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Great intermediate trail

We hiked this with our dog and enjoyed the diverse landscapes, views, and creek crossings. We hiked the Cedar Creek Trail afterwards and I would highly recommend that shorter (slightly more rigorous) trail for more water crossings and views. Also, don’t miss the scenic overlook towards the entrance of Petit Jean State Park (Stouts Point)

Beautiful day for a hike. This is a strenuous hike if you are not in good condition. You begin the hike by descending down to the falls/river. But that means the trek back is uphill. The trail was pretty empty. We saw one guy on the way down and did pass a group coming down as we went up. The waterfall was a trickle but still worth the effort to hike it. Will be back in the spring when things green up and hopefully catch the waterfall flowing more.

My friend and I are avid hikers in Hawaii and in good shape, we had our minds set on completing this loop today. It took us 5.5 hours (although we got lost twice and once for a solid hour and we didn’t stop to rest at all). I Completely agree with a previous post, 4-5 hours for a fit hiker, too much less and the entire loop wasn’t completed.

This trail was not easy. Trailhead easy to find and we did it clockwise but went wrong somewhere taking our first left headed up hill, although we saw markers (seem to be all over) we still ended up off track and in some very sketchy areas. After making our own trail for the most part we made it up to wiliwilinui which we are familiar with. This was great news because it wasn’t possible for us to go back down the way we came. I wish I could tell you where we went wrong but I may never know. This portion of the loop is easy to follow and took us to the KST which was muddy, rainy and also super sketchy pretty much the whole time but it was also cloudy which kept us from having to look into exactly how far down these steep drops were.

Being farming with the ridge we needed to turn onto helped to find the trail back down. We added more markers along the way to help others to see this as well. The hike down was easier than we thought and I definitely understand why you don’t do this trail counter clockwise. The east ridge is simply safer to go down.

We also got a little lost trying to meet up with the junction to get us back down to the car and ended up going a different way than we came, not sure how but did get out of trouble here sooner than the first time we got lost. Again, I wish I could tell you where we went wrong but I still don’t know. Markers just died off around the stream bed after we crossed.

We saw one other set of hikers after the trail, said they also got lost going up the left side and when the did find their way up to the summit they weren’t comfortable with the conditions and uncertainty of it and turned around. They took wiliwilinui all the way back down then a taxi to their rental car at original trailhead.

Don’t do this if you are scared of heights, getting lost, muddy, slipping or long hikes full of adventure. All that being said, the two of us had a great time other than being super lost and getting all scratched up, but we almost expect these types of things to happen on hikes.

Need: bug spray, snacks, long socks or pants, maybe a rain jacket, and plenty water!

Hi! If anyone is down to do this hike the week of dec-10-14 please reach out to me! I’d love to do this but would rather do it with a buddy! @lifewithstef on IG!

Loved this hike! Gorgeous views, beautiful weather, windy so you stayed cool, and kids had a great time. Not crowded so you can take stops and photos without getting in anyones way. We had 4 kids 4-8 and they did well.

Pretty!!! Muddy, slippery and bring bug spray.

6 days ago

The bench at the top of the Nu'uanu Lookout is in memory of our son Daniel Levey who fell July 21, 2003 at age 19. Daniel loved nature and hiking. The bench is to provide rest for hikers, a fabulous view, and ta reminder to always hike safely. Enjoy.

6 days ago

This is a really beautiful trail. There are some climbing parts. We started near the waterfall instead of at the visitor center, so then the visitor center was mid-way if we needed bathrooms or to pick up anything. We logged it a little longer than the 3.2.

Kid friendly easy hike to the Kaniakapupu ruins. 10-15 minutes to get to the ruins. Muddy and lots of mosquitoes.

6 days ago

This trail has several things to see. There is the natural land bridge, the grotto, and some turtle formed rocks. All in all, this trail should be on everyone's bucket list.

A decent hike, not much to see. It’s a very manicured setting, so no ticks to worry about, but also little to no wildlife to see. If you’re in decent shape this is not moderate, this is an easy trail/nature walk.

trail running
7 days ago

Not too technical. The sounds of falling water are so peaceful. Not too busy in November.

This trail was very busy, lots of leashed dogs, but totally worth it and all very courteous hikers.

