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Good trail, had a little bit of everything- slight inclines in open areas to rocky climbs in the trees. Great view from the top!

Loved it! Dogs were exhausted!

Busy. Lots of bikes.

Beware of crazy dog on leash! It will bite.

Now for the trails. Fantastic views. I’d say the best trail for running would hands down be red Mesa loop. Lots of dogs beware.

Very light traffic. Recommends long sleeves and full pants. Sunrise is little relief. Good for morning workouts but definitely not a worthy hike

20 days ago

Fantastic, scenic hike in fresh, late March snow. Physically pretty demanding on the way up but technically not too difficult on the way down. Did the loop clockwise.

20 days ago

Trail was dry. Physically demanding but the vegetation and views left something to be desired. This might improve as flowers start to bloom. very light traffic. Recommend wearing long pants and sleeves. The brush is stiff and overgrown.

Little traveled hike starts off to the north side of Waterton Canyon under the pipes. Fairly steep, great views. As people have said there are many false summits. The true summit is clearly marked by a metal pole with cans on the top. If you don't see this...look for more trail! At the base of this pole is a jar with notepad to sign your name. Enjoy the trail!

Hiked on 3/25/18. Made it up and down without micro spikes but there were some slick moments, especially on the decent. Always a good Boulder go-to but you will see a ton of folks on this one.

29 days ago

Fun trail.

Great challenge with a few rock scrambles. Just as the others have stated, walk with the heard of people towards the lake, then turn right after the overhead pipes. After this, the trail is a fun challenge. Lots of sun with little shade. Wear long sleeves!

Hiked Green Mountain today as our first hike of the season and really enjoyed it. It was dry and snow free for the most part but the closer we got to the summit the more packed snow and icy spots we encountered. We hiked up Gregory Canyon and didn’t use our spikes at all but on the way down I was really glad to have them. As usual we saw a lot of people in sneakers that made it up and down as well so you can do without I guess. All in all great hike but a bit too crowded for my taste but that’s what you get when you hike in Boulder.

This was a nice hike despite the mud/ice/snowpack when we went this weekend. I hiked it with my 3, 6, and 8 year old as well as my dog. I was concerned about the Plymouth portion being too difficult for us due to the black diamond, "most difficult" rating given on the Jeffco map. This was made a little more difficult with the trail being 10% icy, and 70% sticky slippery mud, regardless we all made it just fine albeit dirty and it was not "most difficult." Without the added conditions I would definitely say this is not a difficult trail. It was beautiful and I look forward to hiking it later this season without the added conditions.

It’s not even a trail. You park on a residential street, walk 3,000 ft up the mountain to a dead end with no trail. Waste of time.

We enjoyed our hike today but there was a lot of ice and snow on the trail. Crampons would have been very helpful.

1 month ago

Trail was great. Parts are closed due to “hazardous conditions” but we saw none of that (we ignored the warnings). Saw almost no other people on the trail. Minimal mud mostly dry trails. No shade so be sure you are ready for lots of sun. Trail names often don’t match so be sure you use GPS. Great easy trail. Did it in 1 hour 40 minutes.

The meadowlark section of the trail is very very narrow, single file type trail with a steep cliff on the other side. Trail is also very rocky and uphill the vast majority of the time. When we went today 3/12, we finally got to the Plymouth section was pure ice, we couldn’t even make it down without slipping and had to go out and back through meadowlark again. It was a great hike though, views were great but would be better when the bushes and trees are blooming rather than barren. Excited to try again when it’s a bit less icy.

3/10/18. This was a fun but challenging hike. It begins off of the main rd. Under the pipes and to the right. There’s no signage. Then it continues to the slight left up a rocky incline. Trekking poles would be so helpful. Especially when descending. There was lots of soft dirt and loose rock. The trail was really easy to follow until you get near the top, but every time I was unsure there was a cairn left by a friendly hiker, so keep your eyes out for cairns. The way back was tricky. I was off path for a while which can be treacherous since it is very steep in parts. I had phone reception (ATT) luckily, so I could reference the map to see how far off I was. When coming down, it seemed easiest to follow to the left but I still got lost. It’s also very exposed and sunny. Beautiful views.

