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This was one of my favorite trails :) Duke Farms is like a magical storybook came to life! Everything is aesthetically pleasing and it’s so much fun to rent a bike and just ride around the whole park!

Did a five mile loop. Was good hike, unfortunately it rained a few days before so was a little muddy but it’s all good.

Did a three mile clockwise loop up the pipeline then back around to the right picking up the white triangle and square routes. Lots of fallen leaves so if you're not careful, or observant, you can get off trail easily. Use the app. Some sloppy areas but nothing too messy. All in all, a great hike!

My adult daughter and I hiked the trail on a Thursday afternoon in the fall. Saw one other person. Didn't see any wildlife. Not even a bird or a squirrel. Hike up to the boulder area was easy. The boulder area was moderate to challenging depending the route you choose. There are no trails in this area. Reaching the summit was anticlimactic. Decided to take a different route down. Went southwest off the summit following the trail on the AllTrails app map. Then turned east on a trail to head back to the parking lot. I use the term trail loosely. There are no trails. We were rock-hopping for the next 1-1/2 hours. If you're into rocks, the south side is for you. The good part of being in the boulders is you don't have to worry about the hunters. You couldn't get an animal out of there if you were lucky enough to see and shoot one. I'm glad I did this trail once. But I won't be going back.

Square to red circle trail is a great workout.

parked on 191 and went south to Wolf Rocks bypass...took Blue Blazes 1mile back to AT and looped....pleasant trail! decent look out on the rocks...it was wet so I moved slowly on the ridge.

28 days ago

As was mentioned, poor trail markings. Ended up on the side trails a couple of times. The scenic views were worth the trip along with being able to walk down to the creek. However, the loop is mostly woodsy trails without many views.

1 month ago

enjoyed some great views from the cliffs and brought a hammock with me and enjoyed some relaxing time by the river.

1 month ago

Scenic views to be sure, but for a state park it is terribly marked. Every quarter mile you may or may not find a yellow sash. Granted, with falling leaves trails are harder to recognize, but painted sashes are practically non-existent in this park.

If you just want a quick walk to a beautiful view, park at the Tory Road lot and walk straight down to the overlook. But if, like many, you want to do the loop: good luck.

Easy trail, great for trail running.

1 month ago

Nice hike. Started walking through camping area to trailhead, but then trail opened up and view at the cliffs was great. Got to see rock climbing class and kayakers. Creek was full of white water, impressive from above and at water level. The climb at the midway point and at the end of the loop were a good work out.

1 month ago

It was a nice trail. Easy at first, a little boring walking through campsites to get to trailhead, but the view from the top of the cliffs was great and the climb at the midway point made for good workout. Enjoyed watching rock climbing class and several kayakers. Abundant rains caused white water rapids that were impressive.

29 September 2018. Hiked with my dog and family. Enjoying the weather. A little muddy in spots but not anything to dissuade one. We got mixed up at the top as you must pick your way though the boulders, but managed to make a go of it. Some spots were a little much for my dog of 29 lbs. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would hike it again.

1 month ago

Nice little hike. Trails aren’t well marked though with many paths splitting off, so be advised.

Expected the trail to be a little easier, but the rocks were actually more challenging than I expected. Wife and I did it with the dogs, but had to take them off lead once we got to the rocks. I could not see how you could do those rocks with the dogs on their leads. Next will take our kids and let them try this trail, I think they will enjoy it.

2 months ago

A lot of social trails in the area makes staying on the 'correct' path a little tricky. But as long as you know where the creek is, you're fine. Trail does go down to the creek. Lots of trees means that you don't get big sweeping views down to the creek all the way long. Probably nicer in fall with some colors.

It's a really beautiful trail. Plenty of parking. There was a bear sign but I didn't see any. Lots of pretty birds. I spotted some deer. Trails are marked properly. Def look at the map on the notice board before you go so you know which trail you're following. It said on average it takes 35 minutes to do 1 mile. I was able to complete the whole 6.7 miles in an hour. No, I wasn't running but it wasn't difficult. The first 15 minutes, you feel it. definitely needed water. after that it was pretty easy, specially towards the end when you're going downhill. can't wait to go back when the trees change colors.

2 months ago

We had a great time today on this hike. We did High Cliffs and added the loop on the other side of Stover Park Rd, for a total of about 6.2 miles. The extra loop allowed us to descend to the creek, where we took a rest and cooled off with a wade. All in all, the shade was appreciated, the views were really nice, the trail easy to follow, and we even got to see some rock climbers at work. Great morning.

Logged 5.21 miles on this trail—lots of greenery, big rocks, and very well marked. Our dog loved it!

2 months ago

Very scenic and easy but poorly marked. We walked in circles trying to find our way on multiple occasions.

Pretty trail, saw lots of wild life (deer, rat snake, frogs, toads). Wasn’t over populated which was nice. Easy enough for dogs and children. Wouldn’t rate it as moderate for the experienced hiker. Did the longer outside loop, well worth it.

I really enjoyed this hike. I loved being fully immersed by nature. I saw lots of birds, squirrels, and a small deer. It was quite steep in some areas, and very rocky. The trails got pretty confusing at some points, but that just added to the adventure. I was able to use this app to help me out when I was stuck. My phone recorded closer to 6 miles, not 6.7. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon.

Beautiful, scenic paved and gravel bike trails throughout the property with plenty of places to stop for a picnic. Beautifully manicured property with tons of wildflowers and trees. Lots of shade make this an easy bike ride, with small inclines. Original structures can be found along some of the paths. Sundays in the summer are always fun because the local farmer’s market sets up on the property.

skip the bypass. the view is on the AT.

A good day hike and you can see all the high points in 1 go. The bolder formations are great and after the first steeper start, it levels out near the top if you start from the right. The left side has a gentler slope as is good for pets or an easier climb. I'd reccommend going to the top trail, it is a beautiful route.

Great trail, not too far from Philly.

We went on 8/17 and there were a ton of mosquitos. It would be a really nice hike in the Fall, but can be skipped in the summer.

3 months ago

Great walk. Nice views. The area is so lush that it hides a lot of great views. I enjoyed hearing running water the entire loop.

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