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I couldn’t find anywhere about the condition of this hike after the fire. So I went and checked it out. Same easy access to it gate is open and no one stopped us from going in and also no posted “area closed” signs. For the most part the trail along the river bed was untouched by the fire, lots of mud and rock slides Have happened though and saw a few times rocks come tumbling down while we were up there. The water is dingy and cold so we didn’t go in. The trail up the hill away from the river was also slightly washed out by mud slides and lots of fire damage that way, cool sight to see plus right now there is new green growth coming through the black and ash. I recommend it. Wear boots.

Very sad to hear that this trail has been destroyed by the Thomas fire. This was one of the best hikes I've ever found. I hope that it will be restored within my lifetime so I can go hike this majestic trail again...

Amazing hike been here a few times, make sure to carry extra socks; there will be river crossings. Along the way, there will be a few campings locations and recreational areas to jump in. There is a diversity of wildlife from rabbits to deer. Make sure to carry enough water and/or water filter. The only permit required is the fire permit for camp stove or camp fire. Make sure to check fire warning conditions before hand. Word of advice don't go during dry season.

They only just lifted the restrictions in the non burn areas of the Los Padres, it's going to be a good time before they start allowing people back into the burned trails. Press release announced the fire was officially 100% contained, but all burn areas are still closed as they attempt to clean up. You can always call your local forest service office to inquire about trail closures prior to setting out.

Great and very extraneous hike. Waaay too much damage to the trail from the Thomas fire and landslides from last weeks rain causing a lot of the trail to be hidden under all the mud and fallen trees.

Lots of interconnected trails, some still closed as of 12/1/18 due to the fire. Some trails have been bulldozed to make fireroads/breaks. Burn damage is tragic, but it isn’t too ashy or smoky in the trails that are open.

This hike was beautiful this time of year (first weekend of December). The trees were in full fall bloom and the views were just endless. However, finding the spring was pretty challenging and took some audibles. When in doubt, follow the stacked rocks. I would definitely hike this trail again. The grade was steady and not bad at all for a 20 mile round trip trek. NOTE: there is not water along this trail until a faucet and tiny creek near the hot springs (9 miles).

Great hike, lots of scenery, nice creek, a few small waterfalls, jumped in one of the punch bowls. Trail is not entirely obvious if you’re a new hiker. Overall would go again. Bring water

Gorgeous trails with many options. The trails are clearly marked but it can still get confusing. We absolutely loved it!

The hot spring is a beauty , loaded with lots of sulfur. Spring seems like it's running colder than other times I've been here ...measured at 106 at the source , 103 coming out of the pipe into the pool . Just position yourself below the pipe , and you should be able to get your core temperature up . A Beautiful November hike and soak . Pick up trash if you see it and keep it pristine!

Great trail, challenging enough. The second punch bowl is even more impressive. When almost reaching the destination and when you get back to the stream, turn left and follow the stream until you see the falls on your right. To see the second punch bowl, climb up the canyon from the right side of the falls. Enjoy the view!

Wouldn't say it's "heavily trafficked," but you'll definitely see people here...some of the natural slides have been washed out by heavy rainfall and debris from last year. Wondering if anyone has an update on this from recent visits?

Parked on side on the road and walked up through college to the trail head. Trail went along the stream the whole way till you get to the bowl. Nice and easy hike. Not many views other than looking at the waterfall at the end where the bowl is. Lots of shade the whole time. The water level was only about 5' at the bowl so no jumping in, other than that the water was nice and cool.

Went with my best friend today, and I didn’t expect it to take quite so long to get to the punchbowls, but it was well worth the wait! We were a bit lost on the trail a handful of times as it disappears over boulders and the stream, but if you just follow the stream up, you’ll eventually get there. We also ran into a medium rattlesnake and 2 smaller garden snakes. I would bring bug spray if you can (lots of annoying gnats during this time of year), and drink a lot of water.

I liked the variation on this trail: college campus, some oil rigs, avocado trees, canyon views, and some punch bowls and waterfalls at the end. An out and back that's interesting enough that it doesn't matter you're walking the same path back.

I was really disappointed that me and my dog could not make it to the punch bowls. The further you went the more rocks you had to climb, which was almost impossible with my dog. I especially wanted to go on this hike because it says ok for dogs. However, in my opinion it is not unless you don't mind making it all the way. Please ensure if you check a hole as ok for dogs that it doesn't Include climbing rocks and carrying the dog to the. Find out the way gets more and more difficult and you need to have both hands free to make it, therefore carrying him wasn't even an option....

Wonderful trail and plenty of water at the pond 5 miles in.

So good! A little bit of "rock climbing" and loose gravel on steep climbs make this a moderate hike. Try to time your arrival at the punch bowl with the sun. It was cold when we went.

If you go up to the second punch bowl, 1 person on the guide rope at a time!

easy. kids can do it. worth the cool down at the first bowl.

Not so easy for pretty awesome.

Amazing hike if you're going during the hot season, take lots of water!! Little bit of everything on this hike, there was open areas in straight sun, then you get into the creek area with shade and its much cooler, after you get to the first punchbowl, you can climb up and around to the top punchbowl and the view is amazing!! I'll def come back *please pick up your trash/pick up trash if you see it

One of the best hikes I have done lately. The only park that kinda sucked was waking up the road to access the trailhead. The hike is solidly moderate but nothing too crazy. We took our 2 year old gold retriever/German shepherd and he made it all the way to the water fall and punch bowl. Best part of this hike is the punch bowl. There is a rope to climb up and jump off ledge. Make sure to bring plenty of water as it can get hot when not shaded. We picked up about a dozen plastic bottles so make sure to take your trash with you and maybe pick up a little something extra along the way.

6 months ago

Excelente lugar para pasar un buen rato 9 millas asta la última posa nada mal

My favorite trail. Super hot in august, and dry. Water is scarce and so is the shade. Bear camp is an oasis. Can't wait to return when it cools down a bit 113 in the shade is no fun. Well it is but it hurts.

Did 6 miles today, the shade was at a minimum to and from the stream areas. Lots of rocks to traverse but a good hike! Park across the roadway from the college and walk in following the paved road to the right for a little over a mile. There are some arrows to guide you along the hike

6 months ago

Definitely worth the hike. It can be difficult at times but the scenery and water sound make it so peaceful! Follow rocks with spray paint on them and you won't get lost. Take into consideration that there are many rocks you will walk on and that you will also be crossing over water. There is still a good amount of water flowing. At the end you are able to swim and cliff jump. Water is about 8ft deep. One of my favorite hikes so far!

Experienced this hike on Tuesday, and boy this was one of the most fun hikes I've ever done. The natural running water sounds, the light, the shade from the trees were all beautiful. It's not that hard to get lost, there's marking and arrows and pink, blue and white ribbons around to help you get by, some of the rocks even have green stickers which came through when I thought I was going to wrong way! I only made made it to the first punchbowl, swam inside for about 30 minutes and went back. Definitely going back for the other ones. Enjoy and pack fruits that are made up of water like watermelons, pineapples, a hydration pack that hold two liter of water and a walking stick, worth it.

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