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Great hike. Top trail is very challenging. I saw 12 deer. Bottom trail is gravel path and easy. Combined they make a great adventure. Bring water and a camera.

23 hours ago

Great, but challenging hike. We found another way up to escape majority of boulders by staying left of the trail next to bushes. Close to the top lonely goat joined us for a picture. It took us total 6h.

As someone from Michigan, this hike was a little difficult for me. There were some flatter areas but overall it was an incline. Took me about 3 hours to get up to the lake and 2.5 to get back down. However, it is pretty rough on the knees going down. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks/lunch for the lake.

The fire tower is a great reward at the end of the trail, but at some places there are slippery and/or loose rocks that make the way back down challenging. No plateaus or view points anywhere except at the top. Only a few very steep moments. With many water breaks and a 15 minute rest at the fire tower we clocked in at around 5 hours out and back. Best part was that it is mostly shaded the whole time which made the length bearable. Watch your footing as we did see a baby copperhead on the trail (surely mom was close by).

Hiked this in July by myself. On a weekday I only saw 2 other people. Challenging boulderfield...especially if you get off trail. Start the field to the RIGHT of the large cairyn....if you start to the left you will be climbing straight up til you find the trail. Lots of goats and stunning views from the top. Summited in 2.5 hours...and I’m from Minnesota...so it’s doable...but challenging.

Great hike beautiful view just before Table and awesome view Ashokan high peaks at the summit of Peekamoose when you get to the rock look for the trail on the left side coming up from denning road

Excellent hike! It took us 2:.5 hours to reach the lake at a good pace....and then a nice dip in the lake!!

It was a challenge and there was a lot of lovely fauna to see including a fresh water spring. Nice views at the top and when you’re done you’ll feel like you had a good day in nature and have gotten some great exercise too.

This hike came as advertised. It was a kind of boring hike up, but the ruins are really cool, the views are great, and we saw a timber rattlesnake. My wife and I have only been getting serious about hiking for a few months and we finished in 2.5 hours, which included a few minutes chatting with some volunteers at the top. Overall,it was a great way to spend a morning.

Lovely hike! Steep at times, but worth the views at the top. Note that you can only see views from the fire tower, but there is a little area where you get a nice view.

9 days ago

Great panoramic views throughout the trail. Even though this is high up there is shade at regular intervals on this trail in summer which is a welcome relief. Went after a week of on and off raining, the trail was very very slippery. Be careful if you're going after snow/rain, some of the rock scrambles and descents my grip was slipping, especially the steep rocky section by the stream crossing. Plenty of deep crevasses to hop over and a few scrambles near drop offs--keeps the interest and adrenaline going. There are two rock formations that are similar, apparently Gertrude's nose is the one with the larger outcropping. You can take Millbrook Carriage back for a longer but more gentle way to end or to MM trail to Lake Minnewaska for a steeper route.

Looked for but didn't see many blueberries at all, sadly. Plently of huckleberries along the way, though.

We hiked this back in April. Muddy trails but the top was worth it. There’s awesome abandoned buildings and a tower you can climb at the top. Gorgeous views

A few sections with some steep ascents but overall nothing too challenging with little to no scrambling needed. Go on a clear day, views are awesome!

9 days ago

So many beautiful views on this loop around Gertrude’s Nose. Loop itself was about 6ish miles, with just under two coming in and out from the parking lot. Not sure about folks who don't find this a difficult trail - either they’re stroking their egos or I’m nurturing mine!...you make the call *smile*. Lots of irregular terrain, steep spots to climb - up and down, and large slippery rocks with water crossings on the path. That said, I’m no pro hiker and I found it totally doable. And, despite it being a Sunday and there being lots of folks circulating by the lake, I was solo for nearly the whole loop.... just ran into one duo toward the end. (Maybe because it was later in the day, ~3-7.) I wanted a challenging new trail with lots of natural beauty and definitely found it!

11 days ago

Beautiful! Not many people for a Saturday in Vail. Caught the end of wildflower season.

Once you get to the peak, the view is amazing. But be prepared for lots of walking. Bring snacks and plenty of water.

Relentless incline but beautiful views from the top. Amazing hike!

