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Nice walk along the Virgin River that leads to the beginning of the narrows hike. Great views of the canyon floor and towering canyon walls.

Beautiful walk/hike along the Virgin river to the beginning of the Narrows. There is a paved path, and you can also leave the path and hike right next to the river (for most of the route, which we did.). We went early, and during the week, and it was less crowded. Would definitely do this again, and would be prepared with water shoes and walking sticks to hike part of the narrows!

This is part of the hike to get to the actual Narrows. Nice scenery, easy paved road

Great hike continues to the narrow

awesome hike and scenery. Make sure to show up early. We caught the 7:30 shuttle and were still able to park at the visitor center. Going up stream wasn’t to crowded but coming back down about 4 hours later the place was packed.

Amazing river hike.

Beautiful easy hike. I suggest going super early like we did to beat the crowds. Way too many people when we were coming back from Imlay Temple. Glad to have started earlier and hiked alone for about 2 hours.

Early in morning is best when crowds are lighter. Take the sandy trails to the left along the river, it will reconnect with main trail and is less traveled, avoiding some of the crowds.

Amazing Hike! We did 9.8 miles of it. Make sure you rent the water boots and stick. It’s well worth it and you won’t regret doing so. Many rocks and knee height water once you hike deeper into the narrows ! If you’re like me and get cold easily I do recommend a sporty light jacket or rash guard. Because deeper into the narrows the sun hides and it gets cold !

First half of the trail is very hot and dusty. Cools off substantially when you hit the narrows and the shade. Lots of hiking through water, sometimes almost waist deep. The best part of the trail comes after you get past the first ladder. That first ladder is quite dangerous so climb carefully and make sure your footing is secure. The trail was closed after the second ladder because there was some sort of accident involving it the prior weekend. It looked much scarier than the first ladder. Overall, amazing hike with spectacular views.

This hike was beautiful once you get past the dirt road going in you'll be hiking in and out of the water so please wear the right footwear. walking through the Narrows with a beautiful red rock is breathtaking.

This hike is beautiful! There are a couple of challenging spots, the second ladder is a bit unsettling. Water feels good! I don’t recommend wearing flip flops. Something water proof and sturdy. This hike is definitely one to do again!

Fun hike, and the river was refreshingly cool on a warm morning, but SO crowded, even at 9:30am. Should have started earlier to maybe avoid some crowds. It was disappointing to see folks hand feeding the squirrels near the end of the paved trail too :(

Amazing !!!
Great views!!!!

September 7th, Incredible hike! The color contrast and sounds combine for an amazing experience. It’s an easy hike with two gorgeous waterfalls inside a slot canyon. We hiked just past the second of the waterfall and then turned around. The entire hike took just under 3 hours from the parking lot (we took our sweet time because of the incredible vistas). Highly recommend it.
Only complaints are the $9 per person fee can get steep for a large family and of course that no dogs are allowed, I get it, but still.

One of my favorite hikes of all time. Walking through the river in a slot canyon. Deep in some places. I'm 5'8" got up to mid thigh. This hike starts off slow but once you start the river nothing short of amazing.

Great views, make sure you good shoes!

We went in the middle of august in between thunder storms (I know, don't do that it can be dangerous) They charged as $9 at the base because people have been vandalizing, crushing vegetation, having fires, and littering. So they are hoping the fee will deter those types of shenanigans. I SUPPORT THAT. It is a pretty easy hike. You'll come up to your first slot canyon after a little ways, in there will be the first ladder. The ladder is sturdy but can be a little shaky and slippery so just be careful. After the first ladder there is a series of pools. If you keep hiking you will come up to another slot canyon. The water here got up to my bellybutton at some points (I am 5'7"). In the second slot will be a second ladder. This one is wooden and VERY rickety. The base log is sturdy but the rungs can be swiveled around and there is one missing near the top leaving a large gap. The ropes attached though are stable and a HUGE help. Honestly, I wouldn't go much father past the second ladder, I dare say that I would stop at the ladder. After that it just gets skinnier and skinnier. My friends and I hiked it for 4 hours and never found a "ending destination" so save yourself the trouble and stop at the second ladder.

This is an outstanding hike! Make sure to bring your walking sticks because at the end of the paved trail, you hike in the Virgin River. The water can be waist high and the rocks are slippery. Hiked in the afternoon and it was nice as the water was cool and it was hot outside. The trail is crowded, but it is a nice change to hiking as it is fun to see every chatting, enjoying the hike, the helping each other out.

Good trail for how close it is to the city. Extremely overgrown in a lot of areas, but overall a good hike.

Went up to this on Aug. 24th, 2018. Beautiful hike, wearing tennis shoes, water is cold initially but you get accustomed to it once you walk a while. There is actually a third waterfall further back and the trail connects to a dirt road, (Lower basin road). If you take the dirt road to the left it will bring you back to the north end of Kanarraville.

Definitely recommend this hike, such beautiful scenery!!!

Don’t go on a holiday weekend!! Tourists don’t respect nature, I saw several of them smoking, eating and leaving their trash behind, or trying to feed wildlife.

Fun hike. Slippery once you hit the river. Walking sticks recommended.


Beautiful hike! Make sure you bring water shoes and maybe a pair of shoes to change into after. This hike was fun. You go back and forth in and out of the water til you get up to the waterfall. My feet got really cold initially so I sat down once I got to the waterfall. I ate some lunch and let them thaw out for the way back down and I was fine. Very pretty hike and it was fun to go thru the water

Beautiful trail but way too crowded. Like hiking in NY City only much more beautiful. A squirrel photo bombed my picture. Saw three deer that originated from lower Manhattan.

20 days ago

I hiked this after doing observation point and I don’t recommend doing them in the same day. You have to walk around 3 miles one way to actually get to the “narrow” part of the canyon. I did this in Tevas which I also don’t recommend doing if you plan on going more than a mile. I wear my tevas hiking all the time and I got so many blisters and cuts on my feet. Definitely get a stick, rent or buy one from the gift shop for $13. Totally worth it. Renting boots are worth it if you plan on going more than a mile or so.

We went as far as the fork, after an 8-ish a.m. start. Nice and shady most of the way up and back. Beautiful and fun. You will appreciate a sturdy wood walking stick and good boots.

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