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1 day ago

Beautiful, easy to follow trail! Amazing views almost the entire time and the trail is surrounded by colorful wildflowers right now. Highly recommend

The initial part of the joint trail that serves a number of hikes is gentle although the quality of the trail can hit the feet in places!
The turn to the Crater lakes begins the fun/hurt, the gradient at times was a challenge for a 66 years young person who lives at sea level but for the young and locals the trip to the first lakes is moderate. Then you look up and see people trying to climb what seems like a vertical trail to the lakes beyond. That climb also includes scrambling over two areas of boulders, again easier for the younger hikers - overall a good trip especially if you manage the final climb - a great sense of achievement.

I loved this trail! Went 7/13 in the morning. We took our time, taking in the beautiful scenery and got some great photographs. The views and wildflowers are incredible right now. My dog thoroughly appreciated the little bit of snow left over on the ridges that he could roll in. Obviously there is significant elevation gain, but I wouldn't call much it it steep or too difficult. Just pick a slower pace and keep on going! It's definitely worth it at the top. If you're not totally beat at the top, I'd encourage you to go just a bit further down on the other side of the peak. You won't be disappointed!

Good workout. Amazing views. I went on a Friday morning and it wasn’t too crowded. I’ll be doing it again.

Our first 13er and was a great choice. Staying in Winter Park made a 15 minute drive to the trailhead nice. Went at 6 am on a Thursday. Saw about 12-15 people on the trip. I’m from sea level and at times had to stop and rest but made it up in 1:40. Down was slower than expected but took our time. When you get to the switchback on the fire road where the sign is located, go left. Can’t miss the trail.

2 days ago

Beautiful trail - definitely steep in some parts. There's no real rest from the climb - from the parking lot, it's uphill to the top. It was a moderate to tough hike for me, and I like to think I'm a pretty decent hiker. Beautiful view at the top. There seems to be some confusion about where the trail starts - take the service road up .85 mile. There will be a trail off to the left, marked by a sign that says Mt. Flora trail. I logged right at 7 miles, but I wandered around at the top a bit (it's probably closer to 6.7, out and back). I also showed closer to 2k elevation gain.

It was so beautiful my eyes could barely stand it. Definitely do the final lake. It takes a scramble but it’s more like a playground of rocks.

lovely little hike. My 7 year olds first summit. I give it 5 stars because there is a little scrambling at the top which is fun but safe. And the views are awesome for the type of altitude you are at. In other words no trees obfuscating the view of the Dimond and other mountains surrounding.

Great hike, went with my 11 year old and completed it in two hours. Saw wildflowers, deer, snakes, rabbits and plenty of birds. Views of the lake and downtown were among the highlights.

One of my favorite local hikes! Nice because unlike some trails in Roosevelt National Forest there is an actual parking lot with ample parking. Even on the fourth of July we found parking without difficulty. It is heavily trafficked but everyone was polite and friendly and followed good trail etiuqette. If you don't do the final scramble I think this clocks in more like a moderate, personally.

5 days ago

Great hike! I went on 7/7 and got to the trailhead by 7:25Am. Definitely recommend going early. I had the trail mostly to myself the whole way up. It was pretty windy but not terrible. An easier moderate hike. Definitely some harder spots but it’s mostly rolling hills. The trail starts on a service road and you’ll reach a sign that is kinda confusing because it says Mount Flora in both directions. Don’t take the service road and instead go straight on the footpath. Great views of wildflowers. I even saw mountain goats!

5 days ago

This hike offers just about everything, except a lake. We hiked Monday - about 6 cars at the parking lot at 7:45 am. Plenty of wilderness, few people.

The wildflowers threw a party, a big one! But the finale is near the end - near and above the treeline.

The first mile of the trail is nothing special and you'll hear I70, but it becomes white noise and eventually disappears. The beauty comes after, including a stream, meadows, trees and mountain views.

We tracked the trail to the saddle at about 3.2 miles one way. At about the 2.1 mile mark (11,400 ft), the trail splits. The more obvious trail is to the left (we didn't see one to the right). We went left. At about 2.5 miles (11,700), the trail peters out. We hiked to the right and picked up a trail and continued on to about 12,300. At that point, the trail ends and you hike to the saddle.

We continued on to Parnassus. Take your time. It's steep. Your knees will thank you if you use poles coming down. The summit offers a spectacular view - Grays, Torreys, Grizzly Peak, Sniktau, Herman Gulch and so much more. With the exception of Grays, you'll see the other 3 peaks on much of the hike.

