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Great hike with some nice views of the various lakes, ponds and forests in Massasoit.

Not much elevation change, but plenty of trails to get a great workout in.

Keep an eye out for the mountain bikers, as there were quite a few out on the trail while I was there.

Nice range of inclines. Roller coaster hills make it “uphill both ways”. You can make this trail a really rigorous hike or at a slow pace still gives a good legs (and heart) workout. Nice range of pine and deciduous, and vistas. Now if they could just relocate Logan airport (flight noise) and Rte 128 it would be perfect.

great place in the spring

trail running
14 days ago

Rugged challenging traverse, akin to some trails you might find in the Whites

Dogs running loose again !!!!! The caretakers of this preserve need to stop the people with dogs in these woods. Every time I walk this property there are dogs running around loose and creating stress on the wildlife there . It’s a dam shame !!!!!!

28 days ago

I've hiked this trail and hunted the area many times. Neat landscape well marked trails, many free running dogs.

Classic New England landscape.

A great winter walk! We saw a snowy owl there last Christmas.

This trail is beautiful but it is definitely challenging!

great little trail

This trail is really relaxing.in the fall it is really nice for this trail.but I enjoyed this trail very much. I think if you do this trail in the winter it is very cold and not to relaxing.but overall great trail!

The parking is very confusing. There are no parking signs at the entrance and the other parking area down the road was blocked off. I talked to some locals there and they said it was fine to park at the entrance and that the sign was only to discourage people. Hmm...

Also, there is a requirement to wear fluorescent orange due to the area being welcome to hunters. Lots of folks out there in bright orange carrying rifles and I didn’t feel safe running around without any bright colors on.

I won’t be going back.

Happy running,
Ultra Ryan

Really nice well marked hike. Easy, but long enough to get a reasonable amount of exercise. I’d like to go back when the rhododendrons are in bloom!

Really great moderate trail. Took us just under two hours with a quick stop at the waterfall for some lunch. Simple but great hike

Great trail. Well kept. Great parking lot. Trail maps available. Well maintained scenic trail with two bridges.

Great hike
Well marked trails

Nice trail well marked

Perfect fall walk in the woods,

Nice little hike, trails were well marked and the scenery was beautiful and serene.

To all of you people that walk their dogs in wildlife areas ,,,, LEASH YOUR DOG !!!!!!!!!!

This trail constantly has dogs running loose by they’re owners . The dogs running loose end up pushing deer and other animals out of an area that they use to feel safe in . Dogs should not be allowed in wildlife areas . That patch of woods used to be teeming with wildlife, now they’ve been dislocated so people can enjoy the woods!

very good hike trails were clean and well marked

A perfect cloudy October day! Beautiful!

This was a great little hike for kids and family. Took our 3 kids age 10, 7 and 3 and they loved it. Very quiet but lots to see, waterfall, cemetery, little bridges, lake. Parking was good and easy to find

Parking area. Wide trail. Great views. Easy hike. Historic cemetery 123 on trail. Right next to RI veterans cemetery.

great views of the lake and the trail is well maintained!

Great walk for kids!

This is an awesome trail that will push you to your limits. There is multiple routes to explore that accommodate your level. Make sure to bring plenty of water.

I have rode here several times ,with out gps easy to get lost or looped back far from parking spot but never really lost most trails come out to main rd or run across other people.

4 months ago

I love the Blue Hills. As a Boston resident, the Skyline trail at BH provides a nice challenging alternative to driving the distance to NH for more challenging hikes. I disagree that this is a moderate hike because the terrain is very rocky, one needs to be prepared to climb and descend jagged stairs at regular intervals on this trail. I would recommend bringing a Gatorade (or similar drink) because depending on where you end your hike, you are walking 9 to 11miles. I also recommend an early start (especially during the warmer months of the year).

I completed this hike by myself in 5 hours (from Quincy to Trailside Museum off 138) and in 6 hours when accompanied by a friend who is fit but is not a hiker.

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