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1 hour ago

Loved it. Easy for the most part - the last mile or so there is moderate climbing but nothing too strenuous. Waterfall itself is definitely worth the hike.

Not easy one, be prepared and wear hiking boots, we saw many people on sneakers, probably their hiking wasn’t so enjoyable not wearing properly shoes. It’s very pretty and the waterfall is worth the hike.

Exceeded my expectations. Perfect time of year to go. Epic views from the get go.

Sooooo much fun. still needed micro-spikes for the last mile in the snow and ice. Simply gorgeous. The old growth Douglas fir trees are beautiful neat the mid-way point.

I did this hike a year ago and it was a good one. Beautiful, challenging and well kept. There seems to be snow into spring so dress accordingly, I had to learn the hard way with this hike but it was well worth it! Make sure you are in good shape to finish this hike so you can finish it in a timely manner!

BEAUTIFUL waterfall!

on Mount Si Trail

4 days ago

Beautiful! Lots of snow at the top today. Glad I brought my spikes.

Perfect Sunday hike, a light rain and some muddy spots. But it is all well worth it when you get to the falls. Absolutely breathtaking! !

6 days ago

Just did this trail yesterday. Be advised that it is super muddy and slippery right now, so to add some extra time into your plans to compensate for moving a bit slower. But it’s a great hike.

Light rain the whole time. Well marked trail, friendly folks and close enough to the city to get an aggressive training hike.

9 days ago

A great challenge and beautiful view! I did not need crampons at the top after Monday’s sunny day it was mostly melted and slushy.

11 days ago

Awesome hike! We had a pretty warm day yesterday and a lot of the snow melted at the top. I put my spikes on to walk 20 feet then took them off. Stay on the pinestraw and you're all set, the spikes were over kill IMO.

Great views, easy hike, beautiful roaring waterfall

Definitely worth the work for a short trip. Ice in quite a few spots still but easy to manage with just boots. Can't wait to try this one again after the snow and be able to get behind the falls.

Do not take dogs on this hike TICKS are EVERYWHERE. I found at least ten on my dogs and four on me. Otherwise the hike was really fun and quick. I would rate it a lot higher if it weren't for the ticks. WTA was clearing the trail when I went on it so poison oak was not an issue. Triple check yourself for ticks after this hike

If you hike the loop, eventually the trail splits. Someone has placed logs across the trail you should NOT take.

14 days ago

Nice trail, although the trail was kind of muddy. We hiked out of the woods in a more open area and we spotted lots of beautiful common garter snakes. Bald eagles all over the place.
Gilette lake is not that special but on a sunny day it is enjoyable.
Looking to the west...who are those two rocky persons sitting on top of that isolated rock? Is one of them wearing a hat?

15 days ago

Excellent hike! My bootie raised two inches this day. Be sure to wear spikes there is still ice and snow at the summit

Love this place!

15 days ago

We loved it! Too foggy to see the view but great trail. We’ll be back.

Loved it!

17 days ago

This is legitimately the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. We went up here yesterday and it was such a lovely day and it was early enough in the season that it wasn't near as crowded as the other time I came here last summer, which was perfect. Highly recommend this to everyone!!!

20 days ago

Beautiful hike. Must bring crampons during this time of year to get to the top.

Great first hike of the year. Dog friendly. Not too muddy when wet. A bit of snow remaining.

This not a true loop, but a lollipop trail. The majority of the hike is on wide fire lanes and therefore uninteresting to me. The only nice part of the hike was the part on The Wildwood Trail. Info I read said that it’s a less trafficked trail but I passed about 10 groups of people. Less trafficked for Forest Park i suppose. Enjoy the downhill in the beginning. You’ll be going up on the way back. This trail definitely falls into the moderate category but is an easy jaunt for seasoned hikers.

Beautiful views of the Gorge. It was not real muddy when we went. The soil is very clay like and it was very compacted down. My shoes were hardly dirty when we got back to the parking lot.
Just an FYI, the spot where the lower trail begins (the area that is closed off) isn’t well marked that it’s closed off. However, once you reach the waterfall, that’s as far as you’re supposed to go. The trail is not blocked off prohibiting you from continuing on, but that is where the forestry would like for you to turn around. This is a really great hike!

Steady gain in elevation. Perfect if you’re looking for a low-key morning workout. Hiking boots, poles, and crampons are a must if you want to make it to the top. The snow pack gets pretty slick as you get higher up!

21 days ago

There are two other trails available at the same spots (south trail and cape lookout I believe) Beautiful scenery at the end, I recommend to visit this place when it has been sunny and dry for a few days, because the trail gets pretty muddy at some spots and in addition, wear the boots that would have a good traction

21 days ago

Wife and I did this trail this morning and had a great time. The parking lot was fairly full but the trail was never close to being anywhere near crowded. The weather was just right with it only being a bit cool towards the top. I was hesitant at first about bringing crampons but certainly glad I did. I got a kick out of watching all those in sneakers skidding and sliding around trying to not fall on their butt or worse off the trail. Overall it was a fun hike and would recommend it.

Went all the way there and saw the parking lot with about 30 cars, stopped and turned right around. Not my kind of hiking I prefer only a couple people on the trail not a crowded zoo. Tuned around and hiked henline mountain trail instead. Much better

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