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Good short hike, great views including Denver 30+ miles away. I did this hike on a Thursday late afternoon and only past 4-8 hikers heading up for sunset as I was heading down.

Traveling to trail head is a decent trek on a dirt road which doesn't require 4WD/AWD but does have washboard segments which keeps the speeds slow.

Good quick sub 2 hour trip.

This is my go-to hike for all my out of town visitors. Typically it is very crowded, but most people are courteous and friendly. Get an early start to get parking and be sure to bring water for the pup. Great views and a fun experience climbing the 143 stairs to the fire lookout tower and of course meeting Billy Ellis who has been stationed at the tower for over 33 summers!

Loved this hike! Amazing views!
Only issue was our gps took us down a county road that was full of rocks and we had off road for 5 miles. We took another way out and it was fine. If your gps tries to take you down a county road and it looks rough don’t go down it, it only gets worse unless you have a Jeep or 4 wheel drive. We were coming from Colorado Springs.

Quiet and relaxing area. Something different from the mountains.

Nice! Uphill 1st half then down way back. Plenty of shade along the way but no water for the doggo so bring some for them too! Great views from the lookout tower.


i really love the app, but you really need to give me the option of downloading maps when a wifi is not available. 9 times out of 10, I'm out of wifi range when I decide to plan a hike.

Trail closed due to erosion. No repairs are in progress. The gate blocking the road is closed and they placed tons of barbed wire as a deterrent as well.

Spectacular views! Had a great time on this hike. Short and sweet.

Great trail. Moderately traveled with lots of horseback riding. Absolutely beautiful views and landscapes.

Nice short hike with moderate elevation gain.
Beautiful / awesome views.
Yes, lots of hikers, but what the heck! They are all doing what we love, and introducing kids and “newbies” to the joys of “getting out there”.
Easy access. Give it a try!

Wonderful hike but most days busy with crowds hiking up. Easy hike although parking can be a challenge.

This trail is indeed closed for repair.

I do love this trail and am sad that it is closed due to erosion. It was my daily go to hike for a quick way to get out of doors. As for the folks that are condemning this trail because of the No Dogs Allowed policy, that is something you can blame on irresponsible dog owners. The town folk are not dog haters and there were plenty of warnings prior to the move to forbid dogs on this trail stating that people need to clean up after their furry friends or they would not be allowed. I've seen this time and time again on numerous trails where people don't pick up after their dogs and in this case, it is not only an unsightly and smelly problem, but it is bad for this environment particularly given that these reservoirs feed the town of Palmer Lake their water. Would you want someone's dog pooping near your water supply and the owners just leaving it there? Seriously, if everyone would take responsibility for packing out whatever they take in, things would be so much more pleasant for all.

Beautiful hike! Fun for the whole family, though difficult in certain areas. Be prepared for the steep step climb at the end to reach the lookout itself.

Recommend going during the day on a weekday, as it is pretty popular.

Drove an hour to get to this trail with my BEAUTIFUL german shepard and pit bull and got there to realize that this is a no dog trail with an $800 dollar fine, what a hateful decision to make, our fluffy creators deserve to come with us on trails, to whoever complained this much about dogs being on trails SHAME ON YOU, way to ruin a great day, thanks for being so entitled. will not be coming back. 0/10

Great hike! Path was well maintained with lots of great photo ops along the way.

18 days ago

The drive up doesn't require 4WD, but high clearance is helpful. Decent shade and sweet views. As noted, the trail is steep and washed out due to lack of water bars, which can make the descent slippery in dry conditions.

Trail closed for repairs. Multiple signs

Very nice short hike. I made the hike from the parking lot to the site one about 90 minutes. Spectacular views!

Go either direction, you won’t get lost. Watch for horses and their droppings. It has many sandy areas, appropriate shoes are helpful

What a fun and beautiful hike in the forest! The pup loved it too!

Great hike!!! But they weren’t lying about the “road” to get there. Extremely bumpy and also curvy so if you or someone you’re with gets car sick, be aware and take it slow. Other than that the hike up was awesome. I’m not 100% used to the elevation yet so I did stop about 2-3 times for some water and to catch my breath. There’s a halfway point too which is great letting you know where you are throughout the trail. The steps to the tower are very steep so be cautious with that. Busy trail which was perfect for me because I usually hike alone with my dog. 10/10

Short, relatively easy hike with amazing 360-degree panoramic views atop the Fire Lookout cabin. Plenty of bouldering to do along the way, especially at the top. You could spend 2-3 hours on a quick hike or you could spend 12 hours hiking and bouldering around!

As other people have mentioned, the last 9 Miles (30-45 mins) to the trailhead is on a narrow, uneven dirt/gravel with minimal space for oncoming traffic, sharp turns, and drop offs. Not nearly as intense as Pike’s Peak or Mt. Evans drives, but make sure you have gas and decent tires. 4WD is nice but not absolutely necessary.

Parking is limited and fills up by 9-10am (or earlier)

Trailhead is at 9,000 feet with the Fire Lookout at about 9800.

Quick hike, not too steep and surprisingly great views!


Awesome hike! We got to meet Billy up in the tower. What a great guy!!

Easy 3 mi RT with a cool view.

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