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Hobo camp setup right when you go down under bridge. Garbage everywhere . Also more back alley then nature . Good for bikes I suppose

13 hours ago

I have worked on and hiked this park since before it's inception. Still one of my favorite places to hike.

Bear Waller Gap Trail is one of my favorites. It is a challenging trail in places. I usually do a full length both ways. I suggest starting at Defeated creek entrance if you plan on a round trip. if you only want to do one way or are a beginner, I would suggest starting at the overlook and having a ride to return you to your vehicle.

Me and my friends had a lot of fun hiking this trail! I highly recommend going off the beaten path when you see the opportunity for a good view. However, be very vigilant in keeping an eye on the trail markers, it will take sharp turns and leave you lost if you aren’t careful. I wouldn’t recommend taking young children on this trail because parts of it are difficult and very steep.

3 days ago

I have done this hike like 8 times. Great falls but nearly always super crowded and people are generally rude and throwing their trash wherever

Awesome trail with lots to see and do. Has a beautiful waterfall and caves to explore. We did the otc trail. Will definitely be coming back. They also have bald eagles.

half way can be a bit steap and slick but the waterfall is beautiful.

5 days ago

This hike was amazing and definitely one of our favorites! I went last week with a 10 yr old and a 3.5 yr old. Both girls enjoyed it and were able to complete the out and back hike. We enjoyed the swimming area near the falls and were able to climb up some of the falls without any problems. There was one section of the trail down to the river that was steep and slippery, we just took it slowly. Once near the falls, there are a ton of life vests available for use. Highly recommended for weak swimmers and little ones.

I along with my 8 and 6 year old daughters took the hike early this morning. We were hoping to beat the crowds. The trail can be steep at times but with soooooo many people the trail could be considered dangerous. The creek bed was to be expected... rocky. Be sure to wear a water shoe or tennis shoes. The rocks can be slippery but I was more concerned with twisting an ankle. The falls were BEAUTIFUL! A small crowd of about 25 people were there between 8am and 10am. At 10am the crowds staring coming in. We left around 1pm and by that time there were over 100 people at the falls and more hiking in. The hike out was rough. Once again soooooo many people. We counted another 100 people going in while we were hiking out.

To sum it up.. hike was great but too many people to really e joy the natural beauty. Oh and people really need to clean up after themselves. Trash and water bottles everywhere.

Not a great trail. It is overgrown with no real views. Also, not a lot of people hike this trail, so prepare to battle some spider webs. We did see some deer though

So profound connection with nature - walking up to the falls via Riverbed - the most spectacular falls to walk behind , sit on and jump off into a crystal clear 10 ft swimming pool hole

I just got home from hiking this trail. The overlook to the falls is a very easy and short hike. We hiked down to the falls and to say that this was a strenuous hike is an understatement. There were hundreds of people there today. We arrived around 1 and people were coming up from the falls as we were going down. Some areas are maybe, and I’m stressing, maybe, three feet wide, on a steep incline. You have lines of people coming up and going down, in mud with one side a drop off, a steep drop off. There is railing in certain areas but for some reason no rails in what seems to be the most dangerous spots. It’s muddy. You’re trying to pass people and not slide off, literally. Total miles that we walked from the car to the falls and back to the car is 2.5 miles. I’ve hiked much longer trails than that but have never been as tired and sore as I am from this one. I don’t think it would be stretching to say that at least a mile of this is in water. It’s the only way to go. It’s anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet deep... in rocks. You have to be careful not to slip and fall with every step. I would not recommend taking kids here.. maybe teenagers but no small kids. It’s way too dangerous. The falls were beautiful but to me not worth it and i rarely say that. It’s DANGEROUS. This is a long review but I’m trying to give you all some detail of what you’re getting into. Three people were being rescued when we arrived. One man had hurt an ankle and some other people had fell down an embankment. We ventured down the trail to the bottom of the falls anyway. On our way down a family had stopped and had to call for help for a family member. She was early 50s maybe... seemed very healthy but was having trouble breathing and looked to be about to pass out. The falls were beautiful, I’m uploading pics, but, the strenuous hike and dangerous surroundings made it not worth it for us. I’ll never go back. Take the time to read through these reviews and remember that a lot of the ones that say this is an easy hike are talking about to the waterfall overlook not the base of the falls.

13 days ago

This trail is a lot of fun and even though distance is relatively short, it can seem longer because you are walking mainly in the water and over rocks. Not difficult at all and a lot of fun for children but if you like to walk in alone or in quite areas be warned, HIGH TRAFFIC path!

16 days ago

This was a very nice a pretty trail it is paved all the way. there are places that are maked by the no trepassing that are posted by the US government so do not go off the trail. but it was a very peaceful walk for me and my dog both.

This was a very pretty trail and falls. Just be careful where you walk the Goverment has alot of stuff marked and there are active train track you have to go over.

was nothing more than walking behind businesses. very polluted with trash. once you get to the underpath with the graffiti, turn around.

very crowded but a nice trail. our chihuahua loved it.

Unfortunately, there was trash all along the section we walked. Could have been pretty, but it was a shame to see it so unkept, especially around the water.

Very crowded since it’s whereabouts went viral. Definitely beautiful and fun, however it’s sooo trafficked.
It’s worth seeing though.

29 days ago

Beautiful and ready to go again

29 days ago

Beautiful falls. Kid friendly. Life vest and Water shoes recommended.

High traffic but beautiful

Best Park I've ever been to! I recommend anyone that wants to go go. Bring plenty of water and snacks! Good trail a little rugged with a good up hill climb coming out and the park rangers are very kknowledgeable friendly!

This place was amazing. We got there at 8 when it opened and it wasn't to busy. We left at 1 and it was getting very busy, only complaint, people need to keep a better eye on their kids me and my friend stopped two children one from falling off the trail and one of the falls. Their parents were really far off. If your going to take your children be prepared to keep a close eye on them.

we love it, walk no to bad like 45 minutes and at the end is beautiful the water fall ,water was so clear and cold but your body get used to it easy ,love it, love it !!!

Nice paved trail. With stream coming off the cliffs. Will definitely be coming back.

1 month ago

Did this hike with 60-pound pack with wife who had a 40-pound pack on as well. Had no issues getting up and down the hike but I’m more than positive that had it rained, that’ll be a different story. There was a detour that removed a bit of incline, but once you get past the tracks it’s a good incline part there. Nice trail to actually have near the Army post where a lot of the area’s happenings occur. Quite picturesque for the location in my opinion. Definitely doing this again.

1 month ago

Great walk, wildlife, the creek, friendly people that live around the location. The only bad part is that a lot of families use this, which crosses the road twice, and the drivers feel no need to stop for them.

We took the advice of others and arrived early, 8:07. The Park opens at 8 so we had perfect timing. There was only about 30 people when we arrived, however, as the time got closer to 10:30-11:00, they were coming in masses! You could see a continuous stream of people coming, up to 200. They weren’t checking bags when we arrived, but saw them checking bags when we left. There was a long line of people waiting! Highly recommend you go EARLY!! Also, did not see that this was a loop. We walked down, then back up the same route. It’s more like 2.2 miles

A great hike near Nashville, lots of elevation and scenery. Trail was well marked and maintained, but I did find a number of ticks after the hike.

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