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2 hours ago

The hike was great but long and hard. We got to the trail head at 5:00am and it was still dark. My 5 and 8 year old made it up in about 4 hours. It took us about 2.5 hours to get down. We took almost 4 Liters of water and drank about three liters. Had a great time at the lake but we did t have enough time to explore the other lakes.

7 hours ago

Left from the trailhead at 8:30 am, and it was cool and shady the whole way. Despite it being Sunday, I only saw a few people on my way up which was nice. It was a strenuous, constant climb for 1:49 so not for the faint of heart. Not a cloud in the sky with a cool 80 degrees which made for the perfect lunch spot. On my way down, which took 1:20, A LOT of people were heading up. It was the perfect day and time for this hike. Loved it! Highly recommend it but start early and bring a lot of water or a filter.

pretty difficult hike but well worth the views.

We got to the parking lot at 5:30am and it was full, so make sure to come early if you want a spot. Other than that it was a gorgeous hike! Lots of wild flowers, we saw multiple goats, deer, and even a moose was near the trail as we came around a corner. It took us about 5 hours up and 3 down.

Be aware that the whole thing is uphill. Definitely kicked my butt! The view is very worth it and there are two smaller lakes you can get to at the top. Also, keep a look out for moose by the lakes, we were lucky and saw one!

This hike had some pretty incredible views! The only thing that bothered me was how much exposure you get to the sun in some areas.. so I would suggest hiking this pretty early to avoid the heat. We didn’t see any wildlife.. but the views made up for that. We also managed to lose the trail in one area where there’s a sharp turn, but there’s also another trail going straight at the same point.. if you end up scrambling up sliding red rocks, you’re going the wrong way haha

Picked an amazing day to hike timpanogos. Started at 7 am. It was overcast so it stayed cool all day and even rained a bit. I would say this is rated difficult just because of the distance. I think the elevation gain is moderate. It was a gorgeous hike and the wildflowers are spectacular right now. Go soon before you miss them!! Took me 4 hours to get to the saddle, 5 to the summit and five to get back down.(down is always harder for my knees so I take it slow!) I saw the infamous mountain goat mama and baby, chipmunks, and deer. Gorgeous hike and definitely worth going to the very top. There was seriously a party going on up there.

This is my new favorite! Lots of tree cover on the bottom half, sweet earthy smells along the creek, absolutely stunning views. Did this as a solo hike, and there were just enough other people on the trail that it felt safe, but not crowded. Ample parking @ 7:30am. As others have indicated, do be aware of rattlesnakes, I saw two within feet of the trail. Also got to see a few lizards, and two unidentifiable large birds with unusual flight patterns, perched atop the tallest tree at the peak. I can’t wait to do this one again!

Great workout. Lots of people (several trail runners) on a narrow trail, but everyone was friendly. Watch out for stinging nettle.

I love this hike. Watch for stinging nettle.

Great hike, especially the views. Lower half has more shade, upper half has better views. Didn't see a lot of wild flowers. There were plenty of hikers with dogs. Lots of lizards. Saw a spotted towhee and a female dusky grouse. Saw one rattlesnake at the very top. Lots of little lizards. Any spot where water crossed the trail was swarming with wasps/hornets on the way up, but we just walked through and they didn't bother us. They were gone by 8pm on our way back. Definitely park at the trailhead vice the the highway. Just enter the Church Fork Picnic Area and keep going by all the picnic spots until you can't go any further.

3 days ago

Very good, very hard hike. The top is one of the most beautiful hiking spots I've ever seen, but only 4 stars because the trail itself does not have much in the way of views until you get almost to the top. The top makes up for it quite a bit, though! And you can camp up there!! Maybe next time!

Hard and worth it

5 days ago

A very beautiful hike. You’ll be hiking up a fairly steep but manageable grade pretty much the whole way up. Agree with Brad Q. that the lake was quite underwhelming considering what other reviewers said. The views during the hike up and down were fantastic.

on Lake Blanche Trail

5 days ago

Good hike. 56 years old and in fair shape. Kicked off just after 7:15 in the morning. The climb was beautiful coming in and out of tree cover for dramatic views of the mountains. Climb up taxed our cardio and the climb down resulted in aching knees. The lake at the top was somewhat disappointing given the reviews and no sign of a moose. I would definitely do it again in the spring but my beanpole friend is out. He is a Zion’s snob.

on Lake Blanche Trail

5 days ago

Jumped off the plane in SLC from Chicago and got to the trail head in bout 30min. My wife and I, both 54 and in shape, started the climb in the early afternoon and took us 2hr 20min. Coming down was 1:50 min. I didn't find it a hard hike, the wife thought it was somewhat challenging but we blamed the altitude. Very beautiful and yes, very much up hill. Was a little sore the next day. No bugs or poison ivy. The trail does have a lot of growth.

