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waterfall dried up :(

2 days ago

This trail has everything! Great ocean vistas, cliffs, dramatic climbs, 4 compass points, a beach. Incredibly well maintained by an army of volunteers it was the highlight of our trip!


trail running
3 days ago

An excellent trail to run early in the morning. This is a good challenge with its many ups and downs. Probably a little bit challenging if you're in the black and get to the paved roads but keep your head up and you can find the trail markers.

Beautiful trail but waterfall has dried up

Loved it! Great trails which are clearly marked and easy to follow.

We completed the entire loop in 6 1/2 hours and this was hauling a** with only short breaks along the way. Bring your bathing suit to so can go for a dip once you reach the rock beach. The trail is not overly difficult but lots of elevation change. We found the rocks to be very slippery. Bring lots of water, we only brought 2 bottles each and could of used 4 each. it was definitely a work out and we were very exhausted by the end but it was worth it.

Great trail. Some parts allows for an easy option and a moderate option. Moderate option provided lots of different elevations and terrains. Decent look out views, buildings in the distance we're visible from top of cliffs

This is a fantastic hike but it is quite challenging. My wife and I did the entire loop and thoroughly enjoyed the scenic views all along the way. However, it took us 6 hours, we also had a 2-1/2 year old on our backs practically the whole time. He only ended up walking maybe 2km out of the entire 17km trail. We’re pretty avid hikers and we both work out several times a week. Both of us were quite sore after this trail as it is fairly rugged. If you’re going to hike the entire loop be prepared for a long day and bring plenty of water and food.

Really good trail and the view of the cliff was beautiful!!!

Stunning ocean views.

really nice trail, lots of different views and landscapes n a small area. Easier to start off Duffy Lane and head south imo.

11 days ago

Beautiful scenery on the coastal route with resting/viewing lookouts along the way!...love to finish the trail with a packed lunch on the beach!...

Light walking trail great if you have small kids

What a great hike! It's a super easy trek and well worth the 30 minute drive from Niagara. The historic buildings are adorable, the waterfalls absolutely gorgeous, and the grounds very well kept. This is easily one of my favorite day hikes. We found a secret alcove behind Upper Falls for some great photos, too!

mountain biking
14 days ago

I agree to some of the comments. The trial map is 30% not accurate. Admin please fix this. This is misleading. There are a lot of stretches where there are no trails. I have tried doing this on my mountain bike.

Beautiful trail. The view over the cliffs is breathtaking.

15 days ago

Easy trail with nice forest path to the falls. Took about 30-40 minutes to reach the falls with frequent stops and leisurely walk. When you reach the falls, there is a wooden stairs to go down and take nice photos. Its a family friendly hike!

15 days ago

Great trail. It's got it all. Picturesque cliff views, enchanted forest, a beach and ends with a pond. Well maintained.

Great falls and exiting experience

17 days ago

Well maintained trail, with fabulous views and photo opportunities. We loved it!

This trail has some amazing scenery but is not easy. Just as you enter the trail, there is a warning sign , letting you know people have fallen to their death or have been seriously injured, so why is this is rated easy. It might be a short hike but there’s some tricky navigating. The diabase canyons and pictographs are the highlights. Wish they would put some sort of rail system to hold onto where the pictographs are located, it was wet and slippery when we went and didn’t get to see all of the pictographs because of the risk factor. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your dog to trail and there’s a sign saying no dogs.

Nice trail. Would classify it as ‘moderate’ instead of easy.. Suggest going right from the trailhead. This allows for a downhill run near the end when fatigue set in. Loved the section along the river.

Nice variety in the scenery and a bunch of trails to choose from. Our first hike we used their trail map, not the GPS, and found out way through the common trails relatively easily. Views are great and lots of other amenities/activities within the conservation area.

mountain biking
23 days ago

Rode these trail for 30 years , love it nice mix of riding.

23 days ago

Lots of fun.

24 days ago

absolutely gorgeous views. Difficult in places. Boardwalks go almost straight up at times. Worth the time.

Parts of this hike seemed more then an easy trail. But the trail was well marked, took us through a variety of landscapes from riverside to top of valley and everything in between. Easy enough for my eight year old.

Awesome trail. Stunning view into Georgian Bay. The overnight rest area is spacious and right in the water. Highly recommend it!

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