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I'll continue the theme of 'spectacular' & 'stunning'! Today the trees were heavy snow covered and the firetower ice blasted. Come with some spikes, and be prepared for the firetower wind. Find yourself a clear morning & enjoy!

Trail is well marked. Switch backs make the trek to summit tolerable. A bit slick in spots later in the trail. Views are incredible.

Spectacular hike! Snow covered trails and heavy snow and ice draped pine trees made this a winter wonderland... amazing views at the top ..makes for a terrific sunrise hike. Spikes are a must!

This is a great, challenging hike. I have done a bunch of the high peaks including Marcy and this one is on par. It can be easy to lose the trail sometimes so you should stay alert and pay attention, might be wise to bring a map or GPS. Also, if you're going to the fifth peak lean to, you can miss the yellow markers pointing to it because the trail forks and the signs are not positioned great. I did and ended up far past it, I did not have a map or GPS but did pull up All Trails and found that I had missed it. I would do this hike again if I was in the area.

1 month ago

Awesome trail! Make sure to wear the proper shoes though!

An exceptionally beautiful area and stunning views. The tower and summit were frozen and with ice along the upper parts of the trail on the rock scrambles, microspikes are a necessity. A great hike all around.

What a Great Hike! One steep part but lots of trees & roots to hold onto. The waterfalls along the way are Gorgeous!

this trail was covered in blowdowns and poorly blazed in parts. at times it was difficult to find the trail and I've never has to second guess myself so much.

views were beautiful, and terrain was very similiar to high peaks without the elevation in parts.

Hiked sleeping beauty today. Trail was a little wet in spots as is typical. Views were beautiful. The trail is moderate by comparison with its neighbors Black and Buck especially if you can park at Dacey clearing. That shortens the hike by about 3 miles. Although the road fromHoggs Town parking to the trail head is very nice in winter when closed. Great views, beautiful scenery just challenging enough.

Actually icy spots on the trail today. Time to start getting the winter gear in the pack. Very enjoyable hike. Some steeps but not too long. Great views from the tower. The communication towers nearby detract from the natural beauty although it is nice to have a signal.

Not to difficult of a hike and the view is breath taking.

Fantastic view from overlook. Relatively rocky trail. Definitely moderate or harder.

Great view. Worth the trip. Fall is spectacular

Muddy but worth it! Glad I was wearing boots. Drove to Dacy trailhead to avoid hiking the road...so now I have another reason to get my Jeep. Take it slow and you'll be fine, though.

This was my first actual summit. Ever. I was absolutely ready to turn around and go right back up when I saw the registration box. I really didnt want to leave...I'm officially hooked.

Awesome hike but would say more difficult than some of the high peaks, need to be in aerobic shape for sure

2 months ago

Great hike. I couldn't see much of anything on the top of Peaked Mountain yesterday, but I didn't mind... the Brook trail (filled with marshes and lush beauty) made my day : ) It was a nice change of pace to hike a trail not entirely made up of rocks too... some of them got slippery approaching the summit though, so next time I'll pick a day when it's not raining to see the view : )

Other than the rather anticlimactic summit due to cloud cover, it was the perfect day to get out there! Foliage was beautiful, and the hike was a nice rewarding challenge with the wet and mud!

I am not an avid hiker and agree with the moderate rating for a novice, mostly due to the terrain of rocks and roots. Lots of dogs and kids on this well traveled trail. It was quite wet and muddy so boots are a must. Too cloudy for a view today, but still was an awesome experience being in a cloud with the wind and mist swirling around you. Will be back on a sunny day

I would call this an easy hike. It was very muddy with a lot of standing water. Didn’t see any views due to the cloud cover. Will definitely hike this again in better weather.

Wonderful trail that is well kept. The views are amazing...peak to lake, there's nothing like it with medium effort.

2 months ago

Magnificent rock formations! Also if you continue hiking around you will come to a trail marked with blue paint that eventually leads to a waterfall. Nice views of the Schorahie Valley from the top of the rocks.

Easy hike if you hike to and from Sleeping Beauty from inner parking lot. If you want to add some interest, go via Bump’s Pond which is pretty Trail. We have had a bit of rain so there was a lot of standing water and mud on upper parts of Trail (I wouldn’t wear sneakers)

Fairly easy hike, clearly visible trail with a very rewarding view of Lake George.