It was a very warm and sunny day for a hike (61 degrees March 4th!) so we warm the whole time! You are on the ridgeline the entire time so if you burn easily, I recommend sunscreen. The trail towards the summit starts right in between the two big pipes that run over your head on the Waterton Canyon Trail. It is very steep in some sections so I recommend going hands free at those times due to the incline! It was a great workout! The views were not particularly stellar, but still a great time spent outdoors! Happy hiking!

It was really beautiful! There’s still some snow/icy parts once you get close to the loop. That made it really hard to hike at times, feeling like you’re going to wipe out. Otherwise it was great!

1 month ago

Slightly icy in the beginning and towards the top today. Temperature was very warm 50F+ with the sun beaming down I had only a long sleeve on the whole time. Coming down the other side there was a ton of packed snow and ice. Would have been quite a bit more difficult without crampons. Try and get there pretty early as it can get pretty packed at the top later in the day.

1 month ago

It was very snowy in spots, which made for dangerous conditions (because most of the trail skims the side of the mountain) in which you could very likely slide down or hurt yourself. Without the snow, this trail would have been one of my favorites in a long time. Not too difficult and great views of Golden (and Denver when you get high enough). Lots of fun!

We've been twice. This past time it was icy, so wear spikes.

Will be a good running trail in the summer!

Quick access from Golden- yes it starts in a neighborhood. We went on 2/24 and it was crazy windy, with a ton of snow blowing around. We lost the trail and weren’t able to finish. Ice present on trail but good shoes should be enough to get you through.

I will agree with what others say about it being a very exposed hike. It’s doesn’t really feel ”secluded”, but for how close it is to Golden it’s still worth the trip if you’re looking to not drive very far. Terrain was fun- some parts easy, some parts rocky.

1 month ago

Great hike today. Be careful in the middle. Snow/ice covering some steep rocks. I didn’t put my traction on but probably should have for a bit at least. False summits are great. And there are several. Trail can be tough to follow in spots. Find the cans at the top then you’re there. I came out at 7.6 miles 2580’ elevation from the parking lot. Pretty interesting in spots. Was the only person on it. Did see the sheep on the way down.

Hiked today, 2/24. A great, dog-friendly trail close to Denver. Trailhead has maintained facilities with running water. The trail is muddy in spots towards the beginning but the majority of it is covered in hard-packed snow. Traction could be helpful, but is probably not absolutely necessary for most hikers. I hiked half of the trail with micro spikes and half without. My wife completed the entire trail without and only had a few minor slips. The trail is well shaded so, we will definitely return in the spring/summer, but it is very enjoyable now.

on Goat Mountain Trail

1 month ago

I agree there were a lot of false summits. If you follow the cairns left by others, you will find your way. Three quarters of the way to the end you encounter a lot of snow. Wish I brought gloves. I got to a point where the cairns seemed to lead over a snow covered ledge. I saw no footprints and the way wasn’t clear, so I turned around. I’ll attempt again in warmer weather. Lots of loose rock and gravel made the hike down more treacherous than the climb up.

On a clear day the views at the top are stunning! Took about 4 hours RT with a 30 min break at the top, so it makes for a perfect day hike from Denver. Overall a steady uphill climb but frequent places to stop and take a break. Trail is clearly marked as well. The loop back down is incredibly icy and shaded, so spikes/traction are a plus.

Nice trail. Very crowded in the first mile and a half with kids, dogs, runners, walkers, and everyone else. Upper mileage less crowded. Great views.

on Green Mountain Loop

2 months ago

Gregory Canyon is in mostly good shape. Yak tracks helped with a few of the icy areas. Saddle Rock on the way down thought was steep with lots of ice and snow pack. Worst areas are at the top and near the ladder. I would not recommend trying Saddle Rock with just sneakers or anything without a lot of traction.

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