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Spectacular even on a cool November day!

Short hike with a great view. Worth the effort.

Relatively easy until the last 1/4 mile or so. Gets a little steep and the ground is a little loose. Pretty great views once you reach the top. Doesn't take very long but I'd say it's worth the trip.

Snagged a wilderness permit and we did the 16 miles down... sleeping overnight at campsite 10. Was amazing!!

Boring. Easy.

Boring. Easy.

Boring. Easy.

I really enjoyed this trail. There are so many trails in the area, you can combine to customize the length. The loop is easy to follow if you use the map and your phone GPS. Recommend adding the Paradise Rim out and back to this loop.

nature trips
11 days ago

Cool and nice. Water is very urgent and fast. Fell down a couple times.

Nice view in the forest. But need better maintenance.

Looked at this hike for years as a possible hike. Finally decided to give it a try. Glad I did. The last little bit of the hike was a little to close to a neighborhood for my liking. Had a great view from the mouth of the cave. Even if the cave was small in depth but large in size.

Great adventure! Made it to the top with my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail hawk. It got a little tricky on the switch backs due to some wash out areas. On our way back we took the the Indian sprigs trail and as it turns out it brings you right back to the old 91.

21 days ago

The first 90% of the trail was relatively easy and I was able to follow it pretty well. Near the end you have to climb over a few obstacles but it was doable for a fat guy like me. I lost the trail once the cave was in sight but figured out how to get up and there and the view was worth it. Really pretty trail with changing scenery.

Lovely, beautiful And adventurous trail! Captivating landscapes and rock walls!

This is a unique hike. It is beautiful and worth the hike. I would definitely recommend the shoes pants and walking sticks.

28 days ago

Actually Id rate this trail as moderate vs easy. Its not very well marked but once we finally found the cave it was really great!

The title of this hike is just for the paved walk before entering the canyon to wade through the river. This part is easy. Obviously the hike gets harder once you are wading through shin deep water which sometimes reaches waist deep or more depending on how far you go. In the fall for sure, I recommend renting shoes, socks, pants, and a hiking pole from an outfitter in Springdale as the water is cold and there is little sun. Anyone bothering to wade through the river should make it to wall street. It is the best portion of the canyon. It is not signed, so get a pamphlet from the outfitter. Access is via Zion's 40 minute shuttle bus ride. Parking is limited at the visitor center. Go early to avoid crowds and to be able to see where you are walking in the river. For more details and pics and how to do this hike, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/10/21/hikes-near-kanab-utah/

I just did this one on 10/16. So glad the ranger recommended to go to one of the outfitters in town. We rented the dry pants, boots, a dry sack for out bags, and a pole, very worth it. The water was freezing and it can be very slippery and easy to roll an ankle if you don't have the proper footwear, the stick really helped to catch my balance a few times. The pant helped keep my pants underneath completely dry and warm too. The water was pretty much ankle to waist deep, I'm 5'8". there are also dry areas that you can walk in too to take a break from the water. We made it all the way up to the end of Wall Street, Wish I new the mileage to each point.

I guess my one mistake was I didn’t rent any equipment...the water was cold probably in the lower 50s. I couldn’t wait to get out of the water. The rocks have lots of algae on them making them slippery poles would have been helpful. The view was wonderful however.

The hike was beautiful! The water was very cold!

It was raining and the water was about 38 degrees, but it was worth every moment of it. Make sure to have water shoes and hiking pole because the current can get a little rough when it rains. Also, pack lunch and extra clothes in a water bag.

Second time here to the narrows and just as beautiful as ever! Make sure you wear the right shoes though and preferably have hiking poles; we passed quite a few people trying to attempt this barefoot with no poles or anything and they looked like they were having a horrible time. It’s worth it to come prepared! :)

Nice paved path to get you to the start of the water. Watch your step in the water and you should be good, take your time, it’s crowded, always!

Nice, easy hike. Once again enjoyed this park with my two year old on my back. He liked exploring around the old fire tower structure. I recorded this to be 4.4 miles when using "Map My Run", but I did start and end at the additional parking lot, and used the connector trail.


Favorite hike and national park!

1 month ago

very easy trail for a relaxing walk by the river. beautiful landscape.

Great trails close to the city. Markings aren’t great and they are not very well maintained but a lot of mileage possible.

Easy, nothing special because you’re always in the woods and there’s no “view” to enjoy

It's a nice stretch and you can see a garden on the rocks and squirrels and mules. Was exciting and mostly used as a trail head to narrows.

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