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8 hours ago

Fantastic hike! Leave early to avoid heat and crowds. We camped at Longs Peak Campground and the next morning walked to the Chasm/Longs Peak Trailhead. Started at 7:30am and meandered the way up. Traffic was OK. Many of the Longs Peak hikers had begun a few hours earlier than us. Had fun scrambling at the end just before the lake. We stayed at the lake watching climbers, eating lunch, and relaxing then began the trek down around 1pm and it was really, really crowded. Cool weather at the lake. Hot on the way down above the tree line, cooler once in the trees. Beautiful views all along the trail! We stopped so many times to take in the scenery. Really great enjoyable hike! July 2018.

10 hours ago

Awesome camping area 2 miles from parking. Get there early as non 4wheel drive parking is limited. Easy trail to navigate if you pay attention. Several waterfalls on the way up if you open your ears. 9 campsites at the lake that are first come first serve basis. All are nice but some better than others. There are several cool trails above the lake that you can explore old mines and get an awesome view of devils thumb. Pack your fly pole as you can slay fish up there in the morning or evening. Permit not required as you are not in Indian Peaks Wilderness

This hike was INCREDIBLE! We camped at the trailhead Saturday night and took 11 hours to summit on Sunday, including a delicious hour-long respite at the top (and multiple breaks along the way). Started our hike just after 5 am and had the sunrise to warm us up on the first 1000 feet. Hiking poles were incredibly helpful with the 5600 feet of elevation gain. Layers, extra food and sugar, and tons of water are essential. We were 2 adults and a 40 pound dog and went through about 8 liters of water (though there is a lovely river valley about 2 hours in to the hike that allow for some filtration opportunities). Above treeline was very rocky, making for some sore knees and feet. Would highly recommend this hike, but not to first time 14er summiters, flatlanders, or those not in good shape.

11 hours ago

11 hours ago

Easy hike. Off the beaten path. Very pretty. My 9 year old Granddaughter led the way. was a great ending to the day.

short and sweet, if you follow the river instead of the main trail, you'll be treated to a old log cabin and beautiful waterfalls. The main trail is a twisted ankle waiting to happen. The lake is pretty but fairly non descript. Filled with little Brook trout.

Short but challenging and beautiful hike. This is great 14er practice without committing a full day or travelling far from Denver.

Very challenging trail and it is great for exercise of a class 2 hiking trail. Few areas are just plain steep dirt with little loose rocks here and there and I would imagine it will be very slippery and muddy during wet season. About 3/4 to the top is a little scrambling. Short and intense.

Great little hike with beautiful views! A waterfall gushes noisily by you once you’re halfway up, and wildflowers are abundant at this time of the year. It has a good amount of shade as well. The only disadvantage is parking at the trailhead. This is a VERY busy trail, and parking is a nightmare. We added a mile each way to our hike because of the parking situation. I would try and take a 4WD with high clearance to allow for parking closer to the trailhead - Basically you can go down a narrow rocky road (read the directions on other hikes in this app, that start at Hessie trail head - King Lake, Jasper Lake). If your car can make it through that path (which also has water year around, so you are driving through a small stream), your hike will be shorter. Else, your best bet with parking is somewhere in the town of Eldora. Good luck and enjoy the hike!

There was plenty of parking when we went. The start of the trail was a little tricky to find, kind of walk back in the direction of Lair o’ the Bear. We also found it tricky to actually get to panorama point once at the top. There wasn’t a trail for the last let like the map indicated. I would suggest continuing till you actually meet up with the panorama point trail then taking that up. We wanted to do a loop rather than out and back so took bear creek trail to panorama trail and back to the road and walked along back to the car. You can do a shorter hike if you park at Corwina Park and take the trail. The views are definitely awesome! It’s really not to difficult of a hike, a little rocky in some spots. My brother and his girlfriend are from Michigan and don’t have the opportunity to hike too much, and the kept up on this hike. There are wild raspberries several spots along the way. If you’re looking for a hike with a payoff, give this one a go!

Very heavily travelled trail, the view is worth it, but go early. most hikers get to the Arch and hang out having lunch etc, so it is very crowded at the top.

It’s not that hard as these people saying!!! Not 3 miles, 1.8 miles in! It was pretty easy for me and my 3 months old puppy mini Aussie made it like it was nothing!! No more than 2 hours in and out, not even 4 miles in total!

2 days ago

Good, challenging trail. Nothing too crazy, but you will definitely get a workout in. The trail is heavily trafficked and narrow at points. When getting closer to the top the trail gets rocky and you go down and then up again. Even though you go down, you still have a bit (maybe about 20 minutes) to go, so don’t be surprised - you’re not done climbing yet! Views from the top and the arch are beautiful. Worth the climb.

Absolutely beautiful hike. I went in May and there was still plenty of snow and ice, but returning in July that was all gone and replaced with plenty of green trees and wildflowers. The hike itself is fairly short and easy, but there are plenty of other trails that branch off if you're looking for a little more.

