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love this hike so much! the views are amazing and the balconies are a nice touch to the hike. something different and exciting!

We walked this trail, including Bear Gulch Cave/Reservoir trails and it totalled 18.5kms. A beautiful day out. It took 6 hrs but we stopped for 30 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes watching Condors and several minutes chatting, so 5 hrs walking time say. This park is so different after Yosemite and Sequoia but still beautiful! We drank 2 litres each but it was November and 22C as a high. The tight narrow part was no problem for my wife, who hates steep drop offs. A very good trail with cut steps and hand rails.
Highly recommend.

Great hike. Did it in CCW direction and took the spur at the end to the reservoir. Tried to do caves on way back to car but chickened out. I’m 6’4” and claustrophobic. Thankfully there was an obvious bypass trail close by to go around caves!

9 days ago

The hike has a total of 14 river crossing to just get to the trail head. We took a non 4 wheel drive vehicle and made it. You do have to take the river crossing super slow otherwise the water will splash on the battery and you’ll have to wait to let it dry before your car will start (Found out the hard way). We only hiked to the big falls and then turned around. GPS was a little off and it is closer to 3.6 miles for the entire hike. This time of year the hike had no water from the falls but the river had a little bit of water. Overall great hike if you’re willing to drive through the crossings.

Great hike today. Wide trails

Great trail with incredible views! Started on the Avila Beach side and the hike goes over to Shell Beach. Cool little surprise at the tree swings. The views and trees up here are just incredibly. The beauty is unsurpassed. The initial 1-2 miles are incredibly steep and then it evens out along the ridge. I saw many day hikers just doing this in normal athletic shoes but I wore my hiking boots and I’m glad I did. It’s a dog friendly trail as well and pretty heavily trafficked.

12 days ago

There was more wildlife in one area than I had ever experienced!

A lovely hike. We came in mid-June and, originally, thought that we'd do the whole loop, continuing along the High Peaks Trail. By around noon, however, the hot weather started to get to us, so we decided to call it a day and hike down through the Condor Gulch instead.
For how short this loop is, it really does offer an outstanding taste of what Pinnacles are all about - lovely views most of the way and we even saw 4 condors - one soaring overhead and three sitting in a gulch in the Condor Gulch.
Highly recommended!

15 days ago

This trail is moderate probably only because of the incline. But beginner to moderate would be more accurate. The trail is clearly maintained and is more like a dirt service road. After a short but steep hike you are greeted with one of the better views I have seen on the central coast. On a good day you can see from San Luis bay to the pismo dunes. Well worth it

I didn’t find it very challenging, but it was still a very peaceful hike. There’s views of the ocean and the mountains. I would definitely recommend this trail.

Great little unique trail. Pack enough water. And be prepared to scramble on rocks through narrow trail.

21 days ago

Good hike, my 13 year old dog was able to reach the tippy top with me. We went clockwise and were bombarded with high noon sun... hike would have been a little easier if it weren’t for the heat (still not too bad, late October). The hike down was mostly shade.

Really awesome trail! Well maintained and not as strenuous as expected. I stopped multiple times for ten plus minutes and still made the loop in less than five hours. Great trail!

Though it was upwards of 90 degrees, there is ample tree cover on the lower part of the trail. Towards the peak, amazing views across the valley and on the off-chance, able to catch a glance of the 40~ California Condors flying around! Overall, a very good hike for beginner to intermediate hikers!

25 days ago

Good hike, I’m feeling the leg soreness and shin splints two days later... Incline the entire way up but didn’t seem bad if you pace yourself and take breaks. Parking sucks. Sycamore Springs is a pretty pretentious place and absolutely does monitor who parks there. They told me to go to the Bob Jones lot which added at least 30 minutes to the overall hike. I think I spent a total of a 1.5-2 hrs for the hike from the parking lot to the top of hill, and making the loop back down. I did take some breaks for my 14 yr old dog and hid a couple of geocaches as well. I did not like the part of the hike where you have to walk through the resort property... weird.