13 days ago

Very wet trail and top of fire tower is locked

13 days ago

Boring all truck road .. top of the fire tower is locked

on Pitkin Lake Trail

13 days ago

The trail is definitely steep but nothing too challenging. We completed the trail with our four year old doing it on his own. Got to the lake in five hours, all trails clocked it as 5.6 miles one way. Beautiful views, tons of wild flowers!

best during spring, during the summer fitzgerald falls is nothing but a trickle. overall a good hike that ive done several times.

One of my favorite hikes within 2 hrs of NYC. Beautiful, peaceful, varied terrain, at times challenging (although never daunting), good views of Greenwood Lake, and a nice visit to Surprise Lake. You will see other hikers but the trail is just difficult enough that there are unlikely to be major crowds, and most of your time on the path will be in isolation unless walking directly in front of or behind another group. The majority of people are up in the north end of the park closer to the lake, since there is another entrance up there for the shorter Surprise Lake Loop.

If doing the whole route starting from the south end, side of the road parking available near intersection of Warwick Turnpike and White Rd. Path can be done clockwise or counter-clockwise. Clockwise (walking west and then north on the white trail to start) puts the steepest part of the hike first, and you go uphill for it. Counterclockwise (keep right and go north on orange trail) leaves steepest part for the end and is downhill. I'd recommend Clockwise.

The path of the loop as currently marked on the alltrails website is a little confusing, because it appears to run north/south in between Surprise Lake and West Pond. However if you look at the maps available at the trailheads (as well the map available on alltrails for the Surprise Lake Loop) you will see that the yellow trail actually runs around outside of and around West Pond. So either the map listed here is representing some shortcut trail that I couldn't find and is not listed on the official park map, or the actual route is a much wider loop at the top and I would guess the whole trail is closer to 7.25 miles instead of the 6.6 listed. Maybe someone who is very familiar with this park can comment and clarify.

Trail is for the most part well marked and maintained. Only tricky part is if going counter clockwise and turning onto yellow path up north near the NJ/NY state line, the turn on to the yellow was only marked on the ground instead of at eye-level and can be missed if not on the lookout.

The path was fine in the summer a couple days after a storm, but I could imagine the trail being very difficult in the snow or soon after heavy rains.

tougher then we thought. rain made the hike more technical. very nice view from the fire tower.

Decent trail. Not worth the 15$/person and passive aggressive attendant where we parked at the head though. Would not do again.

17 days ago

Awesome hike! Pretty challenging, honestly, especially the beginning and end pitches. It mellows out quite a bit in the middle with a couple of quick pitches in between. I used the Map My Run app and logged 5.42 miles one way and it took me just under 5 hours round trip. Gorgeous scenery, lots of wildflowers, and tons of water crossings (easy). There are a few places where the trail splits but it’s pretty obvious which way to go as most of the wrong ways are blocked with sticks. I only came to one that wasn’t blocked around mile 4. I stayed right and that appeared to be correct pretty quickly after I passed a couple of other hikers coming down. This is not a hike for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely worth the push to get to the lake. If you’ve got weak knees, you’d probably benefit by hiking with poles. Bring lots of water and snacks and check the forecast for rain. Completed 7/28/18
Side note: Do NOT try to park in the grassy area to the back left as you pull in. Dude that lives nearby is a total ass hat - Save yourself the interaction with him.

17 days ago

Lovely trail but this is a moderate one - cannot call this hard

Would give this 4.5 stars if I could. Really boring first two miles, downhill on the rocky white trail, but after you hit the small parking area off Storm King Highway, you start to rise on the blue trail on switchbacks then are awarded with some spectacular views. There are stairs built into the hillside that make the ascent easier, and several side areas where you can get some amazing views up and down the Hudson. It was a bit overcast the day I went so the North Point Summit view was not as spectacular as it might have been. Still, a great great hike and you are amply rewarded for the first 2 boring miles. I suppose you could do this hike from Storm King Highway but then all of the views would be at the start of the hike. Better to build up to it. You could also just hike up to North Point from 9W by going counterclockwise, but what's the fun in that? One more note: there are a TON of blueberry bushes on the way down from the summit, so bring a basket or help yourself to a handful.

Buffalo is a little bit of everything. A walk through the trees - the burn area right now is amazing to experience - a scramble through a challenging boulder field and a slow steady ascent to the summit. The views and the goats at the top are amazing. The journey down is rough on the knees and toes. Always a great hike.

My 1st ever trail; you'll love it. great view from top. Hydrate well

lots o fjn surfing in California

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