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Excellent hike. Not too steep, well maintained trail. Not sure exactly where All Trails has the end though to come up with 6.4 miles. Deep Creek Day Use Area is about 2.4 miles in (4.8 miles). Or keep going up the PCT and there's a lovely bridge 3.4 miles in. Aztec Falls is about a mile or 1.5 in & down 1 of 2 steep trails. Definately recomend AWD for the rocky road in. Looks like you're not supposed to be there past the 1st gate but its fine & Google maps says you have arrived well before the parking area.

This was a great trail! The alternative routes add extra fun to the trail. I wouldn't recommend off shoot 8 which has an extremely steep incline. But 9, 10 and 11 are good. A fun trail for beginners and moderate off roaders.

16 days ago

Beautiful views, not a hard trail to hike. the only fault we have is the trail makers, no where in the park. For first time coming it was hard to find the right trail to hike the loop. (not sure we even did the loop)

off road driving
21 days ago

Ran this trail in stock height Tacoma TRD 4x4OH and Chevy Colorado Z71 out and back starting at Pioneertown. What a fun trail this was! Beautiful views to go along with a trail that takes you through sand, rocks, ups, downs, and all arounds! I firmly believe this trail is a 3 due to the frequent sections of rocks and ruts. Never had to get out and spot and never had any issues with clearance for being in stock height trucks, but did have maybe one or 2 sections that initially looked a little sketchy. Just for fun, we did the trail back from Big Bear to Pioneertown in 2wd drive and never even struggled. Sure it wasn't the easiest or smoothest ride, but it was very manageable if you know what you're doing and have sufficient clearance; just be careful of the narrow roads and cliffs! Also, don't forget to stop by historical Pappy & Harriet's for a beer before heading back home. Check out the video for footage of our entire run up to Big Bear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ3oGErYgsE

off road driving
22 days ago

Awesome everything

Worth the price of admission ($5 per person). I got there around 4 so I only had an hour or so to spend in the hot springs before deciding to trek back out so I wasn’t hiking in the dark. Trails are fairly narrow (12-18” at its narrowest) and steep so I wouldn’t want to hike it in the dark. Beautiful hike in, stunning gorges. Nudists (I ended up deciding to be one of them, when in Rome right?) and other bathers were all very chill and respectful (don’t be surprised by people smoking some weed or having some beers though). Wading back through the river definitely wakes you up for the hike back up the hill (especially in March haha). H20 a must, I didn’t look for the water source mentioned but I did suck down what I brought. Road to the ranch is dirt but well graded, the only iffy spot for regular cars is about 200 yards from the ranch to the parking area. All in all just a spectacular experience that I’m absolutely going to visit again (and next time camp at the top of the trail, only $10 a person haha)

It look good has not try it yet

good little hike down enjoy the hot springs bathing suits optional

off road driving
1 month ago

Great views and an easy trip. will do that one again sometime!

Best hike I have been on if I'm going with a water destination in mind. It's beautiful, fun, and a great workout. Going down is a piece of cake, opposed to coming back up. I wouldn't recommend going when the weather is over 100 degrees, because the hike back up to the top can be very exasperating. If you make the hike in weather that's hotter then you would like for a hike, I can't tell you enough times to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more. I've been to this particular location about 5 or 6 times. Early winter isn't tooo bad, but the water crossing is extremely cold around that time of year, but it's so worth it. In any weather it's worth it. I will continue to go again & again, at all times of the year. Great hike to hang out at for the day.

I am surprised that hiking options like this aren’t better marked. However, following directions listed I found the hike off Chiquita lane. The hike itself was great but is is more of a fire road than a trail. It is a steady and continuous climb into the mountains. It extends well beyond what is marked and outlined above. I went in about 4.5 miles before turning around and could easily kept going if I didn’t start so late in the day. Bring water and enjoy the walk and the solitude. I was passed by one mountain biker but other than that enjoyed the ever changing panoramic views.

1 month ago

Was a nice hike. Takes you 30 minutes to get out there (downhill) and an hour to get back (uphill). Like the gatekeeper said, “It’s so easy a 10 year old could find it.” Although I HIGHLY don’t recommend taking your kids. After getting used to the nudists it was an enjoyable hang out spot. Everyone was friendly and we all had a blast. The springs were hot and it was nice to take a dip in the cold water down below. There was also a little swing that people were using to jump into the creek. All in all, make sure to be prepared because the hike is steep, brings lots of water, and a no judgement mentality. Just have fun! Happy hiking!~

Peaceful and beautiful

Definitely be careful with snakes out there on the trail. Its rattle will definitely alarm you and have you head the other way. I had to back track and take a paved road into the neighborhood, back to the parking lot. Scenic views for it being in the I.E. backyard. Good trails for trail running.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail, started in the dessert and ended in the snow, dogs definitely on leash, 3 jeeps one of them stock, made it through just fine, if it's the 1st time your doing it you WILL DEFINITELY need to download map or you could miss a turn or make a wrong turn and end up in god knows where. I rate this EASY it's mostly just dirt, but you do find a little bit of small rocks nothing a little bit of ground clearance can't take. Definitely would do it again. Super Fun!

