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This was our second time hiking this trail. We were here this same week (second in Nov) last year. This was a huge difference because this year was colder and there was a lot of snow. As mentioned by many the first leg, the incline, is hard on the lungs. Especially for those of us who are “flat landers”. Once you get past that, it is less difficult. Snow does make it more challenging as well but it is worth the hike. We continued for about 30 minutes past Eagles nest and turned around. We could tell it was not traveled as much. It was not crowded but when we encountered anyone it was usually dog owners with very friendly dogs. Happy hiking!

A very nice trail that can be completed in a couple of hours. 2/3rds of the way up it does get a bit strenuous while the descent is more gradual. Could do the trail counterclockwise to reverse that. The view of the mountains and lake is well worth the climb. Very clean and well maintained trail.

some amazing views. and one amazing waterfall. bucket list this one. you'll thank me

5 days ago

Easy trail, nice falls but I’d recommend going after rains for better water flow.

I hiked this today and I was very happy with the trip. It takes a leisurely couple hours and expect some 60% gradients and a lot of stairs. Well worth it though!

The falls are absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful !!!

Quick walk to eaither the upper or lower falls. I would rate it as easy with clearly marked paths. Wonderful hearing the water running while walking....

Beautiful hike. Took approximately 3-4 hours for novice hiker.

Beautiful views.

Moderate hike with phenomenal views! Took our time exploring and was done within 4 hours.

10 days ago

Did this trail with my two year old son. Had to pick him up twice for some tricky parts. (Rocky hills and some tree root steps), but for the most part it’s easy to navigate. Loved walking close to the lake. Towards the end you can branch off onto other trails to make a longer hike. Five dollars a person or 49 a year for individual and 100 for families fee. Beautiful place with much to offer.

Fun to walk, the terrain changes throughout in a fun way that keep trail from getting boring. Bug spray is a must because area is full of swampy/water areas.

Loved the hike. Beautiful scenery.

Fairly easy trail, even in heavy snow. Views and hike start to get more interesting once you pass into White River Natl Forest.

We were there 2 days after rainstorms and the falls were gorgeous. The trails in pretty good shape, and i would say good for "all ages" except for some steep hills and stairs. Close to the river can be SLIPPERY and dangerous, but the trail stays a bit away.

Hiked the trail today after 2+ “ of rain yesterday! The falls were fantastic!! We stayed probably 45 minutes taking pics and just enjoying the fall!! Great easy hike to go. Loved it!!

14 days ago

Beautiful views of the falls of you get to visit...

Short but nice.

Great waterfall

This waterfall was cool but the other two further down are way better!

17 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike and waterfall. There are steps to take you down closer to Triplefalls and it’s totally worth the climb back up. There is also a nice shelter with picnic tables and bathrooms overlooking the falls so pack a picnic! Went on a Saturday in October so it was busy, but the path is plenty wide for all to enjoy. We had to park on the street because the parking lot was so full. Watch out for the dip when you first enter to the right, lots of cars nearly bottomed out.

A bit crowded, but otherwise perfect. Challenging and beautiful.

The Trail was very well marked with white blazes for the longer loop. The shorter trail some people mention in their reviews was blazed in red. Markers with distance placed every half mile to help track time and distance. I had 2 dogs in tow and we finished the 5 mile loop in just about 2 hours. The Trail is well traveled and even though I was out early, we passed several groups (more than 5, less than 10). The Trail offered great views of the lake with several stops along the water for the dogs to drink. I would certainly rate this as moderate because there is a lot of undulation. Overall a great hike that I’ll do again.

17 days ago

I thought this trail was beautiful and really pretty easy. Thoroughly enjoyed my hike.

Part of the trail is out so you have to walk on the street for a bit. Most of the trail is well maintained. Only thing that makes it moderate is a couple hills. Beautiful view of the falls at the end of the tral. Well worth the hike.

I was slightly disappointed in the trail. That could be because I am not entirely sure what qualifies as a 'moderate' trail in difficulty. The trail was rocky, meaning small to medium rocks everywhere making it rough to walk. Part of the trail is closed so there is no loop. You get to the falls and must turn around.

Great hike with a little bit of everything!!

Great view of the lake for almost the whole trail. Tends to be crowded though. Go early and/or during cooler months.

easy walk with large path for bikes too

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