is close to 6 miles and has a lot of bugs/mosquitoes. Recommend wearing long sleeves and doing the hike as early as possible. Carry lots of water.

19 days ago

Really liked this hike! Not too hard for most people and the lake was great! The bugs were awful so bug-spray is a must but swimming in the lake was so refreshing and a good way to get away from them.

Great trail with few encounters with other people. The people I did run into were super nice. It’s a climb upward - the first half mile or so is on a logging road, so not very scenic. Once on the actual trail, it’s mostly shady with several nice views looking west over the reservoir. Quick, steep drop into the basin - the lake was beautiful and there were peeps swimming and enjoying the water but I hightailed outta there after about 25 seconds because the bugs were intolerable.

Finding the parking area and then trailhead is tricky and the roads are not well marked. Once in the parking lot, hang a left up the logging road and walk a half mile, keeping an eye out for the trail marker. Good luck!

Definitely earns it's hard rating! Took me 4 hours, that's with a generous pitstop in the tower. Would estimate 2 1/2 to 3 hours for the avg hiker. Lots of scrambling over rocks!!

19 days ago

Good views. Really rocky. Hiking shoes recommended. Steady climb to the top then some rock scrambling to get to the lookout. Nice place to camp or hang a hammock on the ridge left of the lookout

July 22, 2018: Short huff'n'puff to some amazing views!

Get to the TH early it fills up fast; a little before nine and it was already half full. Road is bumpy but doable in just a car.

The snow is basically all gone, and the trail is pretty straightforward. On a nice weekend expect the trail to be very busy, making for an awkward boulder and ladder climb to get to the lookout.

Volunteers were doing maintenance on the lookout resulting in 1/4 of the catwalk closed, but there are other places to go around the summit.

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