idk why this is rated easy, but there’s two ways. you can either go up to a super sketchyish trail which takes you to the top of the falls or you can walk up the riverbed, which is easier, until you hit the first water fall and then you would have to climb up the wall to continue the trail. but just the walk to the first water fall is pretty cool, i’ll definitely be on this trail again.

also beware that people do shoot here, sadly, so expect to see a bunch of shells everywhere. and there’s a lot of broken glass, I brought my dog the first time but the glass and the sketchy high trail made me realize I probably don’t wanna bring my dog again!

1 month ago

great workout

Super fun hike, as easy or challenging as you want to make it! We only spent 1.5 hours, but did a bit of bouldering and had fun in the couple inches of snow on the trails. Heads up: you need to buy a pass to park your car at the trailhead, but some locals told us they visit often and that the rangers usually only check in the evenings. Still, I would go for the pass over a hefty fine!

If you enter through Bowen Ranch beware of the gate keeper. He had a mental break down with my boyfriend and I after I accidentally rolled through the stop sign and had to reverse back 8 feet to his window. He WENT off and was unbelievably condescending and disrespectful. I don’t have time to transcribe his rant here. He also asked us if we brought car camping gear or backpacking gear. We said we brought our backpacking gear to car camp with. And he once again LOST IT. He heard us say “backpacking gear “ and assumed we were going to break the rules and not car camp. Aside from the behavior from this man, the springs were gorgeous and the trail was well maintained but steep. Bring a headlamp if you think you might be cutting is close at the end of the day.

2 months ago

Not sure if we went the right way but this hike took me 3 hours to complete. Maybe because I'm 6'1 300 lbs with 3 small kids but we finished it and felt great to accomplish it. I can't wait for the next trail need to get more prepared though...

quite a hard climb - narrow rough path with lots of steep climbs and no shade, but a great view at the end. saw lots of droppings along the way, so must be a natrual path for all the wild animals here. to get there, it's best to cross the dry creakbed right where you park and look for vague trail going towards hills - key is to get yourself up on the ridge, where the trail is.

Absolutely beautiful. Amazing bridge and creek.

Awesome hike my group ended up doing today bc Sugarloaf was closed. Very easy. Took my sedan and parked when I got to the sign that reads 'Splinter's [something that I forgot lol]'. i suggest parking there unless you have a better car for dirt road as the end of the 1/4 miles left to the trail parking is pretty rocky and lower cars would prob not manage.. you can go slightly past the sign, but after the small paved portion, I wouldn't risk it. Nice views of the river and you cross it once before arriving to it again. Started the hike at 8am and by the time we were heading back, it was much warmer with about half the trail shaded. Very remote, only saw 2 other parties and a couple dirt bikes could be heard in the distance.

Well worth the effort. Came in from the northern PCT approach. 14 mile round trip hike if you are coming from highway 173. Trail parallels the Mojave River in all its glory. Lost the trail just after mile 1 until realizing you must make a water crossing to pick up the trail again on the other bank. Only person on the trail until I reached the springs. The hot springs were lovely. Nice and warm on achey muscles. As said above, lots of nude people. Very kind people, but very naked none the less. Headed back early to avoid getting caught in the dark. Fun hike overall. The long approach made making the springs well worth the adventure.

hiking trail is currently closed for the season, road is closed with a sign saying it will open in early 2018.

2 months ago

Was a great hike in the middle of nowhere. Took the non paved road to get there. The gate keeper was great to us. Made sure us 3 girls had the correct hiking wear after seeing me in flip flops. I told him my hiking shoes and everything was in the back. We are pretty experienced runners/hikers that know what to pack with a little extra. On way in we ran into people that had no water on them, so we gave them on of our extra waters.
Once you hike in the views from top of hills looking down into the water area was beautiful. Hiking into the Hot springs, lots of naturalist to see. Once you get past the awkwardness of what you are seeing, it was a great day. Will definitely return before summer weather approaches.
Hike out is quite strenuous, steep, and the sun was now facing us. Can imaging doing this hike in the mid summer.
Have fun, not kid friendly if you don't them to see naturalist and peeps smoking weed.

Steep hike, lots of naked people extremely worth it. Random dogs running everywhere, lots of pot and hippies but so much fun. Brought my kid but definitely won’t be bringing him back. Much more for adults, will definitely be coming back. Bring lots of water and a towel if your getting in the springs. You have to cross the cold water to get to the hot springs. You must come early unless you plan on staying the night due to it getting dark very early.

Great hike for kids or dogs but be careful in the warmer months I have been pinned on a trail by a rattle snake over by the point.

Great running hike!

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