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This is are second home!!!
There are lot of unmarked trails that take you to the beach. make sure your aware of the tides that ocean Is an angry one!

Lovely, small beach. Lots of cool rocks. would like to explore the trail or hills leading to the beach though. did not take the scenic route.

1 month ago

My friend visiting the area said this beach was straight out of a Lovecraftian novel. Definitely spooky, but beautiful. Great place to chill and make art in the sand. Water looks dark.

Wonderful hike to Hidden Beach! We arrived at sunset, and we're the only people on the beach. The trail was lightly trafficked.

Not sure what the previous review said about most of it is walking on a beach. None of the trail is on the beach.
Few things to note about this trail. The road leading to it is about 6-7 miles of some sketchy one lane dirt road filled with giant potholes, mud, rocks, debris, steep climbs and decent, and barely any room to move over if another car approaches you. If it has been raining a lot in the area and you don't have the proper vehicle, you'll probably get stuck in mud.
That said, the trail is very nice, but also sorta sketchy in some places.
There are orange and pink ribbons tied to various things that act as the trail marker but they just vanish after about 2-3 miles if you start at the southern most point. The trail is very narrow with lots of growth which makes it difficult to see where you should be going. It's not entirely obvious either if you think you can look at tracks on the ground. Sometimes the trail forks that lead you to dead ends, and you won't realize it's a dead end until the trail just suddenly stops.
Trekking poles are sorta useless in some spots due to all of the growth and extremely narrow sections (like, less than the width of your foot in some spots). It constantly snags on your poles. They are extremely helpful once you get to the parts where the trail eroded away off the side of cliffs where you need extra balance.
The views are spectacular though. Nice hike.

3 months ago

steep as you start up the trail but worth the effort. great ocean views and coastal terrain.

4 months ago

Very pretty trail, but did not go all the way through. Parts of it were closed. The parts that we did get to see were very pretty with lots of adorable banana slugs and the sound of seals.

Amazing coastal views! Trail gets a bit narrow and slick in spots, but not bad overall. Definitely worth heading down to Hidden Beach too (towards the end of the trail, signage is clear). Make sure to listen for the barking from sea lions!

4 months ago

Short easy trail, but the views are amazing!

Nice short hike with views of the ocean, but nothing amazing. Can't see the headlight though...

A little incline at the beginning. Beautiful scenic views of the waves. The lighthouse isn't visible except for the very top. Bummer that there's lots of brush in the way. Loved that there's lots of benches for viewing. Wish the lighthouse was easier to see

5 months ago

Great! $8 fee to park, but there is now more wheelchair accessible trails!

5 months ago

What a great trail!! The entire thing and all the little trails that shoot off of it lead to amazing ocean views. Total miles for us was 4.2. Not many ppl since it’s October. Two thumbs up!

Awesome trail

6 months ago

An absolutely breathtaking walk on low tide. Sea Anemones and Star Fish all around the exposed rocks. Beautiful!!!!!!

6 months ago

Starts out paved, then splits and you have the option of a lovely wooded dirt trail or staying on the paved road. Gorgeous views across the ocean.

6 months ago

Loved this hike. Really great views from Wedding Rock and saw some sea lions in the surf belong.

6 months ago

Really pretty hike. Saw some sea lions.

Pretty steep incline at least to begin.... we took a wheelchair up the hill and boy that was a workout. So not really wheelchair friendly. Also the road to the lighthouse is closed but up at the point to view the lighthouse you can see a tiny part of the top of it looking to the right standing on top of the lookout.

7 months ago

Great short hike with beautiful views. Kept our two year old in the pack because of steep cliffs. Bring your binoculars! Lots of harbor seals and other sea life on the rocks down below.

8 months ago

This was a great morning walk. I started near Palmer's Point and walked to Lookout Point. There were many small break off trails that took you to spots to admire views of the ocean. There aren't very many signs along the way but always take the path towards the West and you'll be on the right one, otherwise you end up in the campgrounds our parking lots. No dogs allowed, sadly, but dull a great walk. Take all the smaller trails that are along this trail. The views are worth it.

8 months ago

Great views... Did a day of Trinidad and Patricks Pointm

8 months ago

Nice little area that I did in late fall.

nature trips
8 months ago

Cool beach! The river spits out right at the beach. Some good rock climbing, and dogs are welcome. Can get a little breezy.

We hiked the mile in only for the Hidden Beach because the trail to Enderts Beach was closed due to a landslide and were not disappointed. The trail is mainly worn down grass with several ocean views along the coastline but the beach is beautiful and very secluded. Only one other person showed up the entire two hours we were there.

Went here with our dog and two kids (ages 2&6) very easy trail with beautiful wildflowers along the entire trail. Took a path down to the water, it was a beautiful cove with lots of tide pools.

Great hike, some hilly incline but mostly non incline grass hiking. There was some bear scat but didn't see any bears. Saw some garden type snakes on the trail. The hike was beautiful about 2 miles in, I heard sea lions barking, couldn't see em from any point on the trail. Got to hidden beach it was beautiful and secluded. So peaceful to listen to the waves crashing. If your a climber there were some 2 biggish rocks to practice climbing they are similar to bouldering rocks. Great hike I'd recommend doing this one then having a nice lunch at the beach.

Beautiful, short and easy hike with incredible views of the ocean. The lighthouse is hardly visible, but besides that it was a wonderful hike

In terms of length, it's a short hike. Going through the sand definitely makes it harder, and the later it gets, the windier it gets. Still, this trail is incredible; hiking in early May there are tons of wild flowers and relatively pleasant weather. The beach varies from sand to pebble, but you can also do about half the trail on the packed dirt part. Some parts are really muddy with small running streams, and I had to take my shoes and socks off to wade across a particularly wide water flow. The lighthouse has a small information sign briefly detailing the history. When I went, there were a ton of sea lions lounging about barely 40ft from the lighthouse. Incredible hike.

The drive to the trailhead is windy and rough; some parts of the road were unpaved and the potholes would have stranded a smaller car. Part of the road was flooded, and I wouldn't have known what to do if I hadn't seen a van carve a path before me.

On the way back, I ended up taking the freeway past Petrolia and up the coast, which had its own set of amazing views. Can't wait to get back here and do the backpacking trip!

Beautiful beach with black sand but not for day hikers! Day hikers starting in Shelter Cove will be buffeted and sand blasted by winds from the north. Trail is mostly walking on the beach. Slow going and not much fun. Very cold creeks to cross every mile. Must take off shoes and wade across. No bridges. So many other beautiful beaches that are much more friendly to day hikers. Skip this one!

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