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Response to post below concerned about little boys carving names in teepee on Horse Thief Falls trail: I was there yesterday, saw the teepee and several marks made by past hikers. The teepee is not sacred, looks like it was made by someone with some time on their hands, using dead wood from the surrounding area.

Carving names into something that's not alive, nor an artifact, is not akin to harming live trees. One could make the same argument about whomever built the teepee in the first place. Shouldn't that person have been equally aghast about that?

I'm glad she didn't scold the mom in front of her little boys. We all have personal opinions and are usually better off keeping them to ourselves. Rating the trail as a 4 due solely to a personal reaction to someone else's behavior is no reflection on the quality of the trail. It is lovely and serene!

While not evident at first glance, the trail continues beyond the series of falls for a while. Absolutely beautiful!

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18 days ago

This trail sucks, stay away!

I requested an edit to the trail description. From the trail head (adjacent to the trail head for segment 4 of the Colorado trail) to Wigwam trail, a hike travels about 6.4 miles. That was the information from the forest service and that was my experience on the hike (12.8 miles round trip). The first three miles are rolling and pretty. Most of the creeks were dry. I saw some camping spots at Rolling Creek, which had plenty of water. From there, the trail begins a steep ascent over 2.5 miles to a nice saddle with camping, but no water that I found. The descent tow Wigwam trail was a touch washed out in places, but you're in the amazing Lost Creek Wilderness. There's some additional camping and water around the intersection of Rolling Creek Trail and Wigwam trail. I only encountered two groups on the trail after the first three miles (once it starts climbing). I saw more along the first three miles, which looked like a great little hike with nice views of the Castle. If you take Wigwam Trail up to Brookside-McCurdy and connect with CO Trail segment 4, you can hike back out for a nice 25 mile loop.

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21 days ago


27 days ago

Very cool trail.. it gets your heart rate up for sure. It’s well marked, easy to follow. We continued to pancake rocks and enjoyed the amazing views there. My 9 year old did it with no problems.

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1 month ago

Likely the best MTB trail on the front range if ridden clockwise. Incredible really.

Hike 5: Horsethief Falls
Date: 10 Jul 18
Distance: 5 miles (out & back)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Notes: Located between Divide and Cripple Creek on Hwy 67. Rated as moderate on Alltrails but definitely on the easier side of moderate with the exception of the first section which is a bit steep. Being close to 10,000 feet elevation and carrying a 30lb toddler in a backpack definitely contributed to the difficulty though. Shouldn't take more than two hours for most we definitely took our time and explored. The falls were underwhelming but it can be expected since Colorado is so very dry right now. Great hike overall!
Check out the video I made on youtube:

Different type of beauty on this hike! Saw tons of animals (and remains of animals) and very few people. Chair rocks itself is cool and a very unexpected surprise as you can’t see it during the hike to it. The trail was a little challenging to find once you leave the Colorado trail- you actually have to go through a small opening in the fence about 0.5 miles away from the rocks. But otherwise very straightforward and interesting!

Fab trail. Lots of water features and views. My dogs loved it too!

1 month ago

Loved this hike. Did it on a Saturday afternoon. On the portion of the trail along the creek, I came across 4 or 5 groups camping by the river. Once the trail left the creek side and started heading uphill, I didn’t see another person on the way up or down.

The trail is physically challenging for a relatively short hike, and in places the trail is slippery due to a bit of gravel on hardpack in steep sections. Even though the trail is in an area with a lot of burned terrain, the trail itself is probably 90% in the shade, so not a bad option for a hot day.

Finding the arch is slightly tricky. They key is knowing that you have to go over the summit and down the dome a few hundred yards.

Follow the cairns once you leave the creek side trail and you should be fine.

1 month ago

The fairly level, rolling trail for 2.5 miles is a bit unique and nice. After that is a steady, steep climb up 3 miles to a saddle, which gave us the work out we wanted. It's all in a pretty forest with limited views but the granite outcrops that we did see were great. We saw about a dozen friendly people on a Saturday in August, so not bad for the crowds.

We lost a dog about a mile up on Matukat road on the way to the trail head. He is a Newfoundland black lab mix and his name is Milo. He has Colorado tags, if you find him please call the number on the tags.

1 month ago

Took my family(17, 16, 13 and 10 yo + 40lb dog) this afternoon. Spent a total of 3 hours with a few river breaks. It was warm but breezy. Bring bandanas and throw them in the river; they feel awesome on your neck while hiking. I would rate sections of it as easy(from TH to split about .75 miles in)but it definitely gets harder in places along the ridge as the trail gets narrower with crushed granite as the only footing with steep drops toward the river.

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1 month ago

Only did the section that overlaps with the Colorado trail - only a few mountain bikers on a Friday afternoon. Great rolling hills, tree coverage, a couple small aspen groves.

1 month ago

Most of the hike is actually on a mountainside and can be dangerous if you're not careful. Best advice: take it slow and enjoy the GORGEOUS VIEW!!! There will be a sign when you begin your hike, maybe a quarter mile in, go to your right. About a mile to a mile and half from there, you can find an area to climb down and reach the river. Have fun!!

It was a quick, easy hike. Like previous reviews say, it’s a little steep at first but after the first quarter mile or so it levels out. My 6 pound chihuahua hiked to the end with no problems. Highly recommended for out of towners.

