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This was a very nice trail. Would rate as easy-moderate. Definitely would suggest exploring each little treasure around during the hike. Adds more time but the graffiti art is very pretty.

Entrance is at the end of a construction road past a yellow gate once you leave the residential area. You’ll walk until you hit a fork- to the left there is a gate entrance and to the right is more paved road. Both loop around & bring you back to the beginning of the fork.
If you want a good butt workout, I would suggest going to the right. The end (left gate entrance) is a long flight of stairs that will definitely tire you out.

This hike is rated hard for a reason! I did the loop only which was clocked at 5.1 miles from the entrance gate. I went up counter clockwise, not sure if that was a good choice or a bad one. Either way is fairly brutal. If you go counter clockwise, you’ll start up the trail which is the most heavily trafficked (and also fairly well covered) right past the “trail” signs. This is a narrow trail which will take you up to the vista about 1.20 miles up. It’s an easy first segment and you can enjoy the awesome view at the top of the ocean and cityscape below. Then it’s on to leg burning time. Continue to head up the wide fire road (this is the right side of the trail on the map) - this is a long strenuous hike up, not extremely steep but it’s constant. Not many people venture this route, so it wasn’t heavily trafficked. I think I lost about 20 lbs in sweat during this segment. Keep going and eventually you will hit the mid point and can continue on straight to make this an “out & back” or go left past the bathrooms onto the “rabbit hole” trail (west side of loop). This trail is no joke, it’s super steep! I had to break off a stick (aka hiking pole) and at times get down on all fours just to get down some of the declines. This is a VERY narrow and very rocky trail, so slipping will occur, be careful. The trail is slightly overgrown so you do have some shade (watch out for snakes). Hike was a good heart pumping workout for sure, but the rabbit hole was a bit unpleasant so not sure I will do the loop again.
Parking is free - there is a small lot near the trail entrance and parking on the street - weekends get crowded.

6 days ago

This trail is really easy for an active person. The terrain is flat and easy to walk on and the trail is very obviously marked. There are restrooms available as well which is nice. Love the water at the bottom and the short walk up to eagle falls!

This is definitely doable in regular running shoes and great for kids. I did this with my son when he was 3 years old and again 5 years later.

Easy hike through nice houses... Disappointed waterfall but then again it's so cal so was expected

Great views of ocean and canyons. Wide paths for hikers and bikes. Trip out is mostly uphill and return trip mostly downhill. No parking at trailhead, need to park on residential street leading to trailhead which can be very limited at times.

Great place to hike. Go early in the morning because after 9am it gets packed.

Easy hike but worth the trip to see the beautiful Vikingsholm at the bottom.

great hike. have to say this is one of my favorite.. no dogs

Great spot for a hike with a view of the ocean! Easy, short hike up to a large view of the pacific coast from Malibu to marina Del Ray. View of downtown LA. Good for all people. I usually bring friends here when they come to visit. I haven’t checked it out at sunset, but it’s on my list to do. Must see!

Deliciously challenging inclines followed by breathtaking vistas repeated so many times it would be boring if it wasn’t beautiful.

25 days ago

Loved it. Was kinda hard for me but I’m out of shape. Did this in 2015.

29 days ago

Easy to get to from LA and easy to park in the nearby residential area. Good for an easy hike with some unique sights and tons of graffiti. Barely any people and good for dogs.

I'm glad I followed others advice and took the loop clockwise. It's always much easier for me going up steep paths than trying to go down. It was steep!
Not a big fan of hiking fire roads, but the views almost all the way were magnificent. It was cloudy so I wasn't able to see too far, but nevertheless what I could see was beautiful.
There's a short single path loop at the end before you turn around and go back, and there were more lizards there than I've seen in one place before.

To start the loop going clockwise, turn left as you enter the gate and go over the cement drainage to catch the path on the other side. At one point not too far after starting the breaks up, but I found it again by continuing straight forward.

Beautiful views of Glendale, Burbank, and downtown L.A make this hike worth it. Going counter clockwise or right at the fork is a little bit easier uphill.

