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Nice trail. Lots of rain the night before and raining while we ran it, and the trail did not hold water. Plus, the view is beautiful!

My family and I have done this trail many times. We like to park at Sugarlands and walk it to Gatlinburg to eat breakfast then walk it back. Makes for a good morning

7 days ago

Nice trail, easy to follow. Great views

10 days ago

One of the first amazing spots I went the first time I visited North Carolina. Now I live within hiking distance of all the falls in Dupont State Forest. Awesome trails for all ages and amazing waterfalls. The only downside is it does get very busy during the summer.

on Ozone Falls

11 days ago

12 days ago

Really gorgeous views of the gorge,and a couple falls.

easy trail

14 days ago

Pretty fun walk. My recommendation would be park at the visitor center and walk right towards the river across the street. There are signs posted that say Gatlinburg trail. It runs right next the road for a while, with the river on the other side. There are some great photo opportunities on this trail where you can get right next to the river. One of the only trails in the park that allows dogs, so it was definitely worth it to be able to walk my corgi.

God this was the trail that led to my first view of a waterfall. Waterfall was breathless and worth the hike. However park ranger told us it was pretty easy hike, but my friend and I were struggling. Then again we weren't used to the altitude. Also lots of inclines, definitely not for beginners. Plenty of people hiking on trail which made me feel safe.

16 days ago

Wife & I did this hike after a day of heavy rain, and the falls were really pouring! Much heavier than in any of the photos we’d seen.
Also due to the rain, the several side stream crossings weren’t the easy rock hop they probably are under normal conditions. A couple of strategically placed footlogs – so common on other trails throughout the park – would be welcome here.
The trail was extremely muddy because of all the rain; even without the mud, this trail definitely shows signs of heavy use.
Encountered a young couple on the trail with their dog, and had to politely let them know that dogs aren’t allowed on most hiking trails within the park.
We were hoping to cross paths with the llama train, but no such luck.
As always, carry – and drink – plenty of water, and take some energy snacks (or lunch) to enjoy at the falls before heading back to the trailhead or on up to Le Conte Lodge. Even though much of this trail is shaded, sunscreen is never a bad idea. And bug spray is probably advisable during the warmer months.
Parking lot isn’t terribly large, so plan to arrive early or be prepared for a walk to the trailhead.

16 days ago

Wife & I made this our first stop in Cades Cove to beat the crowds while everyone else was exploring the 3 churches. Large parking lot with 2 pit toilets at trailhead.
This hike was quite enjoyable on a beautiful autumn day, and the falls themselves were impressive. The trail stays close to Abrams Creek much of the way, which makes the hiking all the more pleasurable.
The path is broad and smooth most of the time. On the way to the falls, the trail makes 4 crossings of feeder streams on sturdy footlogs. Although this hike could probably be done in sneakers, hiking boots with good ankle support are perhaps a better choice.
Recommend the side trip to the Elijah Oliver Place – interesting cabin and outbuildings.
As always, carry – and drink – plenty of water, and take some energy snacks (or lunch) to enjoy at the falls before heading back to the trailhead. Even though much of this trail is shaded, sunscreen is never a bad idea. And since the trail is near the creek much of the time, bug spray is advisable during the warmer months.
Highly recommend driving Rich Mountain Road out of Cades Cove. It’s a winding forest road with awesome views! And dinner at one of Townsend’s restaurants is a nice alternative to the craziness of downtown Gatlinburg.

We did Triple Falls, High Falls and Hooker Falls in that order. 3.5 miles.

great place to swim! nice hike up the river as well

Awesome trail run with slight incline. The river had some great views. Very easy

19 days ago

Awesome trail all the way around. We went a day after a heavy rain, so the waterfalls were at full force. Beautiful trail, and an easy trail too.

