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18 hours ago


2 days ago

Came here on 09/10 at like 11am. Weather was perfect. Definitely congested in the parking lot but wasn’t so bad once we got down to the beach. Not so much a hike but just a beautiful place to hang for a bit and drink your coffee.


3 days ago

Spectacular views! So much to see and explore.

on Lava Canyon Trail

3 days ago

Not for kids or dogs. Watch your footing as it gets very narrow in some spots. It was pouring rain when we went so we had to be extra cautious on the slopes and the ladder.

3 days ago

Hard to describe how special and beautiful this beach is. We were visiting from Philadelphia and Ruby Beach left us speechless. Originally planned on an hour here but spent close to 4 exploring and watching the tide come in. I think about this afternoon all the time.

Not much of a ghost town, but the hike was pretty easy. Option to go short or long distance.

very nice and relaxing walk, beautiful beach great first dogs that like to swim!

Great hike! was apprehensive to do old trail....but we made it in 3 hours and would gladly do the old trail again on the way up. Took the new trail on the way down... very well groomed but long. But was a knee saver. Well worth it and would do it again.

10 days ago

Arguably the best beach in the state. I loved the rocky outcropping and the pretty cliffs and beaches.

11 days ago

It was a bit raining but I enjoyed my trip to Ruby beach. It wasn't too cold at all. I love the rock formations. It is simply beautiful.

This is one of my favorite hikes as it’s so close to home. Easy going in and more challenging on the way out as this is a reverse hike where the destination is downhill. Amazing views as you go through the tunnel and it opens onto the beach.

13 days ago

A perfect day for my little one to experience his first little nature hike.

Not much of a hike. Everything overgrown and not much left. 5 stars for river. Nice swimming whole.

great trail for running, decent foraging. unfortunately came back to my window smashed in after hike. Contrary to signage, there are no cameras over looking the parking lot. Still a beautiful trail though, just be conscientious.

A little steep but worth the hike!

Great trail for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Great signage and mile markers. Scenery is calming. Destination on the bay worth the short walk.

16 days ago

This is my favorite place to backpack and camp so far. It’s pretty brutal though, I wasn’t prepared for how relentless the steep and rocky the switchbacks are. I also had a 65 lbs backpack on me, which I wanted to throw off the side of the mountain with a banshee cry. We camped at Tuck and then hiked to Robin the next morning. I definitely needed that break. The hike to Robin was a little confusing but there are two ways. Just follow the cairns and don’t be afraid to ask people as they’re coming down for some direction. We had tons of mountain goats hanging out and walking past our tents, it was amazing. The sunset here was the best I’ve ever seen. My only regret was not having extra time to explore the top of Robin Lake. I need to come back so I can, I just keep remembering the stream of cuss words going through my mind the last 3 miles but it’s worth it. Remember, pack out what you pack in and no fires. There aren’t any trees for bear lines at Robin, so bring canisters or ursacks. Crazy thing is we all had cell reception at Robin lakes, don’t plan on it but don’t be surprised if you do!

ps: You have to drive through a little creek to get to the trailhead. The pot holes are also insanely deep. So bring a vehicle that can handle it.

16 days ago

One of my two favorite backpacking destinations. Easy hike past Hyas Lake for the first 3 Miles, then soon after the right turn at the T towards Tuck and Robin, the trail gets relentlessly steep. Trekking poles really help. The trail around Tuck toward Robin is confusing for about a mile, but the AllTrails map helped big time. Cairns help mark the rest of the way up the slabs of rock toward Robin Lakes. The last push is challenging with heavy packs, but the view of Robin Lakes and their surroundings is truly breathtaking. Rainier and Adams were crystal clear in the background, with Cathedral Rock and Mt. Daniel boldly dominating the foreground behind lower Robin Lake. Nights get very cold and windy this time of year so make sure to bring adequate layers. I didn’t, but thankfully my sleeping bag compensated for me being a dunce. Saw 3 mountain goats near our tent on Sunday (9/2) morning. Leave time to take the trail between upper and lower Robin up to the peaks above for dazzling views of lower Robin lake especially, surrounded by miles and miles of cascades. Delighted to see Mt Stuart peaking out once we were up there as well. Couldn’t have asked for better weather during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Soak in the beauty and let it refresh you. I wish I could remember the ranger’s name during our stay at Robin. He was a delightful and friendly man with a game winning smile. Extra kudos to that great guy.

