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We weren’t expecting nudists at the hot spring but the trail was fun, challenging and had spectacular views.

1st of all there's a gate that's locked. Once you find a way around you will need a vehicle with high-clearance to reach the top. Nobody said that in these comments so unless you want to waste time & money to go out and discover this disappointment like we did then listen up. Booo!

14 days ago

Great hike. Bit of an incline and lightly used. Didn’t come across one person the whole time. I’ll be using this trail more often.

If you're going to do this hike, do it from Bradford Ridge. We did the Bradford Ridge side in July and it was much more enjoyable. Less people, more difficult (we like the challenge) and you don't have to deal with the gate guard. We are very respectful people and the gate guard was just rude. We were only going down for a couple hours and they made us take our wine bottle out of our packed cooler and put our firewood on the side and proceeded to tell us "we shouldn't even be open because people break rules all of the time." We weren't camping down there nor were we going to drink. We had brought my boyfriend's parents with us. It was just an annoying 20 minutes of telling us about stuff we didn't care to know about and the way the talked to us was condescending. I absolutely LOVE Deep Creek Hot Springs but will, for now on, do it from Bradford Ridge if I make my way back there someday.

If you do take this side, be short and sweet with the gate guard to avoid a long schpeil.
If you have firewood in your car (and aren't using it down by the creek...not allowed anyways) and don't feel like unloading all of it...put it under a blanket or hide it.
Also, if you have a bottle of wine under 10 pounds of ice, water and food and don't plan to drink it, don't tell them you have it because they'll make you dig through the big ass cooler to put it on the side of the road.

I am not typically a complainer but figured others needed to hear for themselves. I've read the reviews before going and prepared to be as nice/professional/respectful as possible. They're just annoying old crotchity folk.

Is camping no longer allowed at Bowen Ranch? I know it’s a long shot, but trying to get some intel last minute for an overnight trip out there tonight/tmrw.

I camped there last time but this was years ago. Maybe things have changed? Gatekeeper wasn’t bad like many have said, we were respectful and chill and didn’t have any problems. He gave us detailed directions for the hike in and some tips, such as starting while there’s still a bit of light, and paying attention to trail landmarks, as the trail can be confusing in the dark. The camping was nothing special (basically a gravel lot) but you’re there for the hot springs, not the campsite. They were as awesome as all the reviews indicate! Would go back again. Actually. We’re going today haha.

Considering another alternative—hiking in via Bradford Ridge. Can anyone recommend campsites an easy shot from that trail? Either developed or primitive... Main thing is it’s super last minute so looking for an option that doesn’t require reservations. Thanks!!’

off road driving
23 days ago

Good trail for practicing, learning, or easy simple offloading. Stock height Nissan Frontier in 4WD preformed perfectly. The trail has gotten a little washed out in 1 or 2 areas. Great experience and definitely recommend!

To get to the trailhead we had to hop a fence that read ‘no trespassing.’ Other than that, the hike was a fun little trail that offered a decent workout and moderate views. The views probably would have been better had we gone during a greener time of the year (we went in September)! I’d recommend this hike to any SoCal local though!

off road driving
1 month ago

We took our two seater rzr on this trail last weekend and the weather was perfect! The trail goes from easy fire roads to some pretty decent rock crawling when you get up closer to silverwood lake. I highly recommend these trails and cannot wait to return in the snow.

Amazing hike be sure to take plenty plenty plenty of water for the hike back up it’s killer but other than that the hot springs is awesome. $5 per person entrance fee to park at Bowen ranch it is not a 2 mile hike that man is lying he played my soul lol. It’s over 3 Miles almost 4 Miles. P.S. take plenty of water!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! hubby and I are new retirees and I just traded in my 2002 Thunderbird for a 2018 Rubicon not for off roading actually but for the looks. Decided to might as well try our very first off road experience on our 46th anniversary date (9/1) and off we went. Luckily there were quite a bit of other off roaders which made me much less nervous. A few spots only one vehicle at a time and a few areas big boulders but nothing that one can't get through. It was a pretty easy drive and I am glad I had this app showing us where we were on the trail because at some forks there were only very small markers showing the trail we needed to continue on. Remember this was our very first time doing something like this but yes, I'm ready for the next one..

1 month ago

On 1/24/2018- Found what seems to be black bear tracks in the wash before the first fall . Beware and mindful with pets and children out here now . i uploaded 2 photos that i took of the prints , used my hand as a reference . I went out here 9/1/2018 and hiked all the back to the lockheed martian exit sign and seen no further obvious tracks or signs of Predatory animals. Still be safe out there people =D.

off road driving
1 month ago

Perfect for the first timer. Took my 2016 cherokee trailhawk, stock height, stock a/t tires. was a breeze. Did about half the trail as I was alone and not many people out here. Would recommend for a chill off road experience.

