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1 day ago

Beautiful views of the gorge, but best views are at turn offs prior to reaching Hamilton Mountain summit (which actually doesn’t have a view bc it’s blocked by shrubs). The waterfall at the beginning of the trail has a great swimming hole too - will definitely try it out on a warmer day.

Awesome hike with beautiful views.... 9.5 miles if you make the loop.

Amazing experience. I highly recommend it! I didn’t want to come home after completing the hike.

nice area. well marked trail with reasonable view points and water features early on.

-$10 parking for a day hike...
-the horses statement is incorrect, that is another trail

Hiked Sept 3. Well-marked, easy to find TH. You need a Discovery Pass permit. Beautiful scenic views of Gorge. This trail should be rated hard, not moderate....

This is a great hike!

Beautiful moderate difficulty hike! My wife, my beagle, my vizsla and I got out just after 8am and completed it in about 3 hours.
It was foggy, misty and rainy for the majority of the hike which created some spectacular foggy scenery and the trails were still barely damp and in great shape! The ascent up a winding trail will certainly test your endurance. One of the highlights of this hike and any comes early, you must take a small side trail to the “pool of the winds”, breathtaking. Once you complete the ascent, you’re rewarded with a wide open catwalk across the ridge line. The descent was smooth, not sure if it was my new Danner boots, but the trail was so soft, almost saw dust like.
Highly recommend! Earlier the better of course, it was super busy as we got back down towards the trailhead. Dog friendly for sure.

I did this hike around 3 weeks ago. There were so many bees. A lot of people got stung. I started the loop turning right and got the the highest elevation point and went back the same way. The map is a bit confusing because it shows 7.2mi total and it looks like the hike is a lot longer if you continue the loop past the highest elevation point. It was late and I turned back and ended hiking 9mi according to my fitbit. If you are doing this hike allocate at least 5 hours (if you are an intermediate hiker like me). Views are really nice and I felt the hike was moderate in difficulty.

Definitely not your everyday "moderate" hike. But really worth it. Took us 5 hours with short breaks in between.

We chose this hike after doing dog mountain a week before. We wanted something of the relatively same difficulty rating.
Tbh, it wasn't as hard as dog, but had its moments. The summit was kinda disappointing since it didn't have any sort of clearing to look at the view. But there are some good views on the way to the summit.
Good hike all in all.

The hike was indeed difficult but also beautiful! Just ask our two huskies who are both super tuckered out. I was very surprised by the amount of poison oak on the sides of the trail. Hoping we avoided it well enough. We are hoping to come back in the spring for the wild flowers!

19 days ago

Incredible sweeping view of the west side of the mountain. Sunset was amazing. At least 4 camp spots near the top. King Boletes on the lower switchbacks made this an even more rewarding hike. I did it as a day hike and descended in the dark. See pics!

19 days ago

I backpacked in, camped overnight and then back out the next day. This hike was 22 miles round trip to the top of the true ridge. There is no water source past Romana falls except a puddle that may dry up by the time you get there. About 40 minutes from the Yokum ridge split there’s a hornets nest. Just be mindful of it. The didn’t bother me but other hikers were stung. Beautiful view at the top. There is a trail that goes right that is super sketchy. There is a barely there trail to the left that i felt so much safer on but still a bit dangerous. Drop your large pack if you summit the ridge. Have fun!!

Gorgeous views. Nothing too much at the top but the whole way up you’re rewarded with different terrain and views of the river. Spend some time checking out the rocky formations— super cool!

27 days ago

This was an amazing hike! The views every day were fabulous. Our Trek was an REI Adventure. We had two guides and a driver. Our support team took care of all the logistics so all we had to do was enjoy the hike. We hiked 8 to 10 miles a day. Elevation gain was in the 2500 to 3000 ft range each day with one 4000 ft day. The climbs were very steep at times so be sure to be in shape if you plan to try this trek! It is an adventure of a lifetime!

