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Super easy and quiet hike. Beautiful views despite the dead forestation and burned down trees. Went around 12pm on a Monday and I was the only one. Saw some deer. Pain in the butt drive to get here though. Cheesman Reservoir is gorgeous and I’d love to come back in the summer.

Did the whole loop today (middle of winter). Was difficult going through the snow, but became one of my favourite trails. Picks in incline but worth it when you get to the very top. 5/5 would recommend. Will revisit during spring.

Directions were accurate to TH. Starts in the burn area but quickly drop int the woods along Goose Creek. Good trail conditions all the way to the historic buildings. Just as much up and down coming and going, good training trail. Links up with other trails in the wilderness.

Hiked on Jan. 2 on mostly packed snow about two inches deep. We used spikes but probably would have been fine without them. We had the trail all to ourself except for a few deer.

Very beautiful after a light snow fall.

Nice loop. Expansive views.
Walking CW the elevation change is steeper than hiking CCW.

Juan and Jillian, are you sure the bells where not just from my mountain bikes passing by?

The trail was awesome though! Very icy at this time FYI (Christmas hiking)?

Loaded up the mountain bikes to ride this trail, LOL too much ice. We hiked it and would recommend bringing the spikes with you. Can't wait to ride it in the Spring! @monumentkettlebells

Nice little hike, would do again!

yes, Jillian, I know what you're talking about as far as spooky or spiritual vibe. I've heard chimes, whistling, and bells throughout all the Meyer Ranch trails. And no, they aren't swaying trees. I might have even seen a ghost at one point as a hiker 15-20 feet in front of me disappeared off the trail (went off trail down a ravine?) I met him at the top and he had this other worldly look/feel to him. Strange ravens appear and I always feel like I'm being watched (same with Reynolds Park).

1 month ago

Trail is in good shape. There is some snow on ice on the trail but easy to manage. The visitor center suggested that spikes may be necessary. I thought I would give it a shot, and that I could always turn around. I made it to the peak with no problem and was awarded with spectacular views. The trial is labeled as strenuous, but I felt it was moderate. I am a flat lander and found the hike as moderate.

easy fun day hike for our family of six..met lots of nice folks with dogs along the way.

Hiked this in early December. The trail has packed snow in most places (popular trail!). Beautiful, quiet hike to enjoy the winter scenery and the river.

1 month ago

Getting snow-packed in shady areas, with occasional ice. I didn’t need microspikes.....which is good since I didn’t have them with me.

Not at all crowded this morning. My dog and I saw seven people and nine dogs.....all friendly.

Pretty icy but the lake at then end is beautiful and it’s an easy climb

1 month ago

Varying views and terrain. Great hike to take your four legged companion

off road driving
1 month ago

It’s been a couple months since we visited this trail and I am just now getting around to writing a review.

Much of this trail is now closed and what remains is now uneventful. In an almost stock 1995 Jeep YJ, only a 2” lift, we were able to complete the trail without needing 4wd except for the few “play areas” that we found.

Like most of the Rampart Range area, it’s just not a great place for Jeeps and views are sporadic.

Started about 9am. The woman at the entrance said it was a "little icy" on the trail. It was very icy for most of the way. It was doable without traction but we had to slow down a lot. It was rated as strenuous but was a gentle incline, it would be a good challenge for someone out of state but pretty easy for someone in good shape. Good mix of forest and views of the park below. It was windy at the top but clear views of the mountains and the rock formations. On the way down the ice had started to melt so there were patches of ice and deep mud. Definitely bring waterproof shoes and traction just in case!

Definitely a good amount of snow and slick spots, but worth the trip. Our two daughters, 6 and 9, did fine. I fell twice. Most of it is on a gravel road. The big lake is beautiful. Sun goes behind mountains around 3:30 right now.

Be aware that pretty much the entire trail is covered with almost a foot of snow. While awesome and beautiful, make sure you bring appropriate gear.

Pretty. Easy. The caves were pretty awesome and the view from the top of the falls is beautiful.

2 months ago

Really enjoyed that this was a quiet trail- the downside is that most of the big views you are afforded are because of a power line that cuts through the landscape:/ Always a good day for a hike... but the quietness of this trail is probably the main reason I would have in coming back.

Open, lots of snow and a little ice. Wife and I just did this as our 2nd hike ever (just moved from SC) rookies don’t shy away it’s an easy path (basically a service road). Picturesque views, have fun

Trail is indeed open and lovely!

Started early about 8am. Trail was very muddy in sections but was frozen on the hike up from cold overnight temps, but was starting to thaw on the hike down. By mid-day will be very messy. Several sections of ice but we did not put on our spikes as the sections were not too long or steep. Freeze-thaw conditions in sections, but dirt and clear trails for most of the hike.

This trail was definitely hard! It is uphill the whole way up and continues to get steeper as you reach the top. The views are absolutely amazing. It got extremely cold and windy towards the last stretch of the trail so wear warm clothes! I would also recommend hiking boots and poles. There are some parts with gravel that were slippery. There was some snow up there but not a lot. Would definitely do it again!

Open today! Lots of people hiking. Gorgeous as always.

2 months ago

Anyone else get a spooky, spiritual vibe on this trail? Very weird but beautiful. Maybe because it’s close to Halloween I don’t know but it was awesome!!

2 months ago

A couple of inches of soft/slushy snow for the first 1/2 mile and then increasing to 4-6" of snow until you hit tree line. Once at tree line I couldn't locate trail at all and quickly got into snow a foot or more deep. Snowshoes or skis recommended above tree line.

Anyone know if it’s still closed?

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