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I enjoyed this hike. But it was cold, so I stayed within a couple of miles of the parking area doing small loops.

I’ve hiked the Coventry blue loop trail starting at the upper (no.1) parking lot many times. It’s always quiet seeing an occasional deer. I’ve also seen MANY hikers with “that look” asking how far to the parking lot. My time goal is always less than an hour for JUST the orange trail then the Coventry loop...I usually move fast and have to jog a bit. Beautiful trail, pretty well marked but can be a CHALLENGE if you don’t hike a lot. FYI: plan your timing because if your car is in the lot after sunset somebody that’s not happy might be out looking for you with a flashlight.

We have done the trails here a few times. This time we started at Lot #2 and went up the Foster side of the Woodlands. Contrary to other comments we did not have any issues with trail blazes. Everything was marked very clearly. There were a few downed trees blocking the trail but that just makes things more interesting. Our trek was exactly 5 miles and 2:50, with lots of breaks for looking at the old foundations and stone walls, etc. The only reason not rated a 5 was due to some very wet sections. I recommend gaiters and waterproof boots after a good rain.

Definitely a work-out. Up and down. As saud by others markers a little hard to follow - blue blends in with trees. A lot of rocks and down trees but all in all an excellent work - out.

Not my favorite trail. Actually it’s my least favorite. Very overgrown on many paths. Was nice to get my pup outside but I honestly found this place creepy.

Classic New England landscape.

1 month ago

great short double loop. mix of cart trails and single track

A nice walk! Wear orange vests and hats!

A great winter walk! We saw a snowy owl there last Christmas.

Another great Audubon trail. Great parking lots. I would recommend checking which trail loop you are going to do before going to identify what parking lot to use. Lot #2 has access to more options but all trails connect in some way. Great scenic trail with lots of ups, downs, rocks, and water crossings. Peaceful, scenic, and classic trail. Enjoy.

This is one of my favorite trails!it was a great loop. nice bridges not much water really good trail.but was very cold.so you should get lots of winter gear on when you go on this trail. but overall loved this trail!

This trail is really relaxing.in the fall it is really nice for this trail.but I enjoyed this trail very much. I think if you do this trail in the winter it is very cold and not to relaxing.but overall great trail!

Really nice well marked hike. Easy, but long enough to get a reasonable amount of exercise. I’d like to go back when the rhododendrons are in bloom!

Great trail for hiking. Bring a map. Well defined trail but intersects with numerous other trails within Arcadia. Lots of options to make hike as long as you want. Easily can do loop just around Pond, about 1.5 miles total. Great views. Wear your orange during hunting season. Good parking lot.

Really great moderate trail. Took us just under two hours with a quick stop at the waterfall for some lunch. Simple but great hike

Great trail. Well kept. Great parking lot. Trail maps available. Well maintained scenic trail with two bridges.

Nice trail well marked

Perfect fall walk in the woods,

It was so nice for me and my dog

Nice little hike, trails were well marked and the scenery was beautiful and serene.

I choose this hike because I heard it was haunted. I completed both loops. So here is my review. very tough to follow blazers, mostly in middle sections of loops. Had to climb over and crawl under fallen trees. You will need to hike through small streams, less than ankle deep. Entire trail took about 4.5 hours, including losing all trace of blazers. Make sure your phone is fully charged, you will need to access this App.

Back to the Haunted Trail, I found lack of Wildlife in certain sections. No signs of any, including birds, squirrels or deer, which I found strange. During the hike I would experience chills and goose bumps, at random areas. Once I left an offering of Bread, Whiskey and tabacco they seemed to of stopped. I stopped and checked out the Cairns, which was OK, nothing crazy in that area. it is when you are deep into the forest, you may hear distant drumming (think streched animal hide type drum) I did not experience the Chanting which some others have.

I wanted to only give it three stars, do to trail maintenance issues, but I felt it shoukd get four for historical reasons. Trail was hiked in October, so issue with bugs. The trail at some places does follow a large stream or river. it was a good hike. I parked in lot 1 and took Meadow trail into area. Orange to Blue to Yellow and Blue again blazers, if you find them on fallen trees or moss covered trees. The Yellow trail ny stream is very difficult to follow, follow stream until you see bridge. Lots of rocks and roots.

This was a great trail. Pretty easy terrain (rocks, roots, bridges). Well marked, went after several days of rain and no major muddy spots. Went with kids and dog and we all enjoyed. Took about an hour with exploring and stopping.

This was a great little hike for kids and family. Took our 3 kids age 10, 7 and 3 and they loved it. Very quiet but lots to see, waterfall, cemetery, little bridges, lake. Parking was good and easy to find

Parking area. Wide trail. Great views. Easy hike. Historic cemetery 123 on trail. Right next to RI veterans cemetery.

3 months ago

the trails definitely need to be cleaned up and i thought there would be a view of the lake but you just pass it

great views of the lake and the trail is well maintained!

Great walk for kids!

I'd give this 2.5 stars. I know i'm going against the grain with my opinion, but unless you have young children or you're looking for a long easy-moderate hike I would look for another trail. The first loop was ok nice with foundations, streams, and foot bridges to admire. The second loop I spent 50% of my time trying to find the trail markers which were buried by down trees or completely overgrown sections of the trail and the other 50% slipping and sliding over rocks while swatting away swarms of bugs. There was nothing interesting to see in the second part of the loop, and I really just wanted to be done with the trail as it just seemed to drag on and on.
Also, just to note, there are signs saying No Dogs or Bikers, in case you wanted to bring either.

So peaceful

My husband and I hiked here on a hot Labor Day, and really enjoyed it! As others have mentioned, lots of rocks, plenty of up and downs, some interesting landmarks (cairns and table rock) and plenty of bugs. We came prepared with bug spray and happy that we did. I underestimated our water needs given it was so hot so won't do that again!

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