I loved this trail! It was tougher than I thought after reading its only 2 miles...ha ha. But the view was more than worth it! Amazing sunset from above!!!

One of the hardest and most rewarding of the non-46er hikes in the Adirondacks. Our second time doing this loop. We had the trail to ourselves (we encountered no one the entire hike) on a mid-September Monday.

We hiked the loop clockwise (only first half of the hike was recorded). I was engaged in deep conversation with my partner and missed the cutoff for the southern range and added started climbing Fivemile Mountain before discovering my mistake and backtracking to the obvious intersection where we continued to Fifth Peak lean-to and lookout, and then on to French Point Mountain (best views), and First Peak.

While on French Point Mountain, we were eating our lunch when a male bald eagle soared up the eastern cliff on a thermal and passed right overhead. He was joined by two juveniles and/or females a few seconds later. Awe-inspiring to say the least. On our descent from First Peak, I encountered my first eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake! It rattled at me before slithering into the tall grass on the side of the trail. It was at least 4" in diameter and probably 4 or 5 feet long. It was sunning on the rocky part of the trail where tall grass grows right next to the trail.

We reached the junction that leads to Montcalm Point and I left my partner napping while I lowered myself into the cool waters of Lake George. I rejoined my partner and we hiked the 5+ miles out in about 2.5 hours that seemed to last forever. Total distance estimated at 14.5 miles (including error on the ridge and excursion to Montcalm Point) and time was 8h 45m.

The first time hiking a “Hard” trail. The experience was really amazing. We did it clock wise. The scenery is awesome. You could see lots of small animals and walking in it is comfortable. Some places is very rocky and steep, and I think it is not good for kids and young children. We started at red mark and then blue all to the end.
The only thing that we feel a little “bad” is that it is easy to get lost. We were planning to our route but lost twice. We met another couple who was here the second time and they got lost either. So, it is not a bad thing to be careful about this.
The trail although was suppose to be 12.6miles provided by AllTrails, we and other people we met all think that the actual distance is about 15miles maybe. Therefore, be well planned and plan more time before you start.
Another important thing is that please bring enough water and food. Really recommend some functional drinks instead of just water to keep electrolyte balance, and some digestible food. Also, recommend wear long trousers instead of shorts. The sun is not strong while waking because of those tall lefy trees, so don’t worry too much about burned.
Have to mention another thing. If by any chance you have emergency, call 911 and they will rescue you but it is better to try your best to walk down the mountain and by the river. They have boats and will pick you up in 30-60min. They will not charge you and they are really really helpful and kind people. (Don’t ask me how I know this,haha).
It was a unforgettable experience here. I hope everyone will enjoy it and please take care of yourselves.

Trail: Generally good condition, very long, especially the last (flat) 5.2 miles. If you’ve hiked any of the Adirondack High Peaks, you’ll find the trail conditions a dream - there are some rocky sections and two rather steep, sketchy, short descents, but much of the trail is pine duff. Plan on this being an all-day hike. I recorded 13.8 miles and 3120' from the trail register.

Views: Outstanding, each peak has better views than the last. Open, grassy summits provide the best views of Lake George to be found, French Point Mountain and First Peak are not to be missed.

Water: There are zero water sources on the trail until you get to the lake at mile 8.6. I went through 3.5 liters just to get to the lake on a sunny, 80 degree day. At that point I could filter. On the final leg from the lake back to the trailhead, plan on 1 to 1.5 liters. I’d bring at least 3 liters and a filter, or a minimum of 4 liters with no filter.

Camping: 150ft off the trail and 150ft from any water source. Please obey this. No one wants to see your fire pit on the summits. There is a lean-to on the first summit (Fifth Peak) that is in good condition.

Misc: Spotted one very large Timber Rattlesnake, 5-6’ (mid-September).

3 months ago

Nice view, trail up the mountain is a bit eroded

3 months ago

Very gradual until the top with lots of spots for the dog (or humans) to swim on a hot day. Great views! Somewhat crowded by the thirteenth lake area. Our dog hikes often, and I know some said their dogs couldn’t make it all the way. Our Aussie/husky 50 lb medium dog had no issues on this one, but smaller or less agile dogs may have a tougher time.

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