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Easy hike with a great waterfall at the end! Great all times of the year

great trail

Snow, snow everywhere but we made it to the waterfall today!! Due to the ice we didnt make it to ground level but we got some awesome shots of the falls and good views all around.

Family favorite short and very scenic hike in the Mt. Rainier National Park.

Loved this trail. We hiked it in June 2018. the waterfall near boulder cave is great and so much fun to climb around.

we came in from hwy 12 ..the gate was closed but we decided to hike imto the campground and visitors center.. beautiful hike all the same.. ..there was no snow on the roads up to the gate....there was snow inside the gate but tire tracks left perfect snow free spots to follow all the way in.

A great hike in the snow. I didn't make it all the way to the falls because the trail gets icy and I was alone with my 7 month old beagle. Can't wait to try it again in the Spring!

Hiked this one with my mom a few years ago, and it was really enjoyable. The trees are absolutely enormous, makes you feel so small!

Fun short hike for a family or group looking for something easy. Old growth trees are spectacular and there's a fun suspension bridge that crosses over a stream. The old NPS interpretation signs from the 70s are a bit over the top and probably due for removal, but otherwise this is a fun, easy trail if you have a group looking for a relaxed adventure.

Amazing trees.

This was a great hike with some nice views. The weather was amazing for late November, clear skies and sunny. I can’t wait to hike this trail early spring and fall. I would suggest taking a picture of the map at the trailhead if you don’t know the trail, there are a lot of forks so it can be confusing.

Such a fun hike! It’s quite icy in November but very fun!

2 months ago

Easy hike if you stick to the bottom of the canyon. We chose to take a trail up to the ridge and follow Historical Jeep Path with our 2 dogs. It’s about an 800 feet climb. Quite a few loose rocks on the upper trails. Once on the ridge it’s really windy. Only complaint is people not picking up after their dogs.

nature trips
3 months ago

Love this hike. It's a short, out and back trail that that is good for almost all skill levels. My friends and I do this hike almost 3 times a year just because it's so fun!

It's fun to climb around on the rocks at the end or even keep trekking off the path past the waterfall.

3 months ago

This area is open to hikers, though the road to the east parking lot is closed to vehicular traffic. Park at the west entrance on Buffalo Rd (where the horse riders park). You can get to the Rim following paths from this side. Not quite as pretty, but the view is still spectacular once you get to the ridge. Also, this should be a great hike next spring when the wildflowers bloom. I’ll come back then.

I loved this easy Fall season hike with my kids and friends with kids. I was very stressed when I got to the falls and my girls were near the edge. I’m not afraid of heights unless my kids are around. Every bit of the hike was beautiful and I’ll definitely do it again! Take the trail to the left to head down below the falls.

Great hike though an ancient forest, we seen some very cool Red Cedar and Hemlocks. Great pic spot ant the suspension bridge.

This trail actually starts in southern North bend on West side of Snoqualmie pass. Totally bike friendly amd easy to climb. Has a 2 mile train tunnel thru the mountain and is littered with primitive campgrounds along the entirety of the trail. I rode a fully loaded bicycle (100lbs) to get over the pass and rode the whole trail. In 2012 when I rode it there were some tunnels between Cle elum amd Ellensburg that had do not enter signs posted due to tunnel falling apart. But i had no problem getting thru and continuing at my own risk. Its a very easy hike/bike trail and takes you thru some nice scenic areas if you follow the whole trail. Will defiantly do this trail again someday.

Loved this so much. Great for young kids. Tip: bring a flashlight for kids so they can explore inside the logs.

3 months ago

Nice local trail. Trail was rocky but in good condition. We had three small dogs and they enjoyed the hike. The parking lot was full but we only saw a couple of people while out on the trail. There are lots of different trails but it would be hard to get lost because you can see the city. It was a very enjoyable short hike.

3 months ago

Fun little trek with the kids back in October. The gate was closed but you can just walk on through. Adds a tiny bit of distance but not a big deal. The caves were bigger than I thought. We used headlamps and flashlights and also explored the little waterfall right next to the caves. Kids liked their adventure, with some complaining in between of course. :)

Super easy trail, I love the bouncy bridge.
Absolutely beautiful location, was a bit crowded.

3 months ago

This was my first time hiking this upper trail. There are loose rocks and the trail itself was narrow but the views are great! The trail itself was a little confusing due to forks on the trail. I was glad I took a picture of the map before I started. I hiked down to the Canyon Trail, the foliage by the creek was vividly showing of all the colors of fall which was absolutely beautiful this time of year!

What a great hike! I started out at the East Uplands trail head (on Scenic Dr) and went down to Cowiche Canyon Trail. If you get a chance before too long just hike the Canyon Trail and you will be treated with all the foliage by the creek turning yellows, oranges and red. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL this time of year.

Gorgeous! This really is a great stroll through old growth forest. Very easy to navigate for all ages. Suspension bridge is fun and very doable by families. Paths through forest are planked to prevent tromping through old growth area. No dogs allowed. Also, you do enter into the national Park here so be sure you are prepared to buy the day pass for $30 or $55 for a year. (Cash and credit accepted). A great place to go after or during morning coffee walk. It’s just up hill from Packwood toward Sunrise. I say this since description says its outside Randle and when we first left I was thinking we were headed out to Randle area and it’s more Packwood/White Pass. A definite return spot for a morning walk just to get out if you don’t have a full day to be out. Facilities at trail start.

4 months ago

Nice, mellow hike. Not too many people. Enjoyed seeing the rock climbers in the beginning of the path. My dog did find a rattlesnake in the middle of the path, but it quickly retreated under a tree. Still a little scary, suggest being wary.

Wanted to do this one again before October, but sadly the trail is closed until May 2019. Guess I’ll have to wait ‘til then...

Trail is currently closed

Absolutely breath-taking. An easy but fulfilling trail through ancient forests. Suitable for all ages and skill-levels.

Easy trail with enormous trees. Mostly flat area.

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