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I have hiked about 100 trails with waterfalls and this trail is by far the most beautiful! Very easy hike in and out. Well marked and maintained.
There are actually two falls at the end with a smaller one along the way.
I would give it 10 stars if I could!!

8 days ago

Great trail for all ages!

19 days ago

Nice walk to the observation deck. Deck is damaged from a fallen tree so part of the viewing area is inaccessible. Still beautiful views of the falls.

Short but the falls are worth it

Great trail you can walk across logs where the bridge is closed.

Cool waterfalls! Would recommend a car that can go through some water otherwise you’ll have to park further back and hike 1 mile uphill to get to the trailhead

So, this isn't the most scenic trail, I know, but you'll see some interesting flora if you look closely enough. Because it is relatively new, you don't have to contend much with roots from erosion. It's a quiet trail, little traveled, with few bikes--which is nice because you aren't having to move out of the way constantly. (I've noticed for some reason that I'M always the one moving.) Beware of ticks, though, if you are hiking in the summer. I've found one twice after hiking this trail.

28 days ago

Great hike. Bridge was down so need to cross on small log or get wet. Well worth the hike.

Very nice trail. We ll definitely do it again

Some nice waterfalls via a short hike. Can get very crowded. If you continue down the trail from the falls, crowds will fall off and you'll find some solitude. Nice hike.

I have hiked this trail since I started living in GA. I stumbled across Indian Grave Road looking for the AT. Was meeting a friend who was section flip-flopping the AT. That’s what we call his journey.

Recently I noticed the bridge being down and am interested in seeing a repair done. I am currently reaching out to to some Boy Scout Troops to see if can get volunteer help. Things are starting to look good as far as getting in front of Scout people who matter.

I have been in the construction industry my entire life. I wouldn’t mind seeing where I can get materials donated or discounted.

I would love to know how to reach someone who may have “control” of this trail. Forest service? State?

Would love to see this bridge get repaired. It is a beautiful surprise at the bottom. Absolutely one of my favorites! One of my top recommended hikes to most people in conversation.

I will attach a contact email for anyone interested or could help provide information.

Greatly appreciated!


We stayed in an Airbnb on the other side of the trail, it was a fun hike but there was very little signage from that direction.

Signs posted saying trail closed due to bridge out. Did not get to hike this trail today. Disappointed. If it would not have been posted, would have hiked it anyway.

This was my first real hike ever, and I'd say it's more of an "easy" hike. Except we never made it all the way up because we were still learning how to follow markers. A bit of a stream to cross, so that was fun (no sarcasm, that actually was fun)! Great beginner hike!

This trail is great! My dogs loved it! There are 3 different loops and potentially over 3 miles of hiking.

Beautiful views and we'll maintained trail. No worries crossing at broken bridge! Just made it more fun. Keep your eyes open or you'll miss the turn!

1 month ago

great trail but was flooded from rain. Not a good idea after rain i found out

1 month ago

great trail bu

Went in from the parking lot for Raven Cliff Falls. Had to ford the creek a couple times which made it more fun.Would suggest doing it from proper trailhead if you're not very adventurous.

Trail in great shape, easy, hope they fix the primary viewing deck soon.

We only had time to do 1 hike, and we were so glad we chose this one.

Lots of dog poop left along the trail from previous hikers. Parts of the trail were quite flooded over after recent rains. I had my toddler with me (who mainly refused to move unless I was carrying him), so crossing the creek that the trail goes through was a tad tricky, but doable. It wasn’t a bad hike, but not the best.

This was a great was to get into, or back into, hiking! The trail is well maintained and moderate to easy. the views are beautiful and well worth the effort in the climb/hike back up. The attendants at the visitor center were helpful and knowledgeable. A great way to spend an afternoon!

Love both Falls. Easy hike. It’s less crowded to go in the winter but anytime is beautiful

2 months ago

Not much to see here, but sometimes getting into a silent environment cleanses the soul better than searching for wildlife or hunting for selfies in front of a rock face. Docile and quiet, and a good option for trail running - hard packed and flat, with nary a root or stone to send an ankle in the wrong direction. Google Maps initially took us into a neighborhood that backed up to the trail parking lot but was not accessible. Be sure to take Church St. off of 150 down about 2 miles to the Haw River State Park Iron Ore entrance (on the right). Nice parking area with sparse bathrooms.

Started intending to include the Cook's Wall Trail and Moore's Knob Trail. Realized the day was getting long, and cut most of Moore's Knob out. Was a very nice hike. Not too strenuous. It will make you feel like you did something. The highlights were House Rock and Cook's Wall Outlook. At least a 270° clear view at the Outlook. Beautiful to say the least. Even the soaring buzzards had a certain majesty to them from the Outlook. I believe there was a bald eagle amongst them, but didn't get a shot of it. I guess the buzzards we're trying to tell this fat boy something, which may have had some to play in shortening the trek. I should title this There And Back Again: A Short, Fuzzy, Fatboy's Tale. No Dragons, Just buzzards. Lol!

2 months ago

It's a nice walk down to the falls. They are worth it. Right now part of the bridge is closed because if a downed tree. Happy trails all.

2 months ago

Nice easy hike, no one on the trail, pretty waterfalls along the trail

Down hill stroll all the way to the falls and an uphill hike back. Great for the family and not to difficult. Nice big falls at the end.

3 months ago

Great hike with variety! It’s rated as easy, but may prove a bit more moderate for some mostly because of stream crossings. Some up and downhill, but mostly pretty level with stream crossings and rock scrambles. Towards the top of the loop there is a small detour up a steep hill that takes you to a couple look outs with beautiful views. Take time to enjoy the couple water falls on the way back. It took about an hour and a half and that included stopping and exploring around too. I really enjoyed this hike!

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