3 days ago

Loved this trail. Switchbacks through the woods and then nice clearing with beautiful views on the way up. Near the lake, there is a bit of a scramble but it was such fun. Go early to avoid heat and the crowds!

My husband and I were prepared for a hike and wanted to see flat top but it was closed so we chose to take the royal arch trail on the spot. We had two 1L bottles of water and needed more! Stopped several times to catch our breath. Granted we’re out of shape. But if you’re not at least moderately active this will be a tough trail. The view up top is worth it if you’re prepared. I would only take a working class dog up- I saw a few people with small dogs and children and felt bad for them.

4 days ago

Good trail, some parts were really hard.

bring more water, thats for sure! the trail is really hard. once you reach to the top. its its worthy

5 days ago

Definitely a harder than most hike as it is a pretty steep incline. Beautiful views at the top. Get there early!!! The trail is literally packed after 10am and it is way too small to accommodate that many people.

6 days ago

This is a gorgeous hike. The final 2 mile push to Chasm lake is the most rewarding, as you pass several streams and waterfalls.

We left from Denver at 2am to catch the sunrise over the lake (5:40am). Even at 3:40am the parking lot was full, and we had to park further down the road. This wasn't a bother, but I imagine that coming later, would make this much, much harder. I would highly recommend opting for the sunrise to beat crowds!

Went on a Monday morning and seemed to avoid the crowds. Beautiful hike with a few tricky spots towards the top. Wear good shoes, bring lots of water.

Absolutely loved the scenery on this trail and hearing the river most of the way. It's also pleasantly shady. There are a few water crossings (bridges and on rocks) and wildflowers galore. The views are magnificent. Lost Lake itself is very pretty and still. As other reviewers have said, this trail is VERY rocky. VERY ROCKY. Poles would be helpful if you worry about stability. We managed to hike it okay with our 2 year old in a backpack, but poles would have been helpful. It is lots of uphill with few breaks. Still a very lovely trail. Parking is difficult. I recommend arriving around 2:30 pm. When we left at 3:15, there were many available parking spots. When we arrived at noon, many people were waiting for parking spots.

I haven’t done any hiking in a while so I fully agree with the ‘hard’ rating. Personally I would wear shoes with ankle stability because of all the loose rocks, but doable in sneakers (that’s what I was wearing). It was a pretty busy trail but mellowed out once you get off the paved portion. The view at the top was breathtaking!

7 days ago

Challenging hike but fun and view is worth it at the end. Bring lots and lots of water.

7 days ago

More difficult than I expected but doable. Lake at the top is spectacular. My dog loved it

Somewhat challenging hike. Pretty views but so overrun with tourism I don't care to go much anymore

Infinite Stairmaster, that is for sure. Challenging but rewarding! High traffic with lots of people.

7 days ago

Most rewarding hike I've ever done! Start before 5:30a if you want to park in the lot or along the road near the trailhead and not a mile away. Trail will be fairly populated but much busier on the way down than going up. This also gives you enough time to enjoy the hike before it gets too warm/sunny or afternoon storms above tree line. Bring lots of water and protein and good hiking boots/shoes with ankle stability. We were done by noon after spending around 30 minutes at the lake, stops for pictures, and small breaks every half mile or so.

This was our first hike along the Longs Peak trail and the entire route looks like a fairytale! First half is incline through the forest with views of small creeks/waterfalls and wild flowers. After tree line you can see everything and you are quite exposed, but it's gorgeous tundra and alpine ecosystems. Lots of critters and birds, and we saw a small herd of elk resting in the distance near the Boulder field. Once you're above tree line and hike up the steep incline there for about a mile, you'll get to your first reward of Peacock Pool. Keep going and you'll see Columbine Falls and eventually hike over it. Absolutely gorgeous. Finally, the last quarter mile you're climbing and scrambling up to get into the little bowl Chasm Lake is in. Be careful and follow the cairns for the best rocks and boulders to climb on because the trail is not clear. After that you get the beautiful and rugged alpine lake! So clear you can't quite tell how deep it is.

Very rewarding at 11760 ft! Just remember you have to climb all the way down and it's pretty unforgiving. By the end you're pretty much ready to never use your ankles or knees again. I would say this hike is moderate until the scrambling which would make the hike a bit more difficult and strenuous depending on fitness and ability. We are not athletic but hiked over 25 miles last week with a new steep or alpine trail everyday with a rest day to prepare for this one. Enjoy!

Beautiful hike. Loved all the wildflowers and the beautiful columbine fields. The waterfalls from Chasm lake falling into Peacock lake were stunning.

8 days ago

Definitely challenging climb/hike. Came across baby rattlesnake along the trail. Very title wildlife otherwise. Lots of stairs on Shadow Trail. We took Mesa to add 2 miles to hike and came down Homestead. My favorite hike so far in Colorado.

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