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Great, pretty easy hike in November. It was more crowded than we expected for a Thursday in November. The water felt great. Several cows were in the area when we got to the springs (but not too close to the water, thank goodness!) Parking lot was over full when we got back to the trailhead after 1 pm.

is the gate closed yet?

Super fun trail 100% recommend

Road to trailhead was still open today. Beautiful but busy day. More than enough space in the hot springs for everyone. Excellent moderate hike.

is the road to the trailhead still open? I know they close it once the weather turns then it is closed til spring.

Great jog.

Better than I expected!! Beautiful scenery every step of the way:))

Very good trail, scenic and oh so beautiful. I went to the springs alone. I had a good time soaking, but I think it would be better to have a small group of friends, so I'd suggest you bring some people whose company you enjoy. I went at around 3 pm on Tuesday and there were only about 3 other groups of people so not overcrowded at all. I felt a little awkward soaking alone, but everyone was friendly and didn't seem to mind my dog having a soak as well.

23 days ago

Wasn’t really expecting much—just felt like we had to check the Great Salt Lake off on our list since we were in the area. Wow—really enjoyed our visit to
Antelope Island and this short hike. 360 degree view of an otherworldly landscape in the middle of this huge mysterious lake with mountains all around. Fascinating!

Great trail from the Rays Valley T.H. (east side entrance). Low water flow, but still nice.
Diamond Fork T.H. is open contrary to what this site says.
Soaked for an hour, very enjoyable!

first time out. it was awesome! took my 3 dogs and 4 yr old daughter. they all loved it. it is an easy hike and great views at the top.

24 days ago

Take your camera and go at sunset! Pretty easy hike up, although the gravel on the way down might cause you to slip.

Open today as well! We arrived around 9:30am Sunday morning, only a few cars in the parking lot. We soaked for 3 hours and around 12:30/1:00 people were coming in so quickly. We passed about 10 groups hiking up, and the parking lot was CRAZY FULL.

So advice?

Don’t forget water shoes!
There’s lots of little hot pools above the waterfall.
Arrive early morning.
We saw a few nude people (but it wasn’t bothersome or annoying, they were alone in nature)
A few broken glass bottles which is so annoying because the pool bottoms are soft and stepping onto glass would be so bad.

Absolutely gorgeous, even with most of the leaves having fallen. Lake is crystal clear and the surface is like glass. Pretty busy given the weather, but more than enough space to “get away” from others. The far side trail along the lake was muddy, but doable. Just wear hiking boots, not sneaks and you’ll be fine.

My dog loved splashing and running, others with well behaved pets as well.

Bathrooms as clean as can be expected and odor was minimal.

Parking was accessible and had enough to go around.

Road up is a little precious is some areas bc of the shrubs intruding onto the drive path on the sharp turns.

Will be going back in full winter and spring to enjoy more!

Diamond Fork road wasn’t closed this morning, had the springs to myself for almost an hour.

off road driving
1 month ago

Took my Jeep up there yesterday and enjoyed the drive. The views were really great--a mixture of mountainous vistas and man-made geometrical mountains. Given the moderate rating, I was hoping for a bit of challenge, but found the roads, even snowy and muddy as they were to be really quite easy. Inspiration Point in Willard offered a more satisfying off-roading experience. However, the payoff at the end was really quite cool. Definitely would recommend. If you are uncomfortable with heights, drop-offs, and tight roads, you might not enjoy it so much.

i went sunday. the alternate route is from sheeps creek road. about 10-15 miles past diamond fork. once you make the left on sheeps creek road, another 11 miles of windy road. trailhead is on the left. you can see my recording to get an idea of where you start. hope this helps

Perfect place for a Sunday fall stroll. We parked at the park and walked along the paved path until we came to the branch off heading toward the Aqueduct Trail. Once we got to the Wright Trail sign, we turned around and headed back toward the park. Beautiful views of the mountains, the valley, and pretty wooded sections of scrub oak with red leaves. Loved the bridge with “Over the river and through the woods.”

Steven-how do you get to the alternate trail??

Called the ranger station and diamond fork was still closed, she didn’t know when they would reopen it. So I went and used the alternate trail. Very steep and strenuous compared to the normal trail, but still did it in about an hour each way. Had the whole place to myself, but water levels are low in all the pools, and the river was nice and muddy today. I posted pictures too in case anybody wants to see.

The road was closed as of a couple days ago due to fire related things. If you must know, call the Spanish fork ranger station and inquire if the diamond fork road is open again yet or not.

So the ‘trail’ is closed? Or the gate for the road is closed? I’ve hiked to it when the gate was closed.

Those anyone know if the trail is open now?

Trail is still closed as of Oct. 1st due to the fires. I'm not sure how to find updates. The fire wasn't listed on the map.

FYI trail currently CLOSED related to fire.
I only gave 5 star so it wouldn’t drop the rating.
Plan to come back another time

Don't go. Gross, tons of people who bring their kids and pets to run around and splash and scream in the water.

This hike was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it but I would try to go later in the day so that you can cool off while soaking in the hot springs. This was also a great hike for someone from out of state (Missouri) as it wasn’t too steep and felt as though I was hiking in Missouri (but better lol). We did see a lot of snakes while on this trail so be careful (but none were venomous). Also, the trail looks like it got washed away a little bit so be careful as it’s gravely and large washouts on the trail itself.
Trail: 5 stars
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Drive to trailhead: very easy paved road

worth seeing.

2 months ago

Short hike (~1.2 mi round trip) for some spectacular views! Great photo opportunities and trail is dog friendly. I usually bring out-of-state visitors to Antelope Island and we do this trail - good hike for all ages and it is a perfect vista of the Great Salt Lake. I hit this trail this weekend and bugs were not a problem. Visibility was affected due to the haze from area forest fires.

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