11/10/2018-Started around 0800 and came across 4 groups of hikers (total of about 16 people). We managed to find a stall in the parking lot and finally got to see the streams after a good rain! So awesome! It was drizzling most of the time and only came down a little harder for a few minutes of our trek out.

Trail was a lot of fun. It took me about 3 hours with some stoppage for breaks and pictures! The first mile and a half was pretty standard although expect a lot of incline walking. Once you reach the staircases you’ve got about .75 miles left but it’s mainly uphill from there.

This was my first time hiking this trail and I really didn’t expect to literally be climbing up the side of a mountain. It was a pretty dry day and on the way up I was definitely glad that I had worn hiking boots (a bit of grip) cloud cover came in so it started to rain on my way down and my boots were a godsend!

8 days ago

The trail was rewarding especially when you get to see a beautiful waterfall. It was a lot of fun!

Urban jungle meets the Pacific Ocean where surfers hang ten with the mountains in the backdrop. Crowded but an awesome experience! Classic Honolulu postcard views.

Great hike to a nice water fall on the East Side of the island. We were the only ones there for about 30 minutes which made it nice.

The flowers along the trail were nice to look at and the canopy cover from the trees made a nice touch. Easy to find, parking is easy, and the hike was nice and relaxing.

Nice trail. Better after a heavy rain.

Fantastic views. Light showers the day we went so definitely slippery/precarious in spots. Cooled you off though! Rehydrated and rested at the second pillbox for a while to enjoy the amazing views and breezes.

Saw some parents bringing their toddlers, which definitely made me a bit anxious on their behalf.

As others have noted, the ridge does have some drop offs, can get super slippery/muddy when it rains and has ropes in spots to help you climb up. A couple of the ropes look like they’re on their last threads though so test before putting all your weight on those.

Beautiful area, but I think it is safe to say they have given up marking the main trail. Took some awesome pics in the fall.

9 days ago

we (casual hikers but physically very fit) did the full loop clockwise and it was definitely more challenging than we would have expected. several things we would advise to make the experience more enjoyable for you:
- expect to walk through mudd quite a bit and expect to fall/slip several times
- wear pants or be ok with very scratched shins
- there are a few steep pitches where you have to use a rope that was attached
- it will take 4-5 hours. anyone who was faster did not do the full loop or is insanely fit and a seasoned hiker
- seriously reconsider doing this if it has been raining a lot and definitively don't do it in anything but broad daylight
- maybe bring a few pink ribbons, the trail is mostly well marked but could do with a few more markings here and there
- the top part has serious vegetation and is not that far from even requiring a machete (you don't need one!)

it was realy hard for me to follow the trail and got lost several times. Also, there was a dead hog near the entrence to the tunnel and I think that was the reason I missed it. but i would not go in it anyway. the walk around is very slippery.

This was actually a great site to see but the trailhead in this app is very very misleading. A hidden gem if you can find it!!!

hey hiking ohau fans. I am looking for people who would like to join me on that. I will be in Ohau from the 8th until 21th of November. Hit me up on Insta @made86made. Would be amazing to meet some nice people and enjoy the hike - Marc

This hike was a beast for me! Partially due to the fact that my brother lied and said it was rated moderate to get me to join in, lol. It’s a workout both ways but the hollow is breathtaking. When we went the waterfall was pretty light but still beautiful. This was my entryway to the world of hiking and I will always remember it fondly ❤️

Okay so my husband I went to check out this trail for an easy hike. It was not too hard to find with the instructions of past reviews, we made it out to the ruins quickly but couldn’t seem to find where the trail continued from there. There’s a more open field to the right of the ruins and many areas that could lead to possible continuations of the trail, but we decided to turn back due to us feeling overwhelmingly bad vibes or “juju” as we like to say, as well as hearing what sounded like gun shots and we didn’t want to risk getting lost on out in the middle of the forest. Come to find out, this trail is actually known to be haunted!! Google it!

Awesome hike! Beautiful views. Worth every drip of sweat 酪

13 days ago

The trails are well blazed and cleared for trekkers. During rainy seasons keep in mind the trails are on a incline into a hallow so the paths could be flowing with water.

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