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Beautiful Fall foliage!

Not a bad hike at all! Went by quickly, got a beautiful view at the top, and had an opportunity to see some changing leaves, too. Took my small dog along with me, saw lots of other pets on the trail.

road biking
16 days ago

It’s fine


easy, nice hike. the views at the top are worth it. we went with little kids and they did ok. give yourself extra time to hang out at the house of dreams at the end. I would not use a stroller. too much gravel and you would be pushing forever. we used a child carrying backpack and it worked great. took us one hour to get down walking at a normal brisk pace. took maybe 1.5 hours to get up.

Good hike

27 days ago

Nice views as you walk along the water.

Took my little dog out, wanted a short, fun hike and that is what we got. We saw a couple other cars/people in the parking lot but no one else while out on the trail. The path to the trail loop is only very slightly grown over and is still clearly visible, and the trail itself is well marked and easy to follow.

29 days ago

Rocky trail and a good climb - but the view is worth it!

The view at the top is gorgeous!

Real fun trail with a fun mixture of paths.

1 month ago

Very nice trail. A bit rocky so wear good shoes or boots. The left (teal) Trail is rockier and steeper incline to the overlook. We added the East Loop for a full 5 miles. You get to climb twice

1 month ago

a very awesome trail I have son the loop. Going back to do the how trail from DSP to 35falls can't wait.

1 month ago

Great somewhat easy to moderate trail with a nice incline. Be safe during wet weather as rocks are slippery.

2 months ago

Good hike, if you start the west loop going to the left it’s a steeper climb , the right side its an gradual elevation. Regardless good either side.

2 months ago

Hike was wonderful. 4.8 miles total hike. Around 740ft in elevation. Graveled trail. Gravel sizes ranged from dime size to baseball size. There are some areas on the trail that are dirt flat. My wife and I also brought our three small children. Ages 8,3 and 10 months. We used our Graco stroller. We strongly suggest to use strollers with bigger rubber wheels, to help maneuver through gravel. Getting to the House of Dreams is very rewarding for this hike. The tower, house, pergola and garden, compliments the beautiful views. To beat the dark on the trail, try to leave the House of Dreams at sunset. We left a little later around 7:30, so the trail lighting was getting tough with 3/4 to half a mile left to go coming off the trail. Love the hike, love the nature, LOVED the views but most importantly LOVED being with my family on this trail.

it was as great. took the entire family ages 6,9,12,36,32. we all are different levels of fit and was able to do this with ease. even the dog loved it. great places to get in to cool off too

Easy walk best done in the evening when it is cooler. Saw lots of people, families out walking.

2 months ago

Nice trail, beautiful summit. Be careful of snakes, I stepped on a garter snake.

We are beginners and had a rough hike up... it’s pretty steep in some places, but once we got to the top it was definitely worth it... great view, a nice place to chill and catch your breath and take some pics... the hike down is quick and easy and we sometimes caught ourself in a little run because of the steepness of it... but it was a really good time, this weather was amazing, go now!

Nice workout

Very pretty and enjoyable hike.

Very challenging and love the hike

3 months ago

As my phone had no service and I used the trail map provided by the park, my experience was not what I was expecting. This hike was not difficult, and it was similar to the hiking in Oklahoma around Stillwater, the change in incline was less than I experience in Kansas walking to the river from my house.

on Pine Mountain Trail

4 months ago

Liked the hike, but could have been marked better along the way how far away you’re from the parking lot, etc.

4 months ago

A good alternative to Kennesaw Mtn, which gets crowded at times. I like the more strenuous trails and this one provides a good workout. Nice view from top. East loop can also be used for MTB, but you better be in good shape.

5 months ago

Excellent trail. Completed both the east and west loops, as well as all side trails. This made it an enjoyable 8.5 miles in all. Nice mix of elevation changes that provided a real workout. Well-marked and maintained. Highly recommend.

Great trail, well marked and easy to add distance for a more challenging hike. Pay attention (or snap a pic) of the trailhead map to help plan your course. Moderate fits the trail well, with its rising and falling inclination and weaving course.

Nice, short, family-friendly hike. Easy parking and lots of people. We hammocked near the summit and enjoyed a lazy afternoon.

The trail itself was beautiful especially by the river but there are A LOT of ticks. I highly recommend you and your dogs are treated for ticks before tackling this hike. The trail head actually begins in the state park just beyond the lodge and cabins.

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