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Very cool to see the tornado damage along the trail as well, there are signs pointing it out.

Easy and worth the trip.

The hike up is hard. Once you get to the second lake - it’s so, so beautiful!!! Go in the early morning.
You’ll see raspberries, wild blue berries and MANY flowers. Police DO patrol the area so follow the rules.

Incredible views at the top!

Steady up climb for over a mile, then easy. Nice lake and distance views with some interesting Rick formations. Most of the hike is in the sun but we had a very nice breeze.

good incline, good views.

Loved this trail. It does get fairly busy during the later morning/mid-day time. I got there around 9:30 am and there wasn't much parking spaces left and by the time we came back out there were people parked all up and down the side of the road as well. The hike was pretty easy and super super beautiful at the top. It only took a couple hours to go up and back, we spent a good amount of time hanging out at the top of the lookout.

The road up to the trail head is pretty rough! Its all dirt and there's a lot of wash out so it gets very bumpy. The road is pretty steep and has a lot of blind corners. I had quite a few rude people come flying down on while I was going up and it was a little scary, especially since I drive a large truck and cant easily pull off on the side of the road. Don't be one of those people that tries to go flying in and out of there.

Did it for sunrise, awesome. Try to time it to arrive up top before sunrise as the colors start showing about 20 min before official sunrise time.

Such a beautiful view from the top of the tower - kids enjoyed climbing on boulders - really a great hike!! One word of caution... if driving from/to Woodland Park - stay on Rampart Range Road... I’m not familiar with the area and our GPS took us on road on the way back down that started our great, but ended up being a 4x4 road by the end.

Really fun moderate trail. In late August/early September you can see ladybugs on the walkway up to the fire tower and the gentleman who runs it is a kind soul and happy to share his knowledge of the surrounding area and history. Beautiful view from the fire tower as well just don’t look down! Ha.

The pinnacle of this hike, the last 143 steps, was meeting 86 year old Billy Ellis who has kept his watch on Colorado for 34 years atop the firefighter lookout. An incredible man and by far the coolest hike I have ever done!

Nice and easy trail. The top of Devil’s Head is absolutely stunning, even with all the bugs in your face. Definitely would hike again. Great for someone looking for an easy hike with a beautiful view.

Awesome trail, shaded and well maintained. Fire tower on top is amazing.

Nice gravel trail, just wish there was more shade.

Only went half way today but overall badass trail 10/10 would hike again.

Man, this trail is awesome. It’s so beautiful and really quick, but you still work up a bit of a sweat. It took us about 40 minutes up and 20 down. Plan for plenty of time checking out views at the top, though.

A very beautiful hike all the way through. Mostly up hill but not that tiring

While a bit out of the way, it's definitely worth the trip! The hike itself isn't all that long, but this views are stunning!

Loved the hike. It was up, up, up all the way there. Absolutely beautiful. The views were amazing and we were told that they are even better without the smokey haze. It was great talking to Billy once we got up to the lookout. Learned quite a few fascinating facts. It would have been very difficult to get lost on this one since the trail was so obviously the trail. The parking lot was very crowded. There were plenty of dogs on the trail but I didn't see one pile of poop. Owners and dogs were all very friendly. This is a "must go" if you like scenery with a history lesson all with one effort!

Great hike for quick views without heading too far out of the Metro area. Enjoyed hiking here with some older folks and the dog. The trail is well maintained and offers a fair amount of shade. Parking is tough, but worth it. It’s nice to have a clear destination at the top and a unique experience overall.

Beautiful short hike with absolutely amazing 360 views. If you want to surround yourself with a mixture of aspens and red rock but don’t want to exhaust yourself, this is the one.

Meeting the 86 year old ranger who’s been there since 1984 was a nice experience at the top.

Stairs have rails so they aren’t too bad.

This was a breathtaking hike with beautiful views. Lots of rocks to climb, nice breeze made for wonderful sounds and the view from the top was spectacular. Went on a Friday and it was not too crowded. I highly recommend this hike!

Got to the trailhead around 9 and had no trouble parking but it is a Friday.... did the hike with our small dog and wore our 6 month old. The trail can be a bit precarious but it’s a pretty great. We ran into a fair amount of folks but it wasn’t overly packed. All in all, a nice time outside!

Easy hike and so, so beautiful! Perfect for families, too.

Great hike with Pikes Peak and Palmer/Monument overlooks.

Great trail. It’s not long but there are parts that are challenging. The trail is also hard to follow at time. Well worth the hike to the top though.

Great for hiking with kids. Pretty crowded on the weekends

So beautiful, nice moderate hike!

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19 days ago

Really great trail for the whole family. Everyone smiled, everyone worked, and everyone was hungry when it was over. We'll definitely be back.

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