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Nice view of the lakes below

Not pretty, not hard. Won’t be back.

Fantastic Rocky Mountain hike . This is my first hike in this area ! I am impressed !
It was hard trail to the lake but well worth!

We had a blast. I think it is more along the lines of moderate with the last half mile difficult. there are several down trees along the trail. there is a stack of rocks where you make your final right turn to head up to the lake. the sign is there but not very well marked. the lake is beautiful and cold. the fish weren't biteing for us but we saw others catching some. moose were spotted at the lake and on the trail.

4 days ago

Backpacked from Hancock Lake trailhead to Boss Lake trailhead. Hancock lake is a beautiful alpine lake! The pass up behind the lake is very steep, but not incredibly long. Amazing views from the top! It marks the halfway point for the Colorado Trail Collegiate West, and boy is it pretty!

7 days ago

Ended up here randomly after the line at Mitchel Lake was at least 30 deep and not moving to pay $10 to be crowded on that trail...

This was the first trail parking lot on the road to Rainbow lakes so I stopped around 2pm. This is a heavily forested hike that snakes upwards through several different layers of trees. I made it just past the 3.9 mark on the map before i turned around at 5pm. This was not a "Hard" hike by any means unless they were speaking of the length of the trail itself. This was the 23rd hike i did this season and I found this to be more "moderate." There were very few actual views through the trees and there is a site with ruins of some sort up by the environmental testing site. Lots of wood piles and old rusted metal cans and glass.

Minimal activity along trail. Secluded most of the hike.

Again seeing people just leave their bags of dog crap right along side the trail multiple times. Does someone come and pick this s-it up because it didn't seem like it. Why do people leave trash on the trail? Leave no trace? Disrespectful. Don't bring a dog if you can't clean up after your mess.

Was a good endurance hike. Would have gone further if i had started earlier. Gave it 3 stars because of the limited views and dog waste.

8 days ago

8/11/18 - Hiked this amazing trail. My Inreach Exploer tracked 14.0 miles. The trail is well marked until the last .25 miles or so. The last .25-ish mile is traversing up rocks. Very step is well worth it. Love it - lots to see along the way. Beautiful wild flowers, water falls and more. The lake is stunning. I will do this hike again for sure.

8 days ago

Ok, I feel like I need to "normalize" all the reviews here for this particular trail. It was a great trail and spectacular views, but even if you are in good shape this may be a workout and a half for you. Granted, we are from NY and not used to exercising at 10,000ft... you will notice the slight reduction in oxygen going up this hill. It took us a good 5 hours out and back with several stops to look at the views and a 30 min stop at the top for lunch. We met several other hikers that were having a tough time and one group quit just 30 min from the top. If you are not used to Colorado hiking, bring 2x the water you think you will need and snacks to get you through. Don't get me wrong, it was a great hike but the reviews here make it sound a lot easier than it is :)

Probably one of our favorite hikes ever! Beautiful trail from start to finish! Hiked on August 9, 2018.

Gorgeous trail!! It was lawn hike but 100% worth it!

off road driving
14 days ago

Fairly short drive from the old hancock townsite. Can get a little rough with bigger rocks and certain points. We did this in a stock 4runner trail with Dunlop grandtrek highway tires aired down to 25psi.

Beware if hiking with a dog!

Ah, this was so disappointing. My husband and I, along with our dog, Breeze, were really excited to do this trail. When we got to the parking lot the directions took us and realized we were still in RMNP, we got nervous. The ranger near the parking lot told us dogs aren’t allowed and recommended we got to the visitor center for alternate route. We only had to go about 1mile from the parking lot to get into the National Forest. The ranger at the visitor center wasn’t sure and said we’ll just have to try to navigate thru the roads. Unfortunately we spent 2hrs in the car trying to find a way to the trailhead that isn’t thru Rocky Mountain. We had to give up after the 2hr mark. It was such a bummer because it was such a waste of time. Maybe add to the description that it’s a dog friendly trail but only if you’re able to access the TH thru the NF only.

15 days ago

Drive ~
Not worth the far drive up unless you are going to camp and stay overnight. Drive is windy and nauseating... very slow going. Dirt road to get to trail is terrible! Must have AWD or 4x4 to traverse. Single lane only in most places = treacherous and dangerous.

Trails ~
This was a moderate to hard hike. VERY rough and rocky. We went with kids and dogs and had a few stumbles and falls. Yikes.

Trail markings not really clear between off-roaders/4x4 and hikers. We were nearly run over several times because we were on an incorrect pathway.

No bathrooms or public use areas which I had read in another review there was some. The one area that looks like you can access is actually private property and says no trespassing.