So the reviews made here were very useful in completing my hike yesterday. We carried enough water for the 9 mile trek. Insects were not a problem like they were in summer. We started out early in West parking area, 35 degrees so we hit the trial fast to warm up. Midweek was a great time to go, saw less than a handful, not including a school group at the caves. Luckily they had all just gone through and we had the caves to ourselves which was a first. When we got to the High Peaks it was warmer and sunny. This is a truly awesome not to be missed hike, should have led with this. Go for the views especially of the Peaks with the mountain backdrop. In some spots on this trail, you can experience what the "Sounds of Silence" are as this hike will take you there.
We were able to see a California Condor up close next to the trail which was awesome.

Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFO02nxPdM4-CabegFIPlow?view_as=subscriberGreat trip to see the peaks.

1 month ago

Very good trail. Awesome views and narrow trail section that makes you pay attention to your footing. Makes you feel like your rock climbing to a point. Overall the trail is smooth and not too steep. Usually crowded during peak times. I would stay away in the summer it gets way too hot. Best in spring when the flowers are plentiful. Be sure to stop along the way and soak up the views.

Did this hike in the direction shown on All Trails and I thought it was nice for this time of year (Oct). Not too hot in Condor and i liked the direction we took up the steps and down the switchbacks. Views were amazing. Fun times with the carved steps and rails with my 5-year old. Saw two tarantulas and three condors. Nice day.

1 month ago

Fantastic hike! It is steep the entire way up, but extremely rewarding once you reach the top! Bring water!

Moderate hike with very beautiful views. Go through the bear Gulch caves for bonus experience. It is not shown in this all trails map.

Beautiful views, quiet, can get really hot... overall great experience.

Almost had the place to myself. Went counter clockwise. Outstanding views from the peaks. Caves were awesome. I was the contractor who built the West visitor Center, and had never hiked anything in the park until today. Special day!

1 month ago

A bit challenging for sure but the swing and the view from the top makes it worth it. I will do again.

Mostly doing flat land trails in Austin this is fantastic change. Beautiful views all the way up, if no marine layer obviously. I've seen folks from 6 to 86 on this trail. As a side note, I lost my wallet on the trail. After realizing later, we went back and found it by a billboard fully intact. Folks here are top notch. As a plus, multiple breweries within 2 miles once you're done. Enjoy!

High Peaks Condor Gulch Trail parking at Bear Gulch area then onto Bear Gulch Trail thru caves, and then onto the high peaks can be an e moderate hike depending on conditions, and the views are spectacular of the surrounding hills and valleys. This hike of High Peaks Condor Gulch Trail in Pinnacles National Park is well worth doing, great all year long. This video was shot on the relatively wide trail of Eastern side of the Peaks, so very little of both ticks and Poison oak as hazards if you don't get too close to the sides or go off trail. Lots of wildlife if you look for it. It was very hot, so carry lots of water. Take binoculars to see the Condors close up.
A Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

Do this hike clockwise as suggested. Its easier because there is zero shade on the Condor gulch side. It was 94 when we went and it was probably like 104 up by the rocks. Bring a good amount of water. I brought 2 liters and drank every drop of it.

All of it was worth it. But in the heat it is hard. Expect condors, spectacular rock formations, and breathtaking views and and interesting stretch of climbing up and through narrow pathways and man made rock ladders. Definitely didn't disappoint. We loved it.

Such a fun trail! Great views at the top, and lots of fun things to play on. I had to keep an eye out for mountain bikers, but they were very respectful in sharing the trails. Its not too strenuous, but still enough to feel like you got a workout. I really enjoyed this loop.

Good hike not hard the elevation gain is spread out over two miles. It was overcast the day I hiked so I didn’t have much of a view from the top.

Did this trail today and it’s only 2 miles up and back to the top where the bell is. Elevation Gail is 1,152. It’s a mile of UP! Coming down is no joke be careful or you will end up on your a$$. But incredible views at the top.

Lots of foot traffic but doesn't distract from the beauty

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