1 month ago

Moderate, but on the lighter side. On a good day you can see Rainier, St Adams & Mt Hood at the same time if you take the short trail extension at the top,

1 month ago

Hiked 08/15/18. The mileage is most definitely 19 miles round trip minimum. The flies are still kind of mental in the forested section above Ramona Falls but they thin out as you get out of the treeline and into the open meadows above. The last section along the open ridge has some harrowing drops to your left as you ascend. Have fun, be safe and pack it out.

This trail is on the hard side of moderate. The falls and the views along the way were beautiful. The view from the top of Hamilton was, honestly, pretty disappointing though. The views along the way were so much more rewarding.

Great hike! Had a lot of fun and views were awesome!

1 month ago

Take a capable vehicle to this trailhead. I repeat; take a capable vehicle to this trailhead.
I took a Prius. I thought for sure I was going to wreck my Prius getting there. The road is so bad in places that it looks like a motocross track.
Expect 10ish miles of uneven, overgrown, single lane, gravel roads-- with countless supersize potholes.
By the time I made it to the TH, I noticed a storm rolling in so I got back in my car and left. I didn't even get to do the hike. There was no way I wanted to try driving that road when it's wet and muddy.
The hike seemed lovely. Maybe I'll be back one day when I buy a different car.

Fun and challenging hike. Beautiful waterfall, mostly shaded trail with excellent views. At the top you’ll get a good view of Mt. Adams. On a warm day make sure you have water. Trail is dog (on-leash) friendly but difficult at times if your dog pulls on leash due to the rocky parts and lose rock. Lots of flies/bugs on the trail as you get closer to the top. Restrooms at the trailhead. It was busy but plenty of parking at the trailhead and the parking lot just past the trailhead on the left. Got to the trail at about 8:30-9am. Finished the hike around 1-1:30 with having lunch at the top.

Real steep near the end, but push through it and it’s all worth it. Two separate “peaks” on the mountain. Gorgeous view of the gorge

Busy on the wrong day, dead on the right.

Loved this one!! I stopped at the top of Hamilton Mountain and came back down, didn’t continue on to the full loop. I will next time because this hike is one of my new favorites! About 4 miles up and down. Would have been about the 7.5 with the full loop.

Starts off steep, levels off a bit, then steep again with switchbacks, then lots of rock/gravel. My little 20-lb dog made it just fine!

Waterfall/pool was cool to explore.

Scramble a bit down some side trails if you so choose for some beautiful views. Then keep continuing up the narrow gravel trail for some gorgeous views of the gorge at the top!!

Got there around 6 am and was the only person in the lot so I did get to enjoy the hike without seeing anyone else which was cool. However! This hike is pretty intense but for what feels like no payoff. For almost all of the hike you’re in a basic forest setting and that’s all you see. You’re teased with one view of the gorge before you head back into the forest and do about 1.5 more miles before the view opens up again. In my opinion there are hikes very close to here with MUCH better views that are less crowded, still a workout, and more rewarding.

1 month ago

I'd give 3.5 if I could. We went up clockwise on a really hot day, and had solid, if intermittent, tree cover. You could tell there wasn't much traffic on the trail, as horse poop was light and spider webs were prevalent.

Most of the time views were obscured, but as we got higher, the gorge started to reveal itself. We had some haze, but still gorgeous. Doing things clockwise meant a longer time on the equestrian trails on the descent, which means we could make good time. Nothing really remarkable on the way down though other than a small section of mossy old forest that was pretty.

Did this with little ones. It was a tough one, but so worth it in the end!! Slow and steady

Very nice hike. Best start early or parking will be a problem. Parking cost money too and will require the discovery pass. I did the entire loop and once you hit the peak and finish the cardio portion, it gets to be a very relaxing hike.

1 month ago

This was one of the most amazing hikes I have ever completed. The views are definitely earned but amazing!!!

The flies on the way up is the only negative to this trail.

And directions to help the next: go to Romona Falls cross bridge, go on timberline Rt up the hill and you will find the junction for the yocum ridge trail.

Caveat: it was 93 degrees and very dry when we did this hike. However we really enjoyed it; be sure to explore around Pool of the Winds: a unique falls and worth the hike even if that’s your turn-around point

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