Regardless of these concerns, the scenery was nice and the pines smelled lovely. We did have a fine time, dogs had fun and being in the trees was cool - lots of cover and shade. Probably wouldn’t go again just because of the drive time and treacherous nature of the off-roads.

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15 days ago

Last minute plan to do some backpack camping and got into aspen knoll campsite nearby. Left from campsite at about 6am and made it back to camp at about 1pm. I didn't rush but kept a decent pace with a heavy load to test my endurance. Great variation throughout the trail. Lake was beautiful and very windy. Still a small bit of snow towards the end given it was the end of July.

18 days ago

Love this trail. Not too crowded. Saw only 1 other big group after us. Not too buggy by the lake. Very steady incline to the top which is very doable. No scrambling and no treacherous segments. Only a few fallen trees but easy to walk over. Nice view from the top even though the fire outlook is out of bounce. Saw the same deer twice which was really cute. Saw multiple ospreys and one nesting on top of a tree by the lake, which was amazing.

20 days ago

This is an ambitious hike let me tell you. The beginning of this trail all the way to ouzel falls is amazing. The Copeland falls and calypso cascades are breathtaking. Ouzel falls was very nice, make sure to climb through some rocks and trees up the left side of the trail and you can find a couple different spots to see the falls in their entirety. I even saw people on top! You don’t get the full view of the 40ft falls from the main trail so be sure to get a closer look. After the falls, it thinned out as far as hikers and you get a few nice spots with overlooks. At the bluebird/ozuel lake split we went towards bluebird lake (2 more miles) it was a very tough stretch. We ended up going back about a half mile before the lake. The trail thins out at times but we felt we had missed it somehow, because the last 2 miles felt like 4 honestly. On our way back we did spot a bull moose sitting in the sun and that was worth the while hike. Also we saw overlooking views of ouzel lake and chickadee pond. It was very cool seeing them from above. Still a great hike even though we didn’t get to see Bluebird lake :-/ This was a tough one. Took us 9 hrs round trip with a lot of breaks. This was our 3rd hike in RMNP it was a challenge. Very hot for the second half of the hike. We started at 5:45am in July 8 Tuesday. Parking was not a problem. We want to go back some day and conquer this trail and see bluebird lake. We’ll be back to this one!

20 days ago

Loved this hike! I had been to Ouzel Falls dozens of times on my own over the years as I loved treating friends and family to this very scenic trail. Made it to Ouzel Lake only once and remembered that particular day was a tough one for me and my crew of three. But this time with intentions set for a few miles past these treasures, for Bluebird Lake, it became a reality. Slow and steady wins the race. :) Last big hike like that (for me) was Longs Peak, 25 years ago. So with the elevation gain on this, I’m realizing Longs shouldn’t be such a distant reality for me. ;-)
You will love it! Abundance of wildflowers, raspberries, rocks, peaks, blue sky!, animals, including a nice visit with a fawn, less than 10 feet from us on the trail! A real treat! We summited about 12:10 and only stayed about 10 more minutes, (bummer), but didn’t want to risk the weather and the few rolling clouds just coming in. to tease us. The day ended up being mostly clear! This will certainly will be in my to do list again! We took our time, and made it last about 8.5-9 hours. Truly amazing!

I am really surprised to see all the positive reviews. Beautiful scenery up top but very dry so bring water, especially if you bring a dog. Also it’s a very steep ROUGH trail. The size of rocks on this trail make it frustrating to hike through. Too small to rock hop but large enough you can’t just walk through easily. I have heard that Signal Mtn is more enjoyable approaching through Pingree Park.

24 days ago

We did this hike spur of the moment. everywhere else rates this hike 12.5 to 13 miles round trip. it's a pretty easy grade the whole way. once you get there you are glad you did. its stunningly beautiful. I wish now I would of scheduled camping and stayed a day or two. definitely reccomend, just make sure you are prepared for a good 4-6 hours round trip. That's if you are moving at a good rate without breaks.

26 days ago

Beautiful hike. The first 3 miles are relatively easy and then once you start up towards Ouzel Lake there are some steep parts. At the sign to continue to Bluebird Lake (4.4miles), the terrain opens up. You pass two lakes on the left, one covered in lily pads. At this one we saw a bull moose just relaxing and eating some willow trees. He was super chill and maybe 25 yards from the trail just minding his own business. There are lots of wild raspberries on this stretch, yum! The last mile is pretty steep and challenging but it is worth it when you get to the top. The great thing about this hike is that it is a difficult 6.4miles up and an easy 6.4mile coast down. Make sure that you start early (7am) so that you have time to enjoy the lake and finish the trail before the thunderstorms roll in. It took us just about 6 hours (with a ~30min break at the lake and pictures along the way) and we weren't going slow. Enjoy!!