This was such an incredible hike. Amazing views and a difficult trail that wasn’t too long. The hike to the upper lake is really hard, scrambly in places, but worthwhile. Not a lot of people went up that far and it was a great place to recharge before descending.

6 days ago

Definitely worth the views for such a short hike! Even only 3 miles up is gorgeous. There are definitely parts that are steep but not too bad. We made it up and back in3 hours. Make sure you don't miss the sign near the top of the service road for the right trail. We accidentally took the service road all the way up. Luckily there was another trail that took us to the summit.

Awesome hike! We went on a Saturday and it wasn’t very busy! There is a false summit about 2 miles in. I would recommend wearing hiking shoes. Another great part about this hike- parking at the berthoud pass parking lot. There are bathrooms there- but bring your own hand sanitizer! P

Incredible hike! The view at the top is absolutely stunning, we spent an hour staring in awe at the beauty. We took our 2 dogs with us and they had a great time hiking as well. 100% recommend!

7 days ago

This is a lovely hike. Only took about 3 hours round trip and I stopped a couple of times for views. Brought along my dog who also enjoyed it, not terribly rocky on her pads, came down without any issues. The views are truly spectacular 360 panorama at the top. Great workout, and while the elevation gain can be a little daunting in spots, this is a fairly slow, steady uphill. Fairly crowded (but I started late at 9am). Will definitely do this one again.

very steep, very rocky at first. Was here last weekend and they're aren't opening the pass until the July 15th.There's still one snow drift but great views and the lake is no longer frozen

Hiked July 4th. Great hike with nice views. Took us over 4 hrs but we spent nearly an hour at the top and took our time. Mostly out in the open, no trees- need sunscreen and long layers for the top. The trail is marked Mt Flora but not in the map at the trailhead- you start at Berthoud Pass. The trail starts as a road, turns into a trail on your left and is marked.

Beautiful! Sign says 2 miles each way but it’s more like 3+. Took us 4 hours. Keep right at the fork near the end of the trail if you want to go higher up to get a better view. Trail just kind of ends- you can keep going to get to the saddle. Steep hike in several areas.

7 days ago

This is definitely a beautiful hike with tons of wildflowers. For the most part there were few people. Ran into most of them close to the trailhead around 8:30.

The hike to the saddle of Mt Parnassus took about two hours round trip. I left the car around bud 6:20 and the trailhead was already busy. Its a pretty steep climb from where the trail splits on the other side of the creek about 1.5 miles up the trail. Ran out of time to make the Mt Parnassus summit, but it probably would have been another 45-60 minutes to summit from the saddle

I went counterclockwise. Started later than I'd like at 1030 and it got really hot really fast. The last two miles or so of the loop are fairly exposed. I bring this up because the trail was very hot on my dogs paws. Had I know better, I'd have hiked clockwise allowing for more shade and plenty of water crossing for my dog. Also, my Suunto GPS measured the hike at 7.1 miles.

9 days ago

Went backpacking with my 14 year old son. Camped down by the creek, had a great time. not too hard. We actually took a detour and hiked down to R.P. reservoir. very nice extra hike, but too bad we could not camp there. disappointed that there was a fire ban. we were also able to shoot our 22 before and after our hike at the open range at the trailhead.

This is a beautiful hike! Definitely worth the effort. We hiked up fern canyon and down west ridge/bear canyon. The hike up was mainly in the shade, so that was a nice surprise and made it a little easier getting to the top. It was VERY buggy at the summit, so bring bug spray! The way down the west ridge & bear canyon trails is all exposed, so getting an earlier start may be a good idea to avoid the late afternoon heat. Overall, a great hike!

11 days ago

Great views, extremely windy towards the peak. Almost knocked me over.

Beautiful hike that took just a couple of hours, our dog also loved it.

Great little trail. I made it in and out in about 3 hours. It’s super windy toward the summit, but well worth it. The drive up there is amazing.

Love the micro climate with the hanging moss. Snowing in this area is wonderful. I also fish in Boulder creek. Less busy in winter and does have vault bathroom. If your lucky the trains in winter are cool.

13 days ago

Amazing hike. Started hike around 830-9 on Saturday. Only moderate crowding. Amazing views. One of the best hikes I have ever been on.

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