1 month ago

I'm laying here after hiking and I don't know if it's the sun or just taking the more challenging parts of trail but I'm tired... lol This is a nice hike. What I like about it is that it is challenging enough to hike/run without being disappointed that there were no ocean views because of the haze. There is no shade so be sure to stay hydrated or hike closer to sunset. This trail is dog-friendly so be on the lookout since some people some don't pick up after their dogs.

The fire road trail is wide and paved in a way that is versatile enough to hike/bike ride and have your dog off-leash. On this particular day it was kind of hazy so I didn't get the clearest views of the ocean but I read that in a clear day you can see to Catalina. Always be aware that not only are there lizards and snakes but also dog poop to watch for. Also know that some of the mountain bikers come down hill quickly so be alert.

This was my first time but I found out about it because I wanted a trail that was close enough that I could take the dog with he visits. I like that there is a parking lot but also adequate street parking. Respect the neighborhood and when you visit we shouldn't have to worry about permits when the lot is full.

With nice views, a versatile trail and being another gem on the west side I can say that I would recommend this trail for those looking for a little bit of a challenge. Stay hydrated.

1 month ago

Holly Molly I was dying! LoL for beginners is not completely a place to start because woooo LORT! I was dying lol I didn’t do the stairs down to the Nazi area because I knew my ass wasn’t going to be able to come back up HA! My hubby said it’s an amazing work out he liked very much. I just started the whole hiking thing so maybe in the future I can go back once I’m more in shape. Other then that really cool place to take in the peace and what not

1 month ago

Pretty nice and exciting trail . It gets hard and mostly moderate . Not so long way. Quite pretty and green. Didn’t see no river or lake or waterfall . Traffic was light on Sunday

1 month ago

This was a nice walk with the added interest that it was an old Nazi camp. The graffiti kind of adds some humor to the walk. Parking was ok but you have to respectful of the residents as there are lots of No Parking areas. We really enjoyed the day as it was not too hot. I would do this one again.

It was a beautiful hike with lots of trees and nature, but there was not much water. We were able to see a little bit of the falls, but it was obvious that the water was going down. So if you want to see the falls, go sooner than later! Still beautiful, for what it is, even though it smells like sulfur.

I really enjoyed this hike back when I did it. I wanted a hard hike and I was not disappointed. I started on the western half of the loop and agree that it is challenging. I chose it too because almost no one headed up that way and it made for a bit more solitude. However, I could not tell if the trail was overgrown because it used less or if it is more of a social trail. I hope it is not. Overall the view of the ocean, mountains and city are well worth the hike and effort. The eastern route is heavily traveled by hikers of all skill and variety.There is a pit toilet at the trail junction for the overlook a few miles into the hike.

Easy paved hike with amazing and iconic view of Emerald Bay. Relatively steep uphill to return to starting point.

1 month ago

Really pretty hike! Dog friendly and the waterfall is a great spot to sit before heading back.

Great, easy hike. Dog-friendly and lots of shaded areas.

on Vital Link Trail

1 month ago

amazing views on top and steep climb.

1 month ago

good workout hike.

This is my favorite hike! It is challenging, but rewarding when you get to the top. Oversees the ocean and lots of greenery. The first part of the hike has shade and has more trees and rocks. Once you get to the first view point, the view is beautiful. From there, you can continue up the dirt path. This part has a lot of uphill and very little shade. This is the most difficult part of the hike.

Family friendly hike. There was resident's honking at everyone to move, there was plenty of horse poop, and the waterfall was dry like trickles falling, and it smelled horrible. when you get to waterfall becarefull while I was there all the loose rocks had 8 hikers fall.

Amazing view on the bay once you get at the top. On your way up, which is non stop steep climbing and a great workout, beautiful view of downtown. One of the best hikes around LA, it’s kind of hard to beat it, indeed I’ve hiked it about 5 times already in the last two years. Not too crowded. Water is a must.

1 month ago

Love this hike! Greta views and a nice amount of incline to wake your body up. It’s one of my go too. I prefer going early when it’s quieter and just locals and a few early risers but it’s a great hike regardless.

Parking can be tough but I just think of it as another part of the hike.

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