Awesome view easy hike down, moderate hike back up
Parking is on someone property
5 dollars per person not car
Hot Springs are heaven on earth
Bring Beer, liquor, water and a trash bag
Holiday weekends I find to be crowd and enjoyable if you like to socialize
Camping is there is fairly cheap

Pleasantly surprised, very beautiful! My group went at 6pm on a Friday and we were in the shade a lot of the time! Great views. Weren’t really sure about the trail at first but we parked on Chiquita lane like others recommended and climbed the white gate! Will definitely be back to do this again and go a bit farther than my group did (3.5 miles total)

I’ve been hiking for years and this is by far the most amazing hike I’ve ever done as far as being a good workout but also offering beautiful views. I went 3 miles up to a fork in the trail before heading back down for a total of 6 miles (3 up 3 down) It was just me and my pup who did good as well but she didn’t appreciate not having any shade to lay in when we stoped for water breaks.

We had such a great time. No problems just a little rocky in some areas. I drive a stock Xterra pro x. I would like to come back and do it again when it snows.

off road driving
2 months ago

What an awesome experience! Got to take my 3 year old and 5 year old out in the rig today and had a blast! Honestly I stayed in 2wd for 97% of the trail. Gets pretty rocky in some sections but overall definitely worth checking out!

first time and had a wonderful time.. going back again soon.

Moderate my glutes!

This trail is Clairemont Loop meets Potato Mountain in that its both beautiful and devastating, it will destroy your soul or lead you to enlightenment

Have fun with this one

off road driving
2 months ago

Awesome. Took this trail from Silverwood lake all the way to Lake Arrowhead. 4x4 might not be necessary, but to make it up some of the hills I would recommend a rear locking diff if you are traveling alone. High clearance is a must. The first half mile or so starting from Silverwood would be passable in a car (I saw 2 Hondas and a Ford Focus on the trail)... but after that, high clearance is needed for sure. SWEET views of the lake, and about 2/3 of the way through the trail, the whole scenery changes from high desert to forest. Tons of wildlife.. my first time seeing a fox in California. Highly recommend.

Time: 10:45am at beginning of trailhead
Followed AllTrails map.
Temperature: 80s.

If you stick to the All trail map, the mileage is pretty accurate. Very little shade on this hike. Path is narrow in a lot of areas so be careful.
If you stop at the location specified in the map, there’s a shaded open area with rocks to sit and lay on next to the river/ stream which was green from the algae but still nice and serene.
There were quite a few dirt bikes at the beginning before the trailhead which kicked up a lot of dirt. They don’t tend to slow down so watch out. Apparently it’s a thing here. The majority of hiking trail does not allow motorized vehicles.

A couple of reviewers mentioned a waterfall on this trail. You need to detour off the trail down a pretty steep hill to go to Aztec Falls. This was about 1/3 of the way in so look out for it if that’s what you want to do.

Tip: bring extra water if weather is hot
Bring poles if you go down to Aztec falls. It will help.

Good entry level trail. Well maintained for the most part, I made a mistake a veered off to 3NO3 but realized it about 1-2 miles in and came back up. It was a good trip though.

No parking and huge potholes- couldn’t find the trail :(

off road driving
2 months ago

great for an easy drive with the family. Low difficulty.

Great trail. I did it in a mid size Dodge Rebel with no problems. There were some moderately difficult roads that made it all the more fun. Scenery was beautiful. Make sure you download the all trails “pro” version so you can follow the trail while you have no service. Definitely something I’d like to do again in the winter when there’s snow on the mountains. There is one part where you get to a fork on the road. The GPS tells you to go left on the 2N7OY. This is better suited for jeeps, motorcycles or small off road vehicles. Take a right on the 2NO2. Better for larger trucks or off road vehicles.
I took the 2N7OY in my Dodge Rebel and there were a few areas that got little sketchy with the bottom clearance but it made it way more exciting.

Went here on a Friday afternoon, no one else was at Aztec falls, was beautiful and surreal. Very steep hike down to the falls; I basically sat down and scooted whole way down, and climbing up was a bit hard, had to find rocks and branches to pull up on. The falls were very worth it! While hiking on trail by bridge heard a noise, looked down to see a huge rattle snake less than a foot from me! We also saw other small snakea crossing the trail! Easily got to Splinters cabin parking area in Nissian Maxima! Beautiful, would highly recommend! Defiantly check out the waterfall, was the highlight of the hike! Very special when no one else is there! Was weary about some of the reviews stating that there was trash all over by the falls. There were a few cans but that's about it, still very beautiful. One of the best hikes in the area! Very much worth it.

I have to agree with Justin (fr abt a yr ago). If you are an experienced off roader, this may be an easy trail, but for newbies or just starting, it's sufficiently challenging. I was in a high clearance Toy4Runner, & was happy for the clearance. This trail is *on average* moderate IMO. It's really a mix of easy and moderately challenging, but it's not a trail to be inattentive on. Many places if you had a breakdown would be a major PIA. Like Justin, I had a passenger who was not too happy, so keep in mind that "easy, moderate, etc" are relative terms. This is not a rock crawler, axle breaking, rollover trail by any means, but it's no snooze either.

Amazing trail! Remember to bring more water than you need the sun gets intense so take your time on the way back. Also I had a blue heeler with me and he did great there and the way back for anyone thinking of bringing your furry kids.

Great hike!!! But it’s Splinters trail to PCT. Legit 7 miles of uphill both ways.

Excellent usually but warning, closed for fire today 7/14/18 3PM

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