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This was an amazing weekend, beautiful weather! My husband, 3 dogs and I had a marvelous time. I'm sooo glad we did this! I think it is a must do.

1 day ago

I just returned from a very upsetting hike at Pulpit Rock. I can only hope the people involved will see this and choose to reach out, although I realize it's highly unlikely.

I reached the rock with my leashed dog to find a large group of people with about 10+ unleashed dogs. They all came circling back and forth around me and my pet and one dog began to growl and attacked my dog causing several lacerations on her face and eye area.

I should have stayed and gotten information from the people at fault, but I was far too upset, didn't want to risk further injury to my pet, and knew i had to make it down nearly 2 miles to take my dog to the vet. As a responsible pet owner, I am fed up with people's inability to follow the law and leash their pets on this trail.

Everyone thinks their dog is too well behaved to need a leash, but the rules are in place for a reason. I just incurred a hefty bill and nightmare afternoon that could have been avoided had this group of people simply kept their pets leashed.

The hike itself is wonderful, but the popularity of this site means there are many, many people there. Today it was my dog that was attacked, but next time it could be a person or child. Unfortunately, I no longer feel safe hiking this trail due to the entitled nature of those who frequent it.

If anyone was present today, please contact me at chaye405@gmail.com. I did not get any information from the people involved.

Love the temperature. 50°F. Did not like all the rocks. Tried to run down the hill and hurt my ankle. There were Many dogs, I love that! Good view at the top, but only trees and rocks everywhere else. Did not see any wild animals. Disappointed. Over all a good hike, though!

Amazing scenery! Unique views the whole way.

on Maple Pass Trail

1 day ago

Well worth the trip. Wonderful views around every corner.

Definitely recommended for families and friends. Moderate hike

Beautiful hike, for most of it I felt like we were on a nice stroll but then we came to a steep cliff that everyone was shuffling across/down. You definitely need grippy hiking boots or shoes. We have hiked around most of this country in sneakers from Target and have never once had an issue. This is the first time we truly felt we needed hiking boots. The rocks were so slippery. A woman mentioned it might have been from the recent rain. A wonderful man helped me down and a couple other guys helped us both. We ended up going down barefoot bc our sneakers had no grip. We did the full loop. This cliff was part of the primitive trail. Great hike - wear proper shoes.

3 days ago

We stopped at random and found this trail off the highway. We only hiked about 2 miles in and had to turn back due to time issues- but those 2 miles were filled with beautiful forest scenery.. something from a fairytale. Those 2 miles I would list as moderate hiking- note we didn’t hike the whole trail.

5 days ago

Really good view, really steep. Good warm up for upper bells reservoir in my opinion. West slabs scramble is a lot more adventurous, but couldn’t find anywhere to rate.

Another trail that needs better marking. All trails map was also unclear after reaching the Pinnacle. Pretty outlook. Very rocky so good hiking shoes help.

One of the top hikes I've ever done! In late September, the fall colors were mesmerizing and there was no ice on the trail. We took a counterclockwise loop and were treated to amazing views almost the whole way! On the advice of a ranger, we did not go to Lake Anne because the views are more enclosed. We did take the side trip to Rainy Lake to have lunch on a bench just before heading back to the car and it was beautiful. The total hike (8.4 mi) took us about 3:40.

Suuuper steep but 100% worth the view. One of my favorite hikes of all time.

It’s hard but rewarding!!!

What else can I say! National treasure

Probably the most beautiful hikes ever.
Autumn colours magnificent with the white paint of fresh snow thickening during the accent . Ice was a problem at times especially on the more exposed cliff track . Always enquire when micro spikes might be needed for safety and knee relief.
Not too taxing physically, a good burn taking 4 to 5 hours return , anti clockwise would be my advice .
This place has all the variable beauty nature can provide.

8 days ago

September 29, 2108. What an amazing hike. I went up clockwise to avoid the steep downhill grade on my knees. From the time I parked, to using the restroom, to arriving back at my car, I hiked 9.3 miles. I met a great trail buddy at the top from Seattle named Sean. We came across a bear on the trail downhill. Had our bear spray handy but didn’t need to use it. I wished I had a hat and gloves for the top of the trail as it was quite breezy and cold. Breathtaking views from both sides of the loop. Fall colors were brilliant. I would definitely hike this trail again next fall.

Being afraid of heights, having to walk on two fins on this hike was probably the scariest part. Other than that, the hike was very manageable (easy-moderate rather than hard imo) for a scaredy-cat like me. It was windy at some parts too so hold on to your hats if you need! There were many people we saw that did the trail, from kids to elderly couples so don’t be afraid to do it! 4 stars only because it’s a heavily trafficked trail in the middle of the day. Views of arches, fiery furnace, and walking between canyons made this hike very worth it to me.

8 days ago

Great time of year to go. Wild temp change from sweating hot to super cold towards summit. Definitely exhausted at the end but totally worth it. Didn’t actually need that much water. 1 liter this time of year was good for me. Friend took the wrong path near top so be sure to stick to the trail. You reached the top when you find the black mailbox.

9 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike!! Went yesterday.. snowed the entire time. Didn’t have any issues until about a half mile from the top of the loop. I’d recommend micro-spikes for sure. Other than the snow, the trail was pretty damp and muddy. Going counter clockwise was great for my bad knees! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

Great hike and very fun bouldering inside the cave at the pinnacle.

it was cool to see all these arches in a single hike, they're all quite different. it was worth checking out dark angel and hiking the primitive trail as there were less people around as most turn back after seeing 'double o' or even earlier. another hiker warned me of a snake on the primitive trail, didn't see anything though.

13 days ago


Great hike. Start early if the weather is good. It does get crowded. Didn't have any issue keeping on trail.

14 days ago

Did this hike yesterday and it was so worth it to see the view at the top! It’s defiently a harder hike with a steady incline. On Sunday not many were using the trail and it was cloudy so it was a great day to go. Only thing was you start getting into some steepness and straight rock climbing the last little bit. It was also crazy windy so just prepare for it. I’m sore now but I will do it again!

15 days ago

We went clockwise. As a beginner hiker, I found it strenuous to climb to the peak. Return was easy. Great views of sorrounding peaks, fall colours and the lakes(Rainy and Ann). The descent felt easy although long. Carry layers and gloves.

Spotted two playful black bears from long distance during the start of descent.

15 days ago

Real steep but doable. There is some scrambling near the end on some pretty exposed rock. Take your time on this one, the views are worth the hike.

Went today and walked the whole thing barefoot. 55 degrees and cloudy were perfect conditions for this trail. Great cardio workout. Pure Michigan

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