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Just a quick walk but a beautiful little spot.

Beautiful hike. Hardly saw anyone else on trail. A bit confusing when you get closer to the waterfall but we were able to find a nice shady spot near the water.

Great hike. Many trails, easy to get off on a different path

Delightful hike through the aspen trees.

It's very easy hike. My two year old loved every minute of it. It's pretty and we loved the water fall.

Great Hike go early gets a little warm this time of year.

LOVED this hike. Took about 2.5 hours round trip and it was so worth it.

Beautiful views the entire way and access to water virtually whole time courtesy of a stream running alongside the trail. At least 3/4 of the trail is sand so took little longer than usual. Not much tree coverage so expect to be exposed to the elements. But the falls are oh so pretty! Refreshing dip on a hot day.

This is an awesome trail for a quick hike.

Anyone giving this a bad review probably just has a bad attitude.

The falls are beautiful, and there are some great views.

Sunday afternoon was a great time to do this. I only ran into a few people.

I have gone on this trail several times and each time, the lake never disappoints. It is rather hilly but is a wonderful experience with amazing views of the mountains and some meadows! I would highly recommend it!

did this hike today. very steep in places very beautiful wooded hike with the sound of the river always near and the falls at the end was amazing. well worth the hike.

Nice little hike. There are more wildflowers and clearer lakes on the south side of the canyon, though.

This is one of my most favorite hikes.

Short and sweet! There are a lot of bridges to help you along the way and make it easier for your kids.

The lake was really low and not too exciting. Seeing the lake at the end of Beartrap Fork is a better view. The best part of my hike was watching two bull moose eating about 8 feet away from the trail. A female moose was down below them keeping an eye on me and a buck was running around, probably away from me.

It was hot going but the water was cold. Was a great hike.

Fun hike! We went mid-day and we're grateful to have some occasional shade. I would recommend doing this hike in the morning when it is not as hot. The waterfall is definitely worth it when you get there!

easy hike. the directions took us to a culdesac tho? the hike actually starts at the park next door to the lds church. we did the loop where the waterfall was supposed to be as well and i never saw anything? lol maybe i was too busy talking or theres not much left this time of year?

Beautiful wild flowers! And saw a badger right off the trail.

There are a lot of badgers

20 days ago

Beautiful hike but the first 1/2 mike was all up hill. Saw a moose and a gopher snake.

We went up in a counterclockwise direction, going up the right fork (steeper side) and coming down the left. Somehow the alltrails gpx map (we did download it into gaia before going as the cell signal is weak here) doesn't show the last switchback on the left side of the trail (alltrails map doesn't show a true loop), and shows going over the river and going back down a part of the steep part. I'm a little surprised the alltrails map is not accurate as this trail is very well traveled. We got here at about 7am on a Sunday. There were several cars parked on the roadside, and several campers/hammock campers in the trail already. We rested at the top and enjoyed the scenery, so came down by 10am. The trail definitely got busy by this time.

Great hike the day after upper Red Pine lakes. A bit easier, nevertheless, a challenging two days. Hope everyone’s okay on Red/White Pine. Cops had trailhead closed earlier today. We looped over to Dog Lake coming down & recommend the same.

Hiked solo and not enough people for me to feel safe. The hike was pretty but I started the loop around the lake to the right and was essentially walking in marsh land until I couldn’t find a defined trail anymore.

Did this on 25Jul18. (5th time I've done this) Waited out a thunderstorm and the trail had puddles in some spots. A portion of the trail close to the falls was washed out and there are a couple of rocks to hop on in the river, to get across. Also falls were fuller than I've ever seen them. Roaring, really. Amazing as always hike.

Incredible views! Stunning evening hike, beautiful all around, with the perfect amount of challenge!

A nice hike to a quiet lake. The trail itself is pleasant with a mixture of low, moderate, and steep inclines throughout. We were passed by 2 mountain bikers and several hikers coming up as we were descending. Definitely worth checking out.

good first hike solo

mountain biking
24 days ago

I was planning on mountain biking the Pipeline Trail because I read that it was a good beginner trail and I hadn't been on my bike in a few years. What the site I read didn't tell me was that I had to ride UP Rattlesnake Gulch to get to Pipeline. I moved here a few months ago from Houston which is virtually sea level and needless to say, that combined with not having been on my bike for a few years, I was totally UNABLE to ride my bike up Rattlesnake Gulch. I ended up walking my bike up almost a mile and when I saw a very narrow part of the trail that had a rock wall on one side and steep drop on the other, I decided as accident prone as I sometimes am that it would not be safe for me to walk my bike on that portion of trail, so I turned around and walked my bike almost all the way downhill because of the loose rocks......I rode it down the last hundred or so feet when the trail was more packed dirt.

As a hike only, it would probably have been okay if I hadn't had to push a bike up it, but as a biker, you definitely need to be in better shape than I am to ride up this trail. Maybe next year, I'll be better able to conquer this one!

On the plus side, it was partially shaded on the way up but not too many places to stop and rest if needed.

Great in the fall during the Nebo loop.

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