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7 hours ago

Been there on Saturday 2018/08/18. Took two hours - to and fro. I did not like it. Waterfall is very small not like the pictures shown. Hike it self is not pleasant and It is more of walk in the woods than hike. No proper signs, some confusion on trail route at couple of junctions, we made it though. 'All Trails' app map helps some extent. No designated parking lot, we were there at around 7:30 and could easily find the place to park on roadside. There is no board or sign at the trail head so it was confusing and had to wait for other hikers to come and follow them. Trail head is at at the junction of Mountain View Rd & Cherry Valley Rd where couple of concrete blocks are placed. It is an easy and long walk and good for kids. Do I go there again? Nope.

21 hours ago

Arrived around 2pm today, long dirt road with lots of pot holes. Very beautiful hike with lots of mini trails everywhere. The waterfalls were a little hard to find but other kind hikers let us know where to go. Would recommend to anyone and will be back again!!

Arrived at 10 am on a Monday; only 2 cars in parking lot. Really nice views of river and forest. Will do again. Trail in great shape. Enough elevation change to be aerobic with no bugs. Very little water on trail, can easily hike in sneakers; suspect it's a different story earlier in season. As others have noted, access road needs grading, low clearance vehicles may have problems.

Very lovely hike. Absolutely gorgeous waterfall.

13 days ago

We hiked the loop portion clockwise and it was a quick 0.9 hike. Lovely foliage, no bugs and easy to see the trail. The trail was beautifully scented though the smell of wood smoke (campers?) crept in 1/3 into this slice of Hawaii heaven. Plenty of free parking along the road near the trailhead.

Very much enjoyed the hike by far the best is the second mile and 1/2 past the warning signs there's some nice spots in the river to be able to swim and the tunnels were pretty amazing!

The trail is clean and easy but people leave their trash there. There was a pile of trash by a tree. Diapers, cigaret butts and bags of dog poop everywhere. What is going on?

This trail wasn’t there and we went all the way up to the top of a mountain

A nice afternoon hike. Take your time a little, the elevation gain will slow you down a little. The first part on the road isn’t particularly pretty, but the O’hia trail cutoff is really nice. I recommend that detour to get some natural Hawaii sightseeing.

The route shown on the main map is not correct. I will suggest mine to replace this.

17 days ago

Great hike for a beginner and families.

24 days ago

Great hike close to Kona and Waimea. Gave it four instead of five stars because of the long walk on paved road. Second half is up through green grass, sheep and goats. Beautiful views even on a hazy day!

Beautiful hike but too much garbage once you get to the waterfall.

26 days ago

Went all the way to the end of the trail terminating at the camp sites down by the river/creek. Nice hike, excellent water falls, double and a single. Parking at trailhead was over flowing when I left. Access road loaded with potholes which limits your speed. Bugs not so bad.

I have to admit that I was scared of this trail (if you want to call it that). It seems like everywhere you look, you hear people talking about how horribly difficult it is. I wondered whether I could actually make it up. But I have dreamed of this hike for YEARS. And like so many other people, my time on the island was limited. Who knew when (or if) I would ever come back. So I figured I would give it my best shot. I’m GLAD I did!

Hands down, this is one of the best mountains I have been on (and I’ve been on LOTS). It’s somewhat hard to put a finger on why. Maybe it is the combination of the clear and crisp air, the multicolored lava, and interesting rock formations. Maybe it is watching the steam vents from the summit and knowing you are on an active volcano. Maybe it is that grand, otherworldly feeling that just says ‘La La Land’. Or maybe it is knowing that I am not laying on the beach at a resort or snorkeling like a ‘good little boy’ on vacation in Hawaii. Rather, I am daring to do something as ‘Un-Hawaiian’ (at least in the stereotypical sense) as climbing a 13000ft mountain. Maybe it is all of these things. But in the end, climbing Mauna Loa will DEFINITELY take you to a VERY interesting and different world from just about anywhere else.

As for the hike itself, I did not find it NEARLY as hard as some say. There really isn’t anything terribly steep to climb. And although it is rocky, the terrain is no more difficult than many mountains in, say, California or Colorado. Just keep in mind that the rock tends to be on the sharp side, and can chew up shoes quite badly. As for altitude, this can certainly be an issue for some. And since there aren’t really any high altitude campgrounds or Hotels on the Big Island, coming straight up to a trailhead at 11000ft from Hilo or Kona can be difficult for altitude sensitive folks. But if you can climb mountains like Shasta, Whitney, Langley, White, or even Dana without a hitch, Mauna Loa is not bad at all.

No, there is no lush greenery on this trail. But that is to be expected on ANY trail ANYWHERE at this kind of altitude. You are in the alpine zone, FAR above the treeline here in Hawaii. Furthermore, the fact that it is going to be chilly is a given. I felt like it was significantly colder on Mauna Loa than on mountains as high (or higher) in California - at least in summer. So be prepared. But if you can get over the fact that this hike does NOT have many of the things that most people THINK a hike SHOULD have (ie deep forests, streams, waterfalls, etc), you will find that Mauna Loa certainly has LOTS to offer. The multicolored rocks, interesting formations, awesome views, fresh clean air, amazingly blue skies, and overall grandness of the mountain all make this hike very unique and give it a vibe that is second to none. Even the rough pahoehoe and aa lavas that you walk across have their charm. Oh, and let’s not forget the outdoor toilet at 13000ft. Take a selfie. Nobody will ever know. Regardless this will be a hike you will NEVER forget!

Parking was definitely a challenge. First visit on this trail. It was scenic and nice, several spots could have been wrong turns but we found our way. Not muddy at all today! Many families with small children, some thought it was a bit far to carry toddlers.

Great trail a few places not marked so well but loved the hike

30 days ago

I am giving 4 Stars because we have only been on BI for a week and this was our first hike. It might actually be a 5-star trail. We love that it is dog-friendly, 15 minutes from town, and a totally different landscape than Kona. We only did the short trail, but will be back to do a longer hike soon.

loved the view and historic feel of a piece of Washington's past of the railroad

Great waterfall hike with lots of wildflowers.

great loop hike with plenty of shady forest and fantastic pool of water at base of small waterfall. beware of broken glass in the water and around the pool.

was a great hike well worth it beautiful waterfall and the water was not that cold nor was it deep

You can make this trail quite a bit longer by taking offshoots. Beautiful surroundings and quiet. The loop back up is a bit of a workout.

beautiful views from the top, lots of animals, goats, cows, sheeps. little lonely but then you can enjoy only the nature sounds.

Beautiful hike. Easy for the kids (9,7,4 years old) with nice payoffs along the way. We saw a bear near the trailhead (from our vehicle) so be prepared.

1 month ago

Excellent trail with beautiful surroundings

Brought my kids (9,5, &4). We had a blast and they loved the cold water to splash in while looking at the pretty waterfall. Parking was very difficult with the construction.

Gorgeous Flowers.

1 month ago

Was absolutely blown away by how beautiful this hike was. I brought my two young cousins along with me (7 & 10) and they had an absolute blast, and no problems keeping pace.

There are, however, many points of the trail with steep drop offs on the side so keep an eye on kids! All in all a beautiful stroll through the woods that I will most definitely be returning to!..

Also be warned that the road leading to hike is unpaved with some potholes.

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