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Perfect. Yak tracks or microspikes help but not required.

Went on a fresh snow day. It was stunning great views wildlife and moderate traffic. Under the snow there was packed ice but the drag snow kept the walk stable without having to wear spikes. Snowshoeers were out and about. I’d definitely do it again!

Fresh snow but I made it most of the way with spikes and poles. Just follow the power lines - but be careful, parts of the lines were covered in snow. About a mile up the snow got deep enough I decided not to try going farther.

Great hike for a bunch of us flatlanders (we are from RI)! Gorgeous day and views were awesome. Last 1/3 of hike up was in snow which made it challenging as well as the thrill of sliding down a few steep patches. Have driven by so many times; it was great to finally hike to the top.

Almost nothing but straight up and straight down the whole way. Just a few not too long flatter parts. I didn’t mind going up and didn’t find it too difficult. Going down was not so enjoyable, however. It took longer than anticipated having to be careful not to slip on the loose rock and dirt and by the end my legs were tired of the constant weight forced down on them with each step thanks to the steepness. I guess that’s why it’s rated difficult. My girlfriend who is afraid of heights was not a fan of the steepness, loose rock and dirt, and scrambling towards the top. Pretty extensive views of Denver, surrounding towns, and Rockies throughout, including 360 view at the peak, though honestly the view of the mountains at the peak wasn’t quite as beautiful as I was hoping. Some of the further peaks were covered by snow storm which may have affected that. Also FYI super windy as you go up. Little chilly at the top. I will probably try it again. No snow or ice as of today, 1/7.

10 days ago

We wanted to do the Mt. Zion Mtn bike but there wasn’t much signage so we ended up on part of this trail. Started at the trailhead with the porta-potties and went a total of 3 miles. Stopped at the mansion and the nature center for a few before heading back down. Parts of the trail had packed snow but basic hiking shoes worked well (went on 01/05/18). Our dog loved it, but we really wish more people would be responsible for picking up their pet’s waste. We never leave home without poo bags, they are so small and easy to grab! Also, as someone else said, lots of kids and people who weren’t actually hikers out on the trail. More busy than we would have liked. When there was a view it was amazing, we are glad we took this trail.

The hike itself is nice the terrain is good although some snow. This is a moderate hike with some great views definitely enjoyed it.
You can access the trail from different points so keep that in mind.

Great Mountain for training.

Good cardio hike near Denver. "Castle" is a bit of interesting history.

Well marked and nice scenery. Keep watch for cyclists.

19 days ago

This is a steep climb, not for the faint of heart. Took me almost 3 hours to get to treeline in snowshoes and I'm not going to brag about my physical condition. Unfortunately I called it at treeline due to inclement weather and a late start. A very challenging hike and worth the sweat. Not a casual hike.

Great hike a half hour outside of Denver. Challenging right out of the gate with occasional scrambling near the top. Hiked this trail yesterday. Spectacular views the whole way.

Amazing views of Denver as well as other mountains in the distance. There were a few people on the trail (We went Christmas Day). There was ice, so please prepare accordingly. This was my wife and my first moderate trail since moving to Colorado. It can be challenging, but it isn’t too bad if you go prepared with water, snacks, and shoes for the ice.

Some icy spots on Christmas Day.

Great trail, totally worth it when you get to the top. Looking forward to doing it again.

Short but challenging with great views.

really lovely views. steep but fun hiking. took us about an hour to the top and a bit less coming down.

I really enjoyed this hike, the views were wonderful

Definitely one of the more difficult trials I’ve climbed. The view was stunning and the workout was even better.

The trail is steep. Be prepared to stumble and loose footing. Wear shoes with lots of traction. It’s an adventure for sure.

The reviews don’t lie, this trail is hard. The way up is mainly an incline and the end of the trail is climbing up steep rocks. I ran into a lot of deer, and the trail was very peaceful and the view at the top was amazing. But be aware the way down is very slippery, and I lost my footing a few times. Worth the hike, but be mentally prepared for the challenge!

This was a perfect hike to get the burn I was seeking, along with the views and also saw plenty of deer, 1 nice buck. I clocked 5 miles and 2083 elevation gain... May have got a little side tracked checking out the deer. Super easy to get to the trailhead and easy to follow trail. Great hike and views if you’re looking to get a workout in. If you’re afraid of heights.... be careful. Very rocky, loose rocks and pretty much straight incline the entire way, loved it. Worth it!

This trail is HARD but very worth it. We saw everyone around us sliding and falling, so be careful! No ice/snow (surprising for december) but pretty biting winds near the peak. I would recommend a pole or two, though we went without just fine.

A great ball-buster of a hike. Love it!

Did this on 12/1/18. This trail is very difficult. I’d rather do Mt Evans 50 times before I ever do this again lol. It was worth it and had beautiful views at the top, but it was hard! The top scared me a little bit with how steep it was along with the scrambling, especially coming down, but I survived. No ice or anything since there hasn’t been a lot of snow.

Awesome trail. Love my AT APP.

I’ve hiked this trail multiple times. Was virtually empty today. You do need micro spikes to stay safe on the ice.

Pretty exposed to sun if it’s out. The trail was rocky, technical and a steep incline off the bat but became more smooth down the line. Great views from the top!

Beautiful views on this trail! There is lots of ice on it right now but many ways to walk around it.

1 month ago

Great hike on Thanksgiving Day. Went up to the falls and a bit beyond but there wasn’t a clearly defined trail and my GPS wasn’t cooperating so instead of snowshoeing our way around, we just turned back. Beautiful day to hike. Traction devices for your boots would be helpful but not completely needed. Snowshoes would certainly be necessary to reach the lake.

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