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Beautiful trail and scenic waterfalls and streams.

Good workout for beginners but no waterfall

Trail let’s you hike out of the noise in the rest of the park. My dog loves going in and out of the creek!

Moderate physical difficulty, but the creek bed makes for a treacherous hike — lots of loose and wet rock, so make sure you are confident with your balance and footing before taking the creek bed trail. Impressive views of the rock faces really gave a unique hiking experience. Bring a change of socks for after the hike because your feet will get wet.

Back down, I took the trail on the right ridge of the gorge, which was a safer and faster option. Easy to follow and also provided excellent views of the gorge. Access it as you pass the bridge — you can see it on the map as the black dotted line on the northern side, paralleling the gorge. I enjoyed doing this ‘loop’ and would highly recommend doing both trails to get a change of scenery.

11 days ago

A fun scenic short hike. Very hot today and was refreshing to wade in the water.

14 days ago

Great family friendly hike. Parking can be an issue so get there early. One last thing, people should really take there bags of dog poop with them. I really don’t think it’s the town responsibility to pick up after hikers dogs.

15 days ago

Loved this! Wore flip flops and was fine but I wish I had my keen water shoes that have straps. Walking in the water was the best part on this hot day. There is a “pool” at the second waterfall and it is worth wearing your bathing suit!

Beautiful hike but didn't make it all the way. The bugs became horrendous. We followed the creek up past the bridge then turned around and took trail from bridge back to parking lot. I would start earlier in the day when it's cooler.

19 days ago

My go-to hike when visiting Canandaigua. Brings me back to my roots.

My favorite hike in the Finger Lakes. Plenty challenging with great views.

Took a 4 year old and a almost 7 year old and they loved it! The trail is marked so you can’t get lost. We made it into a treasure hunt finding the markings!

25 days ago

Short hike with amazing views. Your feet will get wet. There are a few trees down that make it a little more challenging to get to the 2nd waterfall but not impossible.

Like everyone else says, trail is very difficult to follow. At times it seems the "trail" your own disappears and the only way to go is back or down the hill (not recommended). It is best to keep the fence your right, or even go over the fence and walk along that. Eventually you should see a very clear trail to the creek below. Walking all the way down the creek to the reservoir is a great little adventure as well.

Not certain why this is rated as Hard instead of Moderate, except that the trail is not well marked and it’s easy to miss the path and find oneself walking along steep slopes of the ravine. There is a single strand of barbed wire Ali g the crest of the slope and one can follow that to find a much easier path down to the stream bed than if one tries to follow the path indicated in the app. There aren’t five waterfalls - which was a disappointment - there is one significant waterfall early on and then a series of minor drops (less than a metre). In early June the water level was pretty low but it was a lovely walk Ali g the sides of the stream. Easiest to walk if one doesn’t mind getting wet feet occasionally. There were lovely wetland wildflower meadows toward the end which emerges into a small lake.

27 days ago

beautiful walking trail, easy to walk without too much elevation. once you get to the water there is a great binder full of history of the Glen including pictures dating back to the 1900s.

29 days ago

I t is extremely difficult to find a stay on a land trail. The route is not hard, just hard to find, as there is minimal maintenance there. If you want to hike in the water it was easier.

Small parking area, accommodate less then 10 vehicles. More then half of trail is well shaded. Railroad borders 1 side of trail, great to orient oneself on the trail. Easy walking, minor elevation changes. Excellent water features, water friendly.

Probably my favorite trail in the western New York area. It's a good challenge, fun, and beautiful. It took two tries to get through the whole trail, but well worth it.

Great hike

1 month ago

Great trail. Nice variety of terrain. Not much wildlife on our day

Awesome hike and very rewarding. If you follow the gully the whole way it can be tricky at points, especially on the way down. 5/5 recommend, I can’t wait to hike it again.

We have section hiked this trail from lake Ontario to the Correctional Facility. We plan on section hiking the rest of the trail to Cuba, NY which will total 90 miles. It follows an old rail road bed so it is flat and level with a nice surface to walk on year round. Frequent road intersections make it easy for point to point hikers. There is fair to good parking at many of the points where the trail crosses a highway.

The trail is really nice with some great views. Have some time on your hands as it takes a good hour or two to complete.

Only bad things that I noticed was the horse poop for one, but I guess that's warranted.

The other thing is that there is no waterfall unless I'm blind. I saw a body of water that was buried behind the trees, but again, no waterfall. Probably should change the description unless I'm wrong.

1 month ago

Trail was decent but we had inch worms raining on us while hiking and the lake view wasn’t really that great after the difficult hike.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect here considering most of the trails in the area labeled moderate + were quite underwhelming. I went into this a little cocky because of that. First, there is no marked trail other than a gravel “lot” at the entrance and yes, it is on private property but we were assured it was fine so long as we were respectful. Once you get in, there’s a semi-obvious path but - and it goes without saying.. you really need to be aware of your surroundings. The drop offs are STEEP and the path is narrow. You’ll eventually get to a part where you’re sandwiched between the drop off and barbed wire. We were able to find a safe-ish way down and walked the bed for about a mile. We explored some cool little paths off the main bed and got some great shots. Getting up is a whole other nightmare. The rope that was mentioned previously isn’t there, and there aren’t many footholds. I got to a point where I had to dig my fingers into the ground to make it past a bare 5 foot patch up. The dirt is loose and was a bit muddy. Lots of debris and rotted branches. It was terrifying but also amazing.

Lots of mosquitos and areas with broken glass.

NOT suitable for children at all, I wouldn’t suggest animals either. Don’t risk it if you’re not at least a little experienced with climbing and have a decent level of fitness.

1 month ago

Very challenging. The trail to get to the falls was washed away (a lot of rain had happened when I went week before last) so I had walked along the river, there is a HUGE dam of trees currently before the second falls, climbed over thinking the water would be just as shallow on the other side and ended up in chest deep water. The second falls were beautiful though.

1 month ago

This was a lovely hike. Be prepared to get wet to get the rewards and views. The maintained trail brings you along the creek. To get to the two spectacular waterfalls you must cross the creek and go off trail. The first large waterfall is pretty easy to get to. To get to the second large falls you must be adventurous. You will get wet, muddy and need to climb over fallen trees. There were great little flowers in bloom (5/27) and a nice water flow. It got crowded as time went on. Great that people were out in nature, bad if you wanted peace and photos.

1 month ago

Simply amazing.

1 month ago

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