nature trips
20 days ago

This was the first trail we hiked on our trip last week. Definitely a good starter trail for our kids. Not much to take in as far as scenery goes but it was still pretty. Lots of moss and some pretty cool fungus on the logs. Never saw any wildlife, not even birds.
There are LOTS of water crossings, some easy and some more challenging, especially with kids. We ended up taking our boots off, hiking up our pants and crossing the ice cold water barefoot in a few of the crossings.
There is a gorgeous little waterfall about 2 miles up from the trailhead.
The stream crossings got to be too frequent so we turned around after the waterfall which was a bummer. We really wanted to hike up further but the water was very cold and we got tired of taking shoes off and losing feeling in our toes every few minutes.
Overall it's not a bad hike. We may do it again at some point to go up and see the old cemetery.
The biggest like about this hike, for me, was how few people we saw. It was very quiet and serene (other than our kids when they got excited about something). Some of the more popular trails we hiked were a little too crowded and difficult to maneuver because of all the people.

20 days ago

We just hiked this trail on 11/23. There were 7 of us, 4 adults and 3 kids. It was definitely a fun trail. The falls were gorgeous. Lots of places for the kids to explore and climb. We turned back after the falls (the kids couldn't handle another 5 miles to LeConte).
Lots of roots and rocks but overall an easy hike. It was VERY muddy in some areas but nothing that a good pair of waterproof hiking boots couldn't handle.
The only thing was, with it being Thanksgiving week it was VERY crowded. Way too many people to the point where it was difficult to maneuver around everyone at the falls. I highly recommend this trail, just not during a heavy tourist season.

Easy and pretty

on Grotto Falls Trail

21 days ago

We loved this hike and you can walk behind the falls! We hiked it the day after Thanksgiving with our 8/11 yr old boys. We got there about 9:30 and it wasn’t too busy until we made our our way down, it took us just over two hours including time at the falls. You cross several small streams on the way up and the falls are gorgeous. There are numerous spots you have to walk over areas of roots which could be challenging for some but the trail has some great views of ridges and areas that are dense with rhododendrons along the sides of the path and hills which I’m sure are even more amazing when in bloom. We saw people of all ages on the hike so I’d rate it as easy but do recommend hiking boots as it can be muddy and wet. The drive out of the park was stunning and is worth the drive even if you don’t do the hike. You pass many smaller falls, cross single track bridges and pass Cade’s Cove I believe (we didn’t have time for this). We did Rainbow Falls a few days before which is about 5.6 miles in and out but the scenery on this hike is on par with Rainbow and shorter if pressed for time or not up for the longer uphill hike.

21 days ago

The path down is a little sketchy. Watch your footing. You have to walk along the river to get to the waterfall and you will have to cross twice. We didn’t bring water shoes or towels so we didn’t make it to the falls. Super pretty from above though. Not a hard hike.

21 days ago

The overlooking area is an easy hike with a little uphill and downhill. But if you will take the downstream to see the falls closer you have to be prepared as you will cross the river. But the hike is not bad, its just muddy and slippery on the side of the river. Overall it is an excellent hike and the price of the view is breathtaking.

21 days ago

Very easy to get to top of Falls. Wish we’d had time to hike to the bottom. Will definitely be coming back for this!

21 days ago

Nice hike the overlooking is an easy trail, going to base of the falls is rocky and like rock climbing, but good if you are geared for hiking and using hiking boots , it will give you stability as rocks are uneven and leaves are slippery. It is breathtaking and worth it hike.

Easy trail filled with families and presumably first time hikers, AKA no hiking etiquette what so ever. Quick and easy to get to the waterfall, keep following the trail past the waterfall for peaceful hiking. I suggest doing this early am or before sunset to beat the crowds and ease of parking. Would not do again or recommend to friends

Great trail for about 7-70 years of age - if in good shape. a few steep hills. but always wide trails.

Very beautiful, not difficult, and good for kids. Bring extra socks and shoes as it gets muddy and slippery and your socks will get soaked. At least one bottle of water per person. Get there early like 7-8am or you won’t find parking.

Day after Thanksgiving, not too crowded. I have heard the trail can get busy. It was just the right moderate for after turkey day.

23 days ago

Great hike! Be prepared to get wet if it has rained recently bc you will have multiple water crossings.

23 days ago

great trail, a lot slippery though from the little river but the views and the end are well worth it

Great trail for beginners! just get there early as this trail gets crowded.

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