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very nice easy trail. Not a lot of shade but great views of the lake.

We thought we were doing the easier Kreutzer trail as there are two entrance points in the picnic area that you can get on the trail. It was a bit difficult for my 8 and 10 yr olds. Lots of burned and beetle kill trees. We will come back for the easier trail and the kids can build up their strength for the harder one.

Great hike near town. Very scenic. I went for the sunrise (see pic). Yes it's Rocky, so easy to moderate.

I started early at 5:45 am and didn't see anyone on the trail until around 9 am.

The sunrise facing east out the north end inlet was spectacular.

Beautiful trail. Pretty easy but the farther you go in the more rocky it gets. Went to the end of the laughing horse loop & turned around due to ominous looking weather. I gotta go back and go farther next time.

wonderful trail!

Did this hike on Saturday morning (8/4/18) with the intent to capture a sunrise. The trail and sun did not disappoint (see pics). The hike itself is easy, but the rocky trail could make it more of a moderate hike for some.

If going for a Sunrise I recommend dropping into the north end inlet and using the exposed rock cliff and shoreline as a natural contrasting boundary to focus and frame the sun.

Then enjoy the 6 mile round trip out & back hike with the "sun dancing" along your side.

Only negative is paying state park fees for the hike. But can't really complain as it helps maintain the parks.

15 days ago

Beautiful but very challenging! Did this hike on Saturday. Got to the trailhead at 9am. Took the Greyrock Trail to the summit then did that to the top, backtracked and then took the Greyrock Meadow trail back down. Definitely a difficult trail—lots of vertical climbing and the rocks at the summit were tough! Plenty of loose rocks too. I was glad I wore my good boots. The views were gorgeous and despite the warnings I didn’t encounter a single rattlesnake. Completed the entire thing in 4 hours.

It was a great day with my husband. This was our first hike and it was fun. It was too bad for heat wise. It rained and it was beautiful.

Beautiful waterfalls, not much shade and very hot though. Saw a little black snake near the water.

18 days ago

Gorgeous trail! Lush + green most of the way with abundant, tall wildflowers, even moss and ferns. Shaded. Follows the creek most the way. Rocky in spots, but mostly soft trail. 10 campsites along trail. Hummingbirds, woodpeckers, trout + bear scrapings. Ample parking @ trailhead. Bring bug repellent -- sneaky biting flies today (probably from nearby stables). You will see damage from big flood a few years back, but all bridges are rebuilt for the 3-4 creek crossings.

Great hiking close to town. Beautiful views and some challenging spots that make it enjoyable.

19 days ago

Mileage on the All Trails app is inaccurate, it is closer to 5.2 miles. Counterclockwise, the descent is challenging and slippery and steep. If we do it again we will go clockwise so we can have a calmer and more enjoyable descent. $6 to park. Bring lots of water, sunscreen, a hat and rain gear. Leave the dog home so you don’t annoy other people on the descent.

absolutely one of my favorite hikes. love climbing up the waterfall to the top. not many people on the trail. great day!

This is a beautiful hike. There's not much shade in the first couple of miles, but the real enters dense forest within the last mile. The falls are nice, and for the sure-footed, it's worth climbing up past Bridal Veil Falls (on the left) to another set of cascades.

We saw a Dusky Grouse on the hike back, which was a nice treat.

Also nice is that the trail was not crowded.

The agencies that manage neighboring lands to Gateway Natural Area are increasing enforcement. Often Gateway is the starting point for visitors to access land beyond Gateway’s boundaries, including Seaman Reservoir. Gateway’s “pass through” visitors are reminded of these regulations, which are posted at Seaman Reservoir:
• Public access is for hunting and fishing only. Entry for any other use is prohibited.
o Hunting access is from September 1 thru May 15
o Fishing access is year-round
• Entry by foot or horseback only- no motorized vehicles
• Littering, camping, and fires are prohibited
• No swimming allowed in Seaman Reservoir
• No target shooting of any kind
• Dogs prohibited except when used for hunting
For more information visit www.colorado.gov/statelandboard and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (manages the land surrounding Seaman Reservoir), 970-472-4300, www.cpw.state.co.us, Shane Craig, District Wildlife Manager, North Poudre Canyon, shane.craig@state.co.us

22 days ago

I loved the wildflowers and you get the sound of rushing water following you along this hike. We couldn't go beyond into RMNP so didn't have a final "payoff" view but it was great! Beautiful trail, well maintained, pretty easy hike. Abundant parking at the trail head.

23 days ago

Recommend going on overcast/cooler day. Also trail would prob be best on a bike vs hike- good spot

23 days ago

Great trail, calm the first couple miles and a good workout on the loop. Garmin says about 8 miles round trip. Took me 2 hours, but I went clockwise (easier) on the loop.

23 days ago

Beautiful hike. Very peaceful. The flowers and small waterfall were gorgeous. Get there early as parking is very limited.

Love this trail!

Good hike, went on a hot day so it was unfortunate that not much shade was available on the loop. The loop felt really long. Bring plenty of H2O!

Great hike! Beautiful meadows, wildlife, and the falls at the end are worth it.

Definitely medium difficulty due to slope and rocks. The distance is accurate, but assumes hiking the Summit Trail only. The Nature and Summit trails split about 500 feet above the parking lot.

Started out at 7:15 a.m. with only two other cars in the lot. Saw only a few people the entire time. Fairly nice semi-obstructed views eastward after about the first or second mile. The trail runs along a contour line for the first mile or so, with a steep downhill drop (not for the faint of heart). The summit is a little underwhelming, with limited views.

Lots of road noise for the first mile, and someone decided to put a materials yard/quarry just downhill from the first set of switchbacks, which makes a lot of noise for the first mile or two. There's a public park being built across Highway 34, so expect some potential construction delays getting to the trailhead.

1 month ago

Great cardio workout. Steep incline. the primitive trail on the way down was a bit scary. Look for the rock markers to know you are going to right way. I had my dogs with me but had I known the way down was primitive trail I would have gone down the way I came up. That trail was very well done. No one else was out on the trail when we went. Lots of great views. Not much shade.

This is a great trail for dogs, most of the trail is creek side.

1 month ago

Great trail, with amazing views!

Easy hike to get in after work.

The footing was a lot harder going than expected but thoroughly enjoyed it. Saw lots of wildlife, mule deer, lizards and a bull snake.

1 month ago

At some point they have re-routed this trail to make the left turn route a little less steep.... the entire hike with loop is 8.3 miles. At a ‘junction’ with the old trail, you can see evidence of where they filled the old trail with rocks. Long, steady incline if you go right... shorter, steeper incline if you go left(not too hard). Water levels low this year, so all stream crossings are easy. Friday morning, early July and only a few other hikers.

We enjoyed this trail. For the first 2 miles to the falls you are walking through beautiful meadows. I suggest doing this hike early if hiking during the summer months. The sun is brutal when you are in the meadows. There is little coverage or relief. The last mile up is challenging especially once you get closer to the falls. We are relative novices so those who hike a lot may find it easier. Pretty waterfall at the end is worth it. Limited parking so arrive early. We got there around 8:00 am and got the last spot. I would definitely put it on your list of hikes.

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