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1 day ago

Beautiful and great hike on a sunny clear 60 degree day September day. Three of us made the hike and took 4 hours total at a slower pace. Great views and moderately difficult. I wore trail runners and maybe a more stout hiking boot would be better as there is some rocks to navigate through at the top of the trail. I loved it. Considering it was after labor day there were still about thirty cars in the lot when we arrived at 1100 and about the same when we left at 3:00. Great hike (we had our leashed dog-he loved it)

2 days ago

This trail was absolutely beautiful!!! A perfect moderate rating. It is very rocky (big rocks, small rocks, lots of looking down where you're walking) so hiking boots with ankle support would definitely make your life easier. Once you get to the top, climb up the big boulder to the left where there is an incredible view of the lake and basin. The climb down to the lake is quick and easy and offers a few more beautiful views on the way down. I'm sure it gets really busy during good weather and weekends, so would recommend an early start!

I loved this trail and the beautiful lake! It is very rocky so make sure you wear hiking boots with ankle support because it would be very easy to twist an ankle. I saw a lot of dogs on the trail, and the bigger dogs seemed to love it but saw some smaller dogs that were really struggling. It also might be a good idea to bring booties for your pups If they have sensitive paws due to the rocks.

5 days ago

A lovely, challenging hike with a stunning reveal at the end. Bring a small picnic to enjoy by the lake. We saw many other hikers and lots of interesting wildlife. Just beautiful.

Beautiful hike!!! Pretty rocky. Highly recommend hiking boots with good ankle support. Make sure you continue down to lake once you get to the lookout. Will absolutely go again!!

6 days ago

good trail for beginners like littles. my kids do fine 5,4, and 22mo.

8 days ago

Recently improved trails that had work done in the past few months. SW County Park is not maintained by the City of Edmonds and is a Snohomish County Park.

County does not really Patrol this park and trail system, which has resulted in dumped trash, chopping down of trees. Currently a couch in the creek. BMX course being built, not by County employees and reports of transients camping in the woods. Be Safe

Report suspicious activity or destruction to the Snohomish County Park Ranger.

9 days ago

Rained off and on the whole hike. Was beautiful and not too busy on a Thursday.

Beautiful loop! Great views of the water and some good woods. Not crowded on a Thursday early afternoon. I just walked it but would also be a really fun run. On my trek today I came across a cell phone lying in the brush - I brought it to the visitor's center. Hope you find it!

Great hike nice and easy!

Great trail for all. I hike it regularly with my 6yr old.

beautiful Hick today

A nice trail for being in a city. I hiked it mid-day on a Monday and I did not experience a lot of traffic. The trail was generally clean but I was annoyed to see bike-share bikes being left at random points. I'll be back to hike it again since it is close to home and it makes a nice post-workday stress reliever.

great hike for the family and dogs

14 days ago

Beautiful. After finishing the ascent and going down around the back end and going down the first two switchbacks, and having the lake come into view down below, it was amazing.

The hike wasn't too bad. Lots of rocks throughout, and the beginning of the trail from the trailhead, and at the end of the ascent were the hardest.

Overall, I thought it was completely worth it. Just so beautiful. Make sure you leave early so there aren't that many crowds, or during the week.

backing.... it was my first time with my husband, and absolutely loved it!!! I’ve hiked snow many times and never get tired of the lakes! 9-6-19

15 days ago

This hike was awesome! The hike to the lake was not too bad at all, and the view when you got there was amazing!

This trail is readily accessible via public transportation, which means it's also a busy trail. Great for a nice relaxing stroll while also enjoying some nature!

Love this hike!!! The surprise view at the end was breathtaking. The day parking pass is only $5.00& you can purchase it at the visitor center off exit 3 across from the chevron. The wilderness pass is free & is located at the trail head. You only need one for the group. Only Max of 12 in a group. This trail is moderate however I’ve seen all ages and many kinds of dogs complete this trail. This is a high traffic trail on weekends & holidays. It took my husband & I about 2 hours to go up on Labor Day, with short breaks for water, photos & traffic. He even jumped in the water to swim!! You will love this view!!

Great trail to do with young 9 & 13 yr old boys. Annoying horse poo everywhere but saw a huge owl and it was a very well paved/wide easy trail.

18 days ago

Beautiful indeed

19 days ago

This trail is a good intro to the longer, harder climbs that Washington state has to offer. It’s a straight shot in for a bit, then a pretty consistent climb up the switchbacks. You have some room to rest at the summit for a bit before continuing downhill to the lake itself. Watch your step if it’s rainy! The majority of the trail is rocky, and if it’s wet you can easily lose your step, especially on the way down. The views are 110% worth the effort though!

19 days ago


Great Lakes views... the trail was WAY over crowded and the jagged rocks made for a long hike

Beautiful lake!!! Hike was well worth the views. Go Early!!!! I spent a lot of extra time hiking down due to the number of people hiking up the trail. Glad I went early before the crowd came.

20 days ago

The scenes along the road in August are quite different from it was in April. Though we just finished 1+ mile in April, the scenes along the road were already beautiful. But today, until we saw the lake, we feel it is worthy to spend 6 hours on this trail. The scene of the lake is spectacular, however, the trail condition is so bad, and to protect your ankles, please wear boots.

20 days ago

Great trail! Well defined, good signage. Gradual incline with only a few switch backs at the top.
Took about an hour to reach the view point.

The trail is a mix of sheltered in the trees and exposed areas. Great views throughout!

We went on a weekend. A lot of people. So much so on our descent we got stuck in a massive traffic jam of people.

There are bathrooms at the trial head and plenty of parking.

20 days ago

Lake view is spectacular, but there are just too many people now doesn't matter what time you get there.

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