I did see something on the trail that really upset me... I’ll post the pictures in the pictures of this trail. Towards the end of the trail, right before you get to the falls, there’s a giant tee-pee that someone put together. While walking up to the tee-pee, I see two boys standing at it, their Mom appears to be taking pictures while one of the boys is carving his name into the tee pee, and the other his initials! With the mom standing there, taking pictures of them doing it! I couldn’t help but say “Wow, really?” The Mom looked at me, and I highly considered saying something, but didn’t want to make a scene in front of her young boys.

If you feel the need to carve your name into a tree, or anything that was put out in NATURE for people to enjoy, then you are a JERK! Of course, the little boy doesn’t know better, so it’s his Mom that’s the jerk for allowing and encouraging something like this. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR NAME CARVED INTO TREES, or ANYTHING ELSE that’s on a nature trail!!

Now the beautiful tee-pee at that’s the end of the trail will forever have IAN and MC carved into it! The other boy’s initials, that are under Ian’s, aren’t as big and noticeable, but still there. This will probably encourage others who are just as ignorant to carve their names in it as well, and before you know it that beautiful tee pee is going to have names carved all over it and be ruined :(

HAVE RESPECT, and teach your kids respect, or STAY HOME! You can let your kids carve whatever they want into the trees or anything else on YOUR property!!

End rant. I really hope the Mom reads this. This was also the only reason I gave the trail 4 stars.

2 months ago

Beautiful canyon hike.

I started around 11am and finished around 3pm. The trail will split past the sign and you can either take the high trial above the water or the low trail by the water edge.

Misleading to call portions of this easy. In fact found myself in one or two extremely difficult/hard spots where I questioned if I was going to fall a hundred feet into the river. I'd say I was in a bind at one point up there with the most difficult hiking. Eventually got to a point on the lower trail that was off the trail by accident. At one point it was very slippery with gravel and there was little to nothing to hold onto. Be warned if you get off the upper trail that it is not safe to try and get back up to the trail. Once you are off trail by the waterline it is easy to get lost. It gets steep and treacherous and at one point I considered swimming back and in the river because where I was at was literally a cliffface straight down. Luckily i didn't fall and was able to basically crawl back up but almost did fall and having a backpack didn't help either.

Also be warned that the rocks by the river are slippery and it's easy to lose balance. After finding the upper trail it seemed to me to just taper off although i thought i saw the trial continue, however it became extremely steep and the loose gravel i didn't risk falling so i turned around.

Positives: Great views, especially the upper trail on the way back.

Negatives: Saw used, discarded hypodermic needles right off path on upper trail (hard to miss since the syringes and orange plastic did not belong out there). Felt extremely grossed out by this. Extremely DISTURBING to say the least both the fact people are shooting up out there and the fact they just left their used, hazardous TRASH. Disgusting.
>>>Would have given 5 stars except for the hazardous needles (pack in pack out / LEAVE NO TRACE is basic hiking etiquette) and dangerous conditions when you get off trail by accident.

Very nice trail, very easy, beautiful. A little steep at first but then real easy. I would do this trail again.

2 months ago

I took my 3 teenage kiddos today. It was hot(we left later than planned). It beautiful, scenic and full of small critters. Great time and plenty of trees to get into shade. We will go back again and again. Only draw back was people left their dog doo doo bags on the side of the trail or didnt even pick up in some areas.

Tough workout, worth it to scramble over some big rocks and see a great vista. Would do again. True story, the trail is at times hard to figure out, but we followed the cairns, and our GPS when needed, got us there just fine.

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2 months ago

2 months ago

Nice trail with some shade. Parking lot at the trailhead does fill quickly. There are some areas that have been washed out and can be tricky. Approximately .75 miles in, you will come to a sign about the trail, canyon, and river. You can split away from the upper trail there to go down to the river. Be warned that trail along the river is difficult in areas, and is definitely not kid or novice hiker friendly. Stay to the upper trail for an easy hike with great views.

We came hiking here with two five year olds and two out of towners not fully adjusted to elevation. Hike was a lot in the first bit of the trail but we made it up in a little more than an hour with down in close to 45 mins. Very doable for all types of hikers.

2 months ago

Great hike! Not too challenging but the scenery was great. Lost of people fly fishing. Our dogs loved playing in the water!

2 months ago

Just go, it's worth it.

Amazing trail, only went in 2 miles, to a sweet campsite then scrambled down to the river. Perfect quick afternoon hike

on Two Towers

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2 months ago

Great Jeep trail for enjoying Colorado scenery. Trails are not rock crawl worthy by any means, but there are a few challenging spots. This was a weekday trek with very light ATV traffic, but based on the trail ruts this is probably a high traffic area on the weekends considering its proximity to CO Springs. 2014 JKU Oscar Mike 2-1/2” lift, ran 25 psi and in 4 low for bit just to keep the speed down and ease for the steeper grades. Nice old structures to experience on one part. Nice Forest Service trail map board and maps for the taking if they didn’t run out. Recommend stand alone GPS unit as cell service is spotty at best. I used a Tom Tom which had all trails properly identified. Overall awesome trail for moderate off-roading and great scenery.

Just had an impromptu hike while driving to Cripple Creek. Was easy and fun for 5 year old and 6.5 year old boys.

Very beautiful, but we only went one mile in and back

Should be listed as an Easy trail. my 6 year old had no problem with it. Great for the family.

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