26 days ago

Round mountain/Sheep Mountain is probably the most underwhelming summit I’ve ever done. The trail is very steep and long for the majority of the hike. In total it’s close to 10 miles. This is a good hike if you’re looking to train for longer harder hikes or just want a killer workout. There are a few nice views along the way but nothing too exciting. Somewhere along this trail is an unmaintained trail to Stone Mountain. Apparently Stone mtn has great 360 views but I have yet to do this. Might be worth it though if your looking for something more spectacular. You can find directions online. Haven’t seen anything on AllTrails yet.

This is the Round Mountain Adventure Summit however you're climbing to Sheep Mountain so there is a name confusion there. Probably the hardest hike ever been on.... went through 2 liters of water and took us a good 6 hrs to complete (disclaimer- we just got in from Houston the day before). This is definitely 10 miles total once you counter in the entrance trail plus the 4.75 miles to the top. We were so tired once we finally made it we never looked to see if there was a log book that someone had mentioned previously and the views at top are at best less than decent... maybe we didn't walk far enough but I was trying to make sure I had the energy to make it down. 4 hrs up and 2 to make it down (clouds came so we picked up the pace on the descent). I will say it was a beautiful hike going up and down which makes it totally worth it!! Take plenty of water, and a horn for bears as they frequent the area. The journey is all that matters and after almost 10 miles and close to 3k ft elevation gain, you'll feel a little badassy!

Great day hike. Didn’t have the map with. Could have used more markings for how far you where from the lake

okay just got this app but I hike very often and want to warn people of this crazy deee that wonders around and scared me and some friends while sleeping and would follow us around. so FYI. it was two years ago but he is getting more famous or she idk

This trail is not MODERATE but HARD. I used this trail guide for our hike. When we finished I looked it up again and found another Arapaho Glacier Trail same trailhead, that is listed as HARD. Don't be fooled, this is not MODERATE. Great hike but hard even for us. Lots of rock on trail (feet sore) and steep incline all the way to the top. Weather changes rapidly, take rain gear. Can get very windy once above treeline. Steep/rocky terrain. Great adventure but hard.

Lots of climbing. Scenic, but the peak is a real let down..it is literally a large cairn..surrounded by trees. Nice challenge, but the best views will be seen long before you reach the top. I also tracked mine closer to nine miles with close to 3000 feet of elevation gain.

1 month ago

GORGEOUS! One of our top 10 favorite hikes that we've ever done! Amazingly beautiful trail and offers a little bit of everything: cascades, waterfalls, wildflowers, neat dead trees, views, wildlife, and lake! We hiked this trail on Saturday, July 14. We made it to the parking lot by 6:15am and it was full by about 7:30am that day although that didn't keep the crowds away. Many folks parked down the road and added a few miles to their hike. This hike is actually a total of 12.8 miles according to the national park sign. The trail starts as an easy one. There are neat rapids and waterfalls towards the beginning. You will encounter LOTS of people up to Ouzel Falls but after that, you won't see as many. There is a rustic "privy" pit toilet just beyond Calypso Cascades a few miles up. The privy has no door but some slatted wood panels on 3 sides. Above Ouzel Falls, there is more of an incline, then a more open area (from the 1978 fire) with lots of new growth trees and neat lightning struck trees. Then you'll go through an established forest and back into a more open area from the fire. You'll encounter this type of topography a few times before reaching a steeper section. After the split-off to Ouzel Lake, there are a variety of wildflowers and lots of raspberry bushes. There are more and more flowers the farther you go. The last half mile to the lake is the steepest and includes a steep, short rock section and large snowfield on an incline; both are definitely doable as you take your time. After some rain the day before, the mosquitoes were especially bad and relentless beginning around the split-off to Ouzel Lake to Bluebird Lake and definitely the worst at Bluebird Lake where there were the most mosquitoes we've encountered in Colorado. We had lots of chipmunk and marmot sightings and only saw a half dozen people at Bluebird Lake, definitely a much different wilderness experience than at the beginning of the trail. Solitude and amazing scenery at the lake.

Amazing hike. My brother and I hiked Bluebird this past June. About 12 people we had passed told us to turn back because it was too snowy. We ended up hitting some snags but we ended up doing some rock climbing and sledding to get there and back but we made it. Hiking turned into Mountaineering but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Well worth the risks!

1 month ago

Out of four hikes I did in the area this week, this was my favorite. Being by the lake allowed us to see so much wildlife, including four otters in the lake. They stayed with us for about a mile and it was such a treat. Highlight of the day!

I wish I could give this hike more than a five star. AMAZING hike! One of my all time favorite hikes. Great mountain vistas and lush green meadows along the trail. Great wildflowers and saw some wildlife. Must do in RMNP!

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