Amazing hike. Starts a little slowly, but you'll be grateful for it on the way back! The first waterfall is maybe a mile in, and is the perfect way to refresh after the first incline. Watch out for stinging nettles though! Great trail for in-shape dogs. I loved letting my tiny herd of canines play in the crystal clear mountain water. Best hike I've done this year!

Beautiful place! This hike is consistently up hill the entire way and a defanate workout.

Beautiful and well maintained trail with many wildflowers. There is a small creek near parts of the trail but at very few points can you actually see it. There is some shade but plan carefully to go at a good time because there are steep points where there is no cover. The lake is pretty but small. There were TONS of flies so I’d suggest bringing bug spray which works specifically against all flies and worry less about mosquitoes. Also keep an eye out for moose.

6 days ago

Simply the best. Yeah, it’s a climb and not a lot of cover, but the reward is worth the work. The sundial is beautiful and the other two lakes as well. Take plenty of water and start early.

7 days ago

Did this hike today. Closer to 7.1 miles. Beautiful trail but definitely hard with lots of loose rocks. Suggest taking extra water especially if you have dogs. Took the hammocks up and rested at the top of the trail. Flies and other bugs pretty bad right now. Definitely a challenging hike both the ascent and descent. But so worth it at the top.

What a beautiful hike. It was 8 miles to the summit, took me about 6 hours to reach it. I met another hiker who said it only took him 3 hours. I like to stop a take photos, enjoy the views. 5 miles up the side of the mountain to what I call the Grand Cirque. Great view if Timp and the saddle to the right. Beautiful meadows of wildflowers. And I can see the trail from Aspen Grove crossing the long rock slide/snow field. That’s a much tougher hike. The final climb up from the saddle is like a giant staircase. 40,000 steps total. I’m ready to go again. Go say hi to the goats.

7 days ago

This was a challenge but so worth it. I'm moderately fit but carried a 25 lb pack so it took about three hours to get to the lake. We started at 8 a.m. and wished we'd started a little earlier because of the heat in July; in fact search and rescue had to send a helicopter that afternoon to retrieve a woman who had passed out at the end of the trail. There was a lot of wildlife including three moose who swam across Lake Lillian right in front of us. We found a great campsite in a grove of aspen trees in the east side of the lake. LOTS of mosquitoes so take DEET. Make sure you explore once you get up there so that you don't miss the other lakes. The trail was very busy but things quieted down later in the afternoon and the sunset over the Great Salt Lake was peaceful.

Very strenuous. We hiked this on a Saturday, busiest day. We arrived at the trailhead parking lot at 5 am and the lot was half full. I started off in pants but changed into shorts about 1 mile up the trail. I suggest shorts on a warm day but bring a hoodie for the summit, it gets windy and chilly. We summited at 11:30 am. We all had 3 liter water bladders in our packs but that wasn't enough for a hot day. We all ran dry on the way down with 6 miles left to go. My GPS said 15.4 miles total. There was a little patch of snow, about 100 yds, on the talus pile between Emerald Lake and the saddle. The last mile from the saddle to the summit is the most strenuous. It is very steep and involves climbing stepped rocks on the steep western face of the slope. We arrived back to the trailhead at 4:30 pm (11.5 hrs total). We saw a moose with 2 calves and 4 mtn goats. The waterfalls helped us keep cool on the way back down.

It was a nice shady trail to start out with a great view but overall I was disappointed by the lack of a nice resting place with shade on the final stretch and the fact that they charge $3 to drive up the canyon. I wouldn’t hike it again for those two reasons.

Amazing hike today. The views were amazing. We started at 5am and the parking lot was full. Really hot until we reached higher elevation. A lot of people.

Fun and challenging hike. Took about 3 hours total (not counting the time spent at the top). Will likely take between 2.5 to 4 hours depending on how many breaks you take. Highly recommend going early in the morning to avoid the heat. Beautiful views at the top!

Unbelievable and pretty tough. We took our time and stopped to enjoy some moments along the way. 9 1/2 hours total. Mountain Goats... yes!!!! Mamas with babies. I wasn’t afraid until other “humans” started acting stupid! Getting with in feet of the goats to take selfies, getting between mamas and babies. Completely unaware that by getting close to the goats, they were scaring them and pushing them toward us. Several times during the different encounters I thought someone was going to get charged. I hate breaking trail, but there were 4 goats and 2 extremely stupid humans and I was genuinely afraid for the safety of our little group. I was concerned, initially for the other hiker, until he kept opening his mouth! After that, my concern retreated and we just got ourselves clear. I felt very sad for this little goat family. They were scared, and because of that, very aggressive. Please be respectful of the animals. We are guests in THEIR homes!

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