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23 hours ago

Nice 5.3 mile easy hike....tricky as no “Meridian Trail” markers so use AllTrails GPS to stay on.

Nice trail, not for the out of shape. Lots of loose gravel coming down the West side. Not too bad going up the East side.

Great trail! We went counter-clock-wise, and were really glad we did. There are several (short) steep rocky portions that I would rather go up than come down. Great views! As others have said, there is no shade, and it is 7.7 miles. Very gradual ascent and descent, if it weren't for the length, I'd rate this as easy. Def. recommend.

What a watery wonderland!! :-D

I love this trail! Will keep coming back for sure!

I'll go again and again! I prefer weekdays, much more peaceful but always fun anytime. The eagle people are always nice and let you watch the eagles and always a great chance to make friends with the chipmunks.

I've done this trail at least 52 times for sure! This is a great trail, love everything about this trail. Could have better parking but I always went on Monday's so it was fine.

Great views of the city. My Fitbit clocked it at about 7 miles. A real fun scale up, not rocky, and not strenuous.

Nice trail

6 days ago

This was a nice hike. Again, we got off trail, on purpose, because we wanted to explore the Ridge. We were glad we did! It was beautiful. We even found a cool shelter someone had built among some trees. Some parts were pretty steep with loose rocks but not too bad. We didn't see a single person. Parking was weird as we parked just outside of someone's gated driveway... Pretty cool hike!

6 days ago

My Girl and I wanted to do “Fatman’s Pass” off the Mormon Loop, but we couldn’t find it. We ended up taking a random trail down the side of the mountain before the trail turns south and loops back. It took us to a really nice neighborhood. We walked the wilderness behind the homes and saw a coyote! It was beautiful. However, I’m pretty sure we were trespassing, and we never found Fatman’s Pass.

This was a 7.7 mile trail from the trailhead. I would start right and end from the left. I started to the left and it was a very easy start with a hard ending. Tons of rocks on the end of the trail.

Easy start to a more advanced hike

trail running
7 days ago

I can’t imagine running it in the summer, but in November this was absolutely incredible. Not well marked, but once you look at the map closely and pay attention to where other trails intersect and divert, it’s pretty straightforward. If I would have had more time I would have done it twice. Pretty rocky in multiple spots so it makes running it difficult, but plenty of runable space. Loved this trail!

just did the mormon trail, great hike, will do the loop next time

Great 7.7 Mile Hike Yesterday! The views were amazing starting Left onto Trail. If you want more of an incline workout I’m told to start Right on to Trail. $7.00 fee/bathrooms at Trailhead. Loved it!!!

Great hike with my mom and dog! will do it again.

Good distance, not much of a challenge elevation/incline wise. The path can get a little confusing at times but is pretty easy to follow if you have your phone.

16 days ago

Had a great time, not too difficult. Had two dogs with me, lab and Aussie mix. Had plenty of room for both. Trail wasn’t too crowded. Took about 45 min up, 35 down. Saw some kiddos on the trail as well.

17 days ago

I only clocked a little over 2 miles up and back. def a kicker at the incline but doable , great start to any morning. great view from the top

Trail needs some work. Actually 7.7 miles.

23 days ago

My pup and I love this trail. It's an easy hike with plenty of spots to stop and take a break by the stream. It took us about 2 hours to get to the waterfall and back to our car, but we stopped plenty of times so the pup could play in the water.

A good burner, especially on the north side coming back up. A decent amount of other hikers out, but not crazy. Would probably consider this more of a moderate trail due to their really only being a small section that is all that steep.

Awesome for beginners. I live the views and all the different areas with shade. Great views. Wide trail.

With all the zig zagging that goes on , on this Trail and when you count your steps and measure it out it's more like 11 miles rather than just six.


Couldn’t find the trail at all??! Parked at mile marker 271, descended through the wooded area, past some fire pits, and went under the fence. I even met a family hiking their way back out, they said I was on the right path and to look for a giant arrow. But shortly after, the trail just....stopped? I didn’t see an arrow or even a clue as to what direction to take. I went all the way up the hill to the far right to look down and around, and I couldn’t see anything. The photos are so beautiful, would love to try again some time. Can anyone please help me out and tell me where I went wrong???

One of my favorite trails- great views of PHX at sunset/sunrise. Moderately difficult.

30 days ago

Amigos was really more a wash than a trail. The ground was soft and muddy & pretty lackluster. I gave it 2 stars because I was able to see 2 coyotes run across the wash while we were trekking along.

1 month ago

Kind of dumb to rate a trail 1 star because of forest closures. But whatever. Short hike, on a hot day will still kick your butt a little. Water is really murky this time of year from monsoon runoff

very easy hike

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