Great on the way down! Awesome beach beautiful little place for kids to play, bathrooms and a hand wash station available, saw a sea lion and lots of birds. It’s a hike on the way back since it’s all up hill, but it’s definitely a place I will be back to! Very nice for kids.

Parking was a little tight, we arrived around 12 in the afternoon, had to park a few streets up and walk, but there’s a bathroom in the parking lot and a few at the beach. Worth the trip.

Read a lot of reviews mentioning how tough the hike is beforehand and pretty sure it is! The views om the top tho are totally worth it. Took the new trail up and down, around 3.5 hrs up and 2 hrs down. I'm pretty sure I was one of the slower people on the trail so if you're a regular hiker then should be around 2.5 hrs up. Couldn't see Mt Rainier today but even then the views make up for it. The last one mile on rocks is tough, be prepared for it. Would definitely recommend it if you're up for a challenge

17 days ago

One of my favorite places for an early morning hike. The beach is a relaxing mid-hike reward before the uphill return— which is definitely a calf workout! Great for a quick hike or trail running.

17 days ago

Challenging Hike. Extremely Rewarding.

My Friends texted me saying they wanted to go hiking, so naturally I thought hell yeah!

Personally, I was not expecting this hike to be so brutal. :')

By the time I reached the top I was crawling on my hands, all the muscles in my legs were shutting down from how tense they were.

I'd highly recommend taking breaks.

In conclusion, one of my most memorable hikes. You will run into amazing people who all share an affinity for nature and being outdoors. Bring trinkets, stickers that you can place on/in the Mailbox.

Good nature walk for children

Toughest one that I have hiked in this area so far. We did the old trail up and new trail down. 2.5 going up and little less going back down. Old trail is boring, it goes on forever 5+ miles but definitely beats your leg muscles. Next time I am just doing old trail up and down. I hiked couple of days ago and my calf muscles can still feel the pain, totally worth it though. I want to do this once a year at a minimum. The views up top are amazing. Wish I had spent more time at the top. Next time.

Great little hike. However, we didn't use the trail and took an adventure up river. Very scenic. Only downside is the area was a bit sketchy and there was some litter in and around the creek

This is one of my go to trail running spots. Most of the trail is runnable and the views along the way are amazing, however be super careful since in some spots the trail is very narrow so one wrong step and it will be your last. Most people turn around after reaching the Katwalk however if you keep going the lakes at the end are scenic and will tempt you to stay awhile. In fact the lakes are a fantastic place to camp. Since this is part of the PCT you won’t be alone, but it is not a crowded trail at all. Bring warm clothes because the area past the Katwalk tends to be pretty cold. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”, including the ones from this hike.

17 days ago

I will suggest this for any relaxed hiker with little ones. If you are a not a fan of open air hiking, this is the one for you; the whole hike is through the forest.

Since it ends at a beach, kids will enjoy it. There is a close by park as well

This is a long, steep,hard hike. Your legs will burn so bad, it’s great :) Views at the top are really the only ones you will worth capturing. The new trail is easier but longer so most will spend a good amount of their day on the mountain. The parking lots fill fast and street parking fills as well. On the plus side there are no bugs. If you’re training this is a great hike to go up the old trail and run down the new trail, then repeat. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”.

Took the kids, ages 10, 8, and 6, and they had a great time. Good views of the Carbon River. We did spot some ruins of some buildings and what looked like a 58-59 Desoto that had run off the road many moons ago. We climbed down at the Fairfax bridge and followed the river down a couple of